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Jasmine Cruz is 25 living with her abusive boyfriend for 5 years now and in her last year of college majoring in Music composer. Singing and writing music is her speciality.

Michael Jackson



Jackson is 28 and a music teacher at the same college. Happy but very much lonely because he hasn't found his soulmate. 


What happens when their paths are crossed and Michael becomes her teacher?  A love like no other blossoms, will they remain a secret?

Can Michael save her from those who want to hurt her?

Why is the dean threatening her so much?

Who is this new guy that made her late to class?

Why so many secrets?

Why does he leave her when she needs him the most?

Broken trust and promises. A precious life is lost. hearts are broken. secrets are revealed. 



Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Categories: Adult, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance, Trigger Warning!
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: Alcohol Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Emotional Abuse
Series: None
Chapters: 31 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 96832 Read Count: 12468
[Report This] Published: Aug 22, 2013 Updated: May 22, 2019
Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Dec 03, 2014 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 21

Just finished reading this between two nights. This is one hell of a cliffhanger; please update soon! 

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Dec 11, 2014 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 22

Another great chapter! Alexis is about to get an epic beat-down, I'm sure. 


Cherell (Sher-el) is the secret wife of Michael Jackson. That is, until she and Michael decide to announce to the world their fourteen year hidden love affair via an exclusive interview hosted by Oprah Winfrey. During this interview, Cherell and Michael travel back in time, as early as the late seventies, and revisit the birth and growth of their love. However, as they recap on the magic that brought them together, they also ponder over the fame, insecurity, and jealousy that almost tore them apart forever.

A special thank you to all my kind readers for making my story one of the top ten most favorite stories on the site. This says a lot and I am truly honored by this. Please continue to enjoy and never feel shy to tell me what you think. You all are amazing!

I want to give a big thanks and a lot of love to Lorry for doing this amazing banner for my story! You rock!

Disclaimer: All unoriginal characters and settings belong strictly to their respective owner while all original characters are full property of the author. No money is being earned from work of fiction and no copyright infringement is intended.

Categories: Off The Wall: 1975-1981, Thriller: 1982-1983, Bad: 1986-1990, Dangerous: 1991-1993, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Trigger Warning!
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Mild Violence
Trigger Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 85 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 303315 Read Count: 67554
[Report This] Published: Jan 08, 2014 Updated: Nov 01, 2017
Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Nov 01, 2017 Title: Chapter 85: Chapter 85

Ahhhhh, congratulations on getting published! I’ll defin check it out! In other news, this chapter was so riveting. I LOVE the way you write; I felt as if I was in Joe’s living room watching this all unfold. 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! I'm one step closer to becoming a full time author.

As for this chapter, It was a lot going on, especially with Cherell' s emotions. Poor girl. So glad you enjoyed it. 

BTW, I'm also in love with the way you write. You have true talent.

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Aug 23, 2016 Title: Chapter 74: Chapter 74

I'm crying tears of hot that this story is back and tears of sadness for their miscarriage. I know they'll bounce back, but still... Fantastic writing as always!

Author's Response:

Lol thank you, BluJayWay! It's good seeing your wonderful reviews again. Things are pretty bleak for them right now but I have faith in them. More to come very, very soon 😊.

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Sep 21, 2015 Title: Chapter 63: Chapter 63

I'm still here! This was such a sweet moment. But what's up with Yaz and Joe? I smell smoke...

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad I didn't lose you :) Yaz and Joe are acting pretty strange, huh? Maybe we'll find out more about that as time goes on.

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Dec 17, 2015 Title: Chapter 69: Chapter 69

I held my breath this entire chapter waiting for some crazy drama to happen-and I'm relieved that everything went relatively smoothly. Now they've just gotta make it to that altar! Cover on, wedding day!

Author's Response: Lol luckily no drama went down tonight. I think Michael and Cherell have enough going on already. It's almost time to make it happen! I will try my hardest to have the next chapter up before Christmas. Thanks for reading, as always, BluJayWay!

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Jun 11, 2015 Title: Chapter 50: Chapter 50

Now THAT is what I call a love scene 🙌

Author's Response: Thank you. I was hoping you would like it! 😊

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Jun 11, 2015 Title: Chapter 49: Chapter 49

WHAAAAAT?! Whoa, that's amazing! What a proposal d84;a039;d84;a039;d84;a039;d84;a039;

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Sep 05, 2016 Title: Chapter 76: Chapter 76

Props to Cherell for being selfless during her time of bereavement and to Michael for standing up to Joseph. Excellent as always; I'm looking forward to the two of them healing even further. 

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Jan 26, 2017 Title: Chapter 81: Chapter 81

Whelp, looks like Janet's cover is blown! Otherwise, your description of Motown 25 is spot-on. I'll have to watch the video on YouTube later. Love, love, love this story!

Author's Response: The cat is out of the bag...or should I say boyfriend lol. So glad you enjoyed it. I actually ended up ordering the DVD from Amazon and watching it a million times lol. BTW, still waiting on Making Faces. I need more little Judah in my life. Hope you can update soon.

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Nov 16, 2015 Title: Chapter 67: Chapter 67

Diana's reception of Cherell was all shade. And poor Janet! I wish I could hug her right now. 

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Apr 18, 2017 Title: Chapter 82: Chapter 82

YAAAAAASSSSS, you're back!

Author's Response:

Feels good to be back. I got super excited when I saw your update a few weeks ago lol. Keep writing that awesome story.

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Aug 17, 2017 Title: Chapter 84: Chapter 84

Oh... Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Riiight! Lol

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Jul 12, 2015 Title: Chapter 54: Chapter 54

Awww, I see the rain on his parade, but he perked up quickly. I'm happy to see this story back in rotation!

Author's Response: Yeah he was a little disappointed but he had to put on a strong face for Cherell. I'm so sorry for the delay. I've been itching to get back to this story. More to come soon 😊

Reviewer: BluJayWay Signed
Date: Dec 09, 2016 Title: Chapter 79: Chapter 79

What. A. Tease! Loved reading in though :-D