Reviews For The Accused
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Reviewer: Voice Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 01, 2015 10:36 pm Title: Chapter 61

I have to say, I absolutely love this chapter!  <3 *smiles* My favorite part of this chapter is this: So simple but so beautiful:


Baby, I love you…” he sighed contentedly, leaning over to kiss my cheek. “You know, this is just like anything, you have less experience than I do in this area, so you are asking questions, there’s nothing stupid about it… And, it’s not like one of those things you could ask just anybody about—it’s personal,” he explained, “so why couldn’t you talk about it with the guy that you’re going to potentially have all the sex in the world with!” he joked, making me burst out laughing, doing a good job at keeping the conversation light-hearted.


The fact that paying attention to this love is what should be paid attnetion too here it's not merely just the fluffy word that people throw around nowadays but I feel as though he is meaning that eternal love that a lot of people take for granted and is excruciatingly hard to find.


I also find that having such a huge deep conversation could be opened up to such a humorous moment.  I can see why you were nominated and won favorite Michael, the dynamic of the personality is astounding :) I know I've been quiet however I've been reading *smiles*


Hope your well, Skywriter :)

Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Nov 01, 2015 09:03 am Title: Chapter 61

Curse you Voldemort!!!!!! God if he hadn't done such a number on Mal it would be smooth sailing. I'm glad they had the talk to get her fears out in the open. I hope she will be able to reconcile the difference between what it was with Voldemort  and what it will be with Michael. With her brother that wasn't sex it was a means of control, domination and humiliation that had nothing at all to do with love. With Michael, I'm sure with his experience he will be gentle. Even with his giant penis. 

Lmaoooo. Sorry to say Mal it wasn't just Michael who couldn't get over the Frankinstien p...penis. I was very amused by it too. So it's not just boys. 

As for Petty Kat, I hope Michael sets her straight because I'm still disgusted she lied that Mal had left. Ugh. She needs a wake up call. 

I'm ready ma'am so ready for the heat!!! I'm all up in that kitchen. Now that the hiatus is over let the harassment commence!! *brandishes my steel bat and plane ticket!

More soon love!! <333

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