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This one is pretty simple: it has to consist of Michael, in any era you wish, meeting a fan. It can be someone you've imagined in your head, or maybe yourself! 
And if you've ever met him, you can share your own experience here!

It can be just a simple and sweet meeting, or an embarrassing way to meet the King of Pop, they can become friends, they can end up with a kiss, a hug... more, if you want! ;) 

So, I'm pretty much leaving it all up to you. Choose the era, the character, where it happens, how it happens. It can be anything, from PG to rated R. Your choice only.

Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you talented writers got to show! :)

Categories: Romance, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Slash, Adult, Horror, Angst, Mystery, Sci Fi, Family, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Adventure Characters: Michael, Original Girl

what if Michael had the opertunity to go back in time to when he was a boy before the jackson five ever became famous meet himself and after everything that happened he tells his younger self who he is and and something he says which won't be much makes his youngerself choose not to pursue his dream of being a entertainer

he is somehow returned to his time and when he does it's drastically differnt

  • Michael is on a bus to the steel mill when he returns
  • he actually was miltary veterin and fighter pilot
  • now works at a steall mill making airplane parts and reparing them
  • but he always whitles music in his head
  • and what happened to his family and the world because he was not in the industry to make the changes that he did

yeah deep I know but I think some is willing to be challenged what michael would have looked like had he not been able to afford to change


Categories: Angst Characters: None

write any kind of love scene about you and michael  you can write it any way


i  really perfer rated r  but if you don't to right it in rated r if you really don't want to

Categories: Romance, Fantasy, Adult Characters: Michael

Haaaiii everyone!! 

So I'd like a story that explains what inspired Mike to write his poem in "In The Closet"

   One thing in life you must understand, the truth of lust woman to man; 

   So open the door and you will see, there are no secrets make your move set me free.

That. =D It has to have an original girl, plz not a lot of cursing but it can have a liiiittle bit, and i want it in the Bad era, i know he hadnt wrote it yet then, but he could have maybe wrote it down and then found it later on! ^_^ 

Thx to whoever responds!

Categories: Humor, Romance Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I think it would be funny if michael actually had to do jury duty 

I read a story that michael really was surved a summons to do jury duty AFTER 2005 trial like months after and he was out of the usa so He said "hell No he wasn't coming back for that

but what if at any other time he was surved how would that go

crimal trial 

regular trial

Michael find out just how crooked the system is something intriging like runaway jury or something

I just thought of it because i got a summons last week and i REALLY don't want to go and I can imagine if Michael had had to he would have been like that too

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Summary: A Michael and Whitney story, them in love, and your story line. Must be in the 80s. :)
Categories: Mystery, Romance, Hurt/Comfort Characters: Michael

Okay guys, I noticed there weren't a lot of stories like this, so I wanted to issue this challenge because it's something that was a really big rumor throughout our beloved Michael's life.


Write a story where Michael Jackson is in the closet. Yes, in the closet. Whether or not he really was gay is his damn business (as a female, I'd like to think he was into women) but imagine a time when, even in the most androgynous decade ever, being gay was a curse, and he saw himself as the curse. With all that pressure to be one thing when he was another could have been hell, as it is for so many poor young gay people even today.


Doesn't matter how long, but it HAS to start in the 80's, and there has to be some sort of coming out in some can put that at the end or at the beginning, whatever. Good luck! I hope you can make me cry!

Categories: Slash, Angst, Adult Characters: Michael

welcome mj fans !!!!!!!!!!! i need you to write any kind of rival between you and one of the ladys that has been in mj life at one point in time.


ex. lisa marie pressley  - you would have to wwrite a short story trying to be michael's lady before lisa does.

Categories: Romance, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994 Characters: None

I've noticed that challenges aren't so popular here, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyways.

If you could write a letter for Michael Jackson, what would you say? Would you say he's your biggest inspiration, or that he is your idol, or that you love him? Maybe send him a poem, a picture, a confession? Tell him you need a friend, or that you'll be his friend if he ever needs?

It's simple- all you have to do is submit your response with a letter for MJ.

Be creative! I'm looking forward to read everything you have to say :)

Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Poetry Characters: Michael

Okay, I want a story along the lines of the supernatural. Which means I want anyone to write a story which deals with encountering Michael after he dies, you know as a ghost or spirit or anything you want to call it. Make it any genre, I don't mind. But just keep it decent. And yeah, I want an original girl.

Categories: Adventure, Romance, Horror, Suspense, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Mystery Characters: Original Girl

(Pardon me if there's already a story/stories like this. lol If there are suggest some to me if you please.)

SOOOOO My lovely authors and amazing peeps, I have a challenge for thee. Write a story about Michael, during the "Living With Michael Jackson" interview. He's married/very close friends [They don't have to fall in love] (Main girl of your choice, x reader, etc) and has kids (Could be Prince, Paris, and Blanket or kids created by your imagination) Just more of have the plot be centered around that, instead of it just occuring later in the story.

Love all of YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Categories: Family, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Adult, Trigger Warning!, Invincible: 2000-2003, Humor Characters: Michael

Hey guys , so I love lisa marie and Michael stories I love reading about there life please wirte one ! If you dont have any ideas Ill give you some !


Categories: None Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael, Original Girl

Make a one shot based off of this song! Search up "love trip jackson 5" on youtube if you haven't heart of it :)

Categories: Jackson 5: 1965-1975, Off The Wall: 1975-1981 Characters: Original Girl

Hey guys, I've been reading your fanfics for a while and I loved them. So, I've vreated an account a few minutes ago. I want to begin my entry  in this site as an official membre by proposing to you guys a contest about our hero, MICHAEL JACKSON!!! hi hi :) 

You have to create a story where Michael is about 30 years old, no kids and married to Lisa Marie Presley, which I personnally hate because of all the crap she sais about him when he broke up. Anyway, in the story, he don't love her at all and he tcheats on her with a girl called Rosha. He has known her for ages, he have trust in her and sometinmes, when he tours, she goes with him and work with his manager, producers and dancers.    

I want the story to be about a lust adventure between Michael and Rosha. I don't want you guys to explore the feelings and kids thing because I really hate it. 

The story has to be writen by MJ's point of view the whole way. 

Good luck!!! and thank you to the interest you put in Michael Jackson, we have to continue his legacy. 

With love, Katherine.




Categories: Adult, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994 Characters: Michael

Okay, here's the deal. I know that there are over some 30 stories listed under the MJ/LMP category but what I've noticed is that most stories we have on the site portray Lisa Marie as a negative influence on Michael. Sure she isn't the nicest of people on the planet but Michael loved her, so much so that he tried so hard to get back together with her. He actually wanted to remarry her. And I hope most of you have seen the letter he has written to her that was about to go on auction recently. So I want you to write a story portraying Lisa as the love of his life. A sweet sexy romance between Michael and Lisa. Mind you, character flaws may be added and at the end of the story they don't have to be together but I want someone to write an epic romance for Michael and Lisa Marie. You know, like how they tried to make it together again and what stopped them. Wish you luck.

Categories: Romance, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994 Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael