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Just recently, one of the the worlds most famous actresses has passed away.... Elizabeth Talyor passed on Mar 23rd 2011.... And as most of us know she was a very good friend of Michael Jackson, she was known as a very loyal friend to him and was always there by his side for everything... As a tribute to her and Michael, write a story about Michael's and Elizabeth's loving frienship and describe (make up) the last thoughts she had before she went to be with Michael again and what happened when she entered the gates of heaven, reuniting with her long time best friend Michael...

Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Family, Romance Characters: Michael

Hey guys! I'm curious to see what happens when you let your creative juices flow when it comes to family. Specifically Michael and his 3 beautiful children. :) The plot itself is your choice but it must include all 3 of Michael's kids. Try to focus more on just his family and spending time with them as opposed to romance. I love romance but I'm really looking for some family moments here. :)

Think you're up for the challenge? Hehe

Categories: This Is It: 2006-2009 Characters: Michael

I want you guys to write a one-shot story about Michael and a very hot girl being stranded on an island with 'nothing' to do ;-) rated R only please

Categories: None Characters: Michael, Original Girl

This isn't really a challenge ..  there's a story that I'm looking for, but I read it a long time ago and I need help finding it. I can't remember the exact details, but it took place during the Bad or Dangerous Era. Michael was dating a fan who's German,  he kept their relationship a secret from everyone, but would continuously fly to see her. The story was pretty lengthy, but never completed (... I think). If the person never updated it, I would say the most recent chapter was in 2012 ... I'm actually not sure.

If you find it or know what it is, please message me!

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: The idea is to write a story based on a poem I've uploaded called "Forgotten".
You can either write the story leading up to the situation portrayed in the poem
You can write it as a continuation of the situation portrayed in the poem.
Please try to continue it beyond just one chapter.
Could be any category as specified in the challenge.
Much L.O.V.E.
Categories: Angst, Romance, Horror, Suspense, Adventure, Fantasy Characters: Original Girl
Summary: I want someone to write a Frozen and Captain Eo crossover. Like for example Elsa falls for Eo and he becomes king of Arendale, Anna becomes Eo's bestie or Anna and Elsa fight over Eo and he has to choose one. Make it PG for violence
Categories: Parody, Romance, Adventure, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Sci Fi, Fantasy Characters: Michael


Write any random story that comes to mind, not matter what length. It can be funny, romantic, scary, retarded etc

However, you must include:

- Michael Jackson being nude at some point in the story.

- President Barack Obama or Michelle Obama.

- KFC party.

- A sex scene involved with Martin Bashir!

- Princess Diana in a pink thong.

- One Direction included in the story (or just one of them).

- Anthing else you want.

LOL, have fun.

NOTE: None of the above are true or are likely to happen :)



Categories: Slash, Parody, Humor, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Romance, Horror, Adventure, Adult Characters: Michael

Hello friends


i challenge you to write a fanfic story where MJ lives in a great castle mansions. He's like in ghosts his short film. You have to tell us what happens when he invite a young school girl in his mansion and made her discover a whole new way of pleasure, the night, he transform himself (in wathever you want i let you choose) the story must be a fifty shades of grey kind like but let your imagination take you there there's not limit sky's the limit. MJ has to be very angry when she doesn't obey. The story must be 18+ with hard, crude, drug, abuse and with fetishs. Have fun ! Looking forward to read you. Don't hesitate to add fantasy and science fiction to the story. Thanks

Categories: Horror, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Adult, HIStory: 1995-1999 Characters: Michael
Summary: I love reading stories about teenage, 70s era Michael. But it seems that most people want to start their stories no later than the mid to late 80s. Well, here's the challenge. I want to read stories, series, poems, or anything else you've got about Michael during his time in New York filming The Wiz. The story has to be historically and culturally accurate. Meaning, no cell phones and internet. 8-tracks and Afros, ya dig? Bonus if you can manage to sneak in people that he actually knew then (Tatum O'Neal, Diana Ross, Stephanie Mills). So, dust off your platforms and straighten those lapels. It's gonna be a dynamite and out of sight time in New York!
Categories: Romance, Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Family, Parody, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Mystery, Angst, Adult, Slash, Lyrics, Poetry Characters: Michael

"Michael risked his own life to save a girl who was about to get hit by a car retrieving a ball that rolled in the street."

This is actually a true story. My challenge for you is to imagine the whole situation -- narrate the happenings that lead to it, and the aftermath.

The sky is the limit, my friends, so be creative!
I can't wait to read the responses! :)

Categories: Mystery, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Angst, Romance, Adventure, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Family Characters: Michael, Original Girl

So , I was thinking this is a greate site and well I read most of the MJ/LMP stories and oMg i love them well I can't write as you see here my grammer is so bad .

How about writing a story on Lisa and Michael getting back together because I would so read it.

I really liked the story stay but I dont think the outher is gonna finish it so you guy could<3 

If you want me to make you a banner just ask because I love making them <3

Categories: Lisa Marie Presley: 1994 Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael

Okay, so my friends Rachael and Maria decided that we should issue a challenge where YOU create a love story involving Diana and Michael in honor of Di being on the honor roll again :) It could be in any era, and it could be rated anything. You choose. Just don't make it obvious okay?


Categories: None Characters: Michael, Original Girl

To the point: this challenge is issued to all beLIEvers on this site. Describe how Michael could have built the hoax and what he is doing now or where he is. No boundaries, use an original girl or someone from Michael's past who's helping him. Rating from PG to R, your choice. BeLIEvers, get this rolling!

UPDATE: I think I'll jump in my own challenge and do a story on this theme. Stay tuned till I announce it :) A big thank you for everyone who contributed to this challenge, I love you all and keep writing, stay inspired!

Categories: Adventure, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, This Is It: 2006-2009 Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I felt like posting another. Here are the requirements!



- Michael is a 3ft man catching a train to go to work.

- Has to meet a girl/guy on the way (of course). Girl/Michael is attracted to one of them, but both can't be attracted to eachother instantly. Gives out his number, arranges date etc.

- Girl must dump him over his height at some stage in the story.


Anything else is your choice. Characters, personalities, plot, era, the girl can be 3ft too if you want, though I think her being normal size like 5'6,5'7 will make it more interesting/ intense. Have fun with it!

Categories: Romance, Adventure Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael, Original Girl

Okay, I'm new to challenges, so forgive me if this sucks. Pretty much, what you have to do is create a story using MICHAEL JACKSON: User Guide and Manual. Here are the rules.

*This must have humor

*As much as you may want an MJ unit, you have to have him ordered by accident

*This must remain T-rated (You can make as many dirty jokes, and cuss as much as you want to, but no further then that please.)

Also, it came to my attention that someone requested a Sexy mode. You can look at the reviews and it should be there. I even came up with a way to get him into that mode. First get Michael into his Flustered mode, and start flirting with him until he feels comfortable. (Note: This may take a day or two. Maybe even a week.) Then he'll start flirting back, and eventually go into his Sexy mode.

This is pretty easy, and I made it pretty loose, so that you can have fun with this. Just keep the manual handy and this should go almost as awesome as Prussia. (If you don't watch Hetalia, don't ask. . .)

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Humor, Parody, Sci Fi Characters: Michael