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Obviously my screename speaks for itself. Im brutally honest so i dont sugarcoat shit and will always call it as I see it.

Stumbled onto this site, and found a community I adore and feel accepted in. As well as having found amazing friends. 

Tbh haven't done much creative writing since I was a kid where I'd makeup stories where women ruled and men were not needed lol. My very own Themoscriya universe. But I decided to give it another shot in the form of a what would I do or how would I change this approach. Also I love giving feedback and being brutally honest in my criticism. 

Besides writing, I'm binge concerts any form of live music well not any, I lovee, my music tastes is as diverse as my hobbies, from drawing, some painting, to activism to scuba diving:)

I have to say I discovered Michael all on my own, I wasn't at the age when he left where I could really appreciate and love his work, music and artistry so I have to say getting to know him through his music, the people who loved and knew him, from the man himself and through of course the fans, his biggest supporters and family gave me the best education about music, love, and myself I've had. I don't have a specific era I like best, would say I fell in love or lust with the Dangerous album first and went from there. Feel free to check out my story, I'll try to be more consistent with updates:) 

Age: 21+
Gender: Female
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