Enter the Mafia Zone. by staciethehedghog

Michael and Tiffany are assigned on a mission: To find the last Mafian group and bring home a missing child at the same time. Will they make it out alive? or die trying?

Takes Place in February of 1983 prior to the Motwon 25th Anniversary Concert.

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1. Chapter 1 by staciethehedghog

2. Chapter 2 by staciethehedghog

3. Chapter 3 by staciethehedghog

Chapter 1 by staciethehedghog
Author's Notes:

Hey everyone, Savanah here sorry that I've been inactive for awhile you know how school is but anyway, Here's my new story enjoy!



     Enter The Mafia Zone.

     Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Suspence.

     Characters: Michael Jackson, Tiffany Andrews, Chief Neville Ingram, Emanuel Myers, Delilah Myers, Mafia Father: Lord Bobo Rutherford the First and Gang.

     Rated PG-13 for some Mild Adult Language.

     Date: February 15th, 1983.

     Location: Andrew Mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

     Time: 5:15 A.M.

                                                        Chapter 1.

     The ringing of the phone erupted loudly throughout the large empty mansion as the beautiful Latin American woman Tiffany Andrews tossed and turn in her queen-sized bed hoping to drown out the noise but it was no use giving in, and making a huff, she roughly picked up the receiver to answer it while avoiding the need to yawn.

     "H-Hello?" She answered in a groggy tone of voice.

     "Yes, is this Officer Tiffany Andrews?" A gruff male voice asked on the other hand as she answered back.

     "Good Morning there Miss Andrews, this is Chief Ingram here, sorry to wake you so early into the morning hours but I advise you to come down to the station right away we need your help." Tiff blinked her eyes twice while having a confused expression painted on her face.

     "Okay then, but why? today is my day off."

     "I understand and I do apologize but this is a very serious matter and I need for you to get here as soon as possible. Please." Sighing then came underway as she pinched the bridge of her forehead between her eyes.

     "Yes Chief, I'll be there bye." After hanging up, she made a low growl throwing the violet comforter off of her as she got up to go into her bathroom.

     "Great just great, my one day off for the month and I have to work? ain't that just peachy... hmph! give me a break! I could be thinking 5 good reasons to not want to go in but I have no other choice; Mama is visiting Abuela in Mexico and the Guys are in Cuba for the big game and what do I have? this gigantic mansion all to myself but yet, I gotta go to work! of course this does sound important and I could never deny not even if my life depended on it in the long run. Hmm... I wonder if Michael would like to come with me; besides apart from being ready to put on a concert, he is ready for anything new."

     Tiff looked around in her big walking closet trying to find some decent clothes to put on; she then grew a smile as she came across her purple turtleneck sweater, black jeans, and black combat boots along with an ordinary denim jacket. After putting her hair up in a loose curly ponytail, she then got her keys, making it over to her black convertable. The sun had not risen up yet for it was still kinda dark outside with the street lights still on but it didn't matter to her at all; her mind was already set to go to Hayvenhurst to see the Pop singer as she drove off down the street heading to Encino.

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Here you all go!

Chapter 2 by staciethehedghog
Author's Notes:

Here's Chapter 2!


                                                   Chapter 2.

     The rumbling sound of the convertable stopped by the time Tiffany had reached into the driveway of the Hayvenhurst Estate. The street light was still on as bright as the full moon and everywhere was quiet like a newborn baby. Getting out, she made her way towards the backyard encountering the patio table and chairs; knowing Michael himself, he would be up in the tree gazing out waiting for the sun to come out any minute now. Calling his name out in a hushed tone, and making her feet move again,

     BOO! the voice cried out making her jump about just 1 inch from the ground as she heard chuckling from behind; rolling her eyes, she saw the singer who cimbed down to greet her but she wasn't impressed at all.

     "Damn it Mike, can't you just answer when people call out to you?" She asked making a small smirk in the process as he rubbed his neck and blushed. 

     "Heh, sorry about startling you Tiffany sometimes I can't help myself. So, what bring you here? and why are you up so early?" He asked.

     "Well first of all, the Chief called me needing me to come to the station for he has some important and serious matters to discuss and I was wondering if you would like to join me?" Nodding and smiling, Mike accepted.

     "Sure, I don't see why not, I have nothing better to do right now or for the rest of the day so I'm free. Let's go!" And they both made it towards her car and drove off out of the drive-way.


End Notes:

Part 2 Coming soon!

Chapter 3 by staciethehedghog
Author's Notes:

Oh My God! Hey everyone, Happy Sunday! Sorry that I've been very inactive due to all this schoolwork that I've been doing lately that has really been murdering me lol! but anyway! here's the next chapter to Enter the Mafia Zone, I'll try to update more often if not all the time and since I'll be getting winter vacation soon, hopefully I'll have free time on my hands :) so enough of me being a blabber mouth and onto the Chappie!!


                                                          Chapter 3.

     The drive to the Police Station was filled with silence so silent, that one could literally cut a knife through it. Seeing that no one was going to start a conversation to break the ice quite soon, Tiffany took the liberty to do just that.

     "So Michael, how have you been doing as of late? I haven't seen you around since from a few months ago." 

     Michael smiled. "I've been working on my new album. It has been going real well for me that I really haven't come out of the house much; back and forth to the Recording Studio can really take a toll on you to the point you can hardly breathe due to all of the singing and making sure you go over each lyric to make it sound the way you want it to be. Even staying up until 3 and 4 in the morning can have its moments as well but luckily, I'm finally finished; and am willing to be taking the rest of the month off as I speak. Quincy said that it is what I really deserve. How are things with you over at the department?"

     The attractive spaniard took a moment to sigh rolling her eyes. "It's been hard work lately as well. If not on patrol, I'm assigned to paperwork and believe me, that can be quite boring; plus with Mama visiting Abuela in Mexico, and the boys in Cuba watching the big Football match, I have the entire mansion to myself but at times, it can be lonely. I don't let it bother me though."

     The singer looked at her with a sorrowful expression. "Oh Tiff, I'm sorry. You are always welcome to come by Hayvenhurst when you get the chance to you know; you along with April and Rachel are apart of our family heck, it's been like that since the day we met you girls at the park." Tiff smiled warmly and nodded her head to assure him that she knew; even though she wasn't good with her emotions, she could handle them quite well on her own without anyone knowing.

     "Mike, I know that and we are very grateful and thankful for letting us be apart of you all; I know it took Joe to get used to us, but as time went on, he could see that we were really into our friendship and nothing will ever change that." Smiling and sighing, he nodded his head and continued onto their driving trek ready for a new challenge that was waiting for them to be completed.

End Notes:

Here you all go, It's a lot longer than the last one the next chapter will be in hopefully by tonight ciao!

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