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Yes, I like Justin Bieber. Sue me.

My all-time favorite MJ song is Beat It. As for my favorite albums, I like Thriller and HIStory.

"Study the greats and become greater." - Michael Jackson

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To the outside world, he was the biggest superstar to ever grace the planet.

Nobody knew of the deep and dark abyss of loneliness he'd fallen into the day Thriller went number one.
Nobody knew just how messed up he really was, struggling while holding on for dear life to his last bit of sanity and humanity.
Nobody knew... except one girl. She was nobody. But she felt his pain and saw in him something the others refused to see... It was inevitable that she fell for him, hard and fast, yet she knew that the minute she'd allow herself to give in, she'd be digging her own grave.


Categories: Thriller: 1982-1983, Bad: 1986-1990, Adult, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: Emotional Abuse
Series: None
Chapters: 15 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 49130 Read Count: 8371
[Report This] Published: Nov 30, 2013 Updated: Mar 21, 2017
Reviewer: beatitbieber Signed
Date: Apr 09, 2017 Title: Chapter 6: CHAPTER 6

I loved the scene of them in the water! That was so cute. I loved how he taught her how to swim. That was a really sweet thing to do. I hope Jael and Michael end up together!

Reviewer: beatitbieber Signed
Date: Apr 09, 2017 Title: Chapter 4: CHAPTER 4

I'm so glad Jael saved Michael's life. Hopefully that will bring them closer but it doesn't look like they're close yet. I wonder what will happen next!

Reviewer: beatitbieber Signed
Date: Apr 09, 2017 Title: Chapter 2: CHAPTER 2

Jail and Michael really don't seem to like each other. I hope things between them get better soon!

Baby Be Mine by Gabby7 Rated: MA starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 415]
Summary: Past Featured Story

Find out what happens when Gabby has an unusual encounter with Michael and he becomes apart of her everyday life.


He continues to stand where he is and speaks in the most angelic voice I've ever heard. "Ma'am are you ok?"

I manage to gather myself over to him, desperately grabbing him by the arms.

"Please sir, can you help me. I need to go to the hospital. "

He stares at me wiith weariness as he stumbles over his words. "Oh, uh...well..."

A prickling pain shoots through my body, causing me to shake with fear. This pain is unbearable, yet in its essence, it's a bitter sweet moment.

I stare at him pleadingly. "Please sir, I'm in labor!"


Categories: Award Winning, Thriller: 1982-1983, Adult, Romance
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Some Scenes of an Explicit Sexual Nature, Strong Language
Trigger Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 40 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 145879 Read Count: 20718
[Report This] Published: Sep 02, 2015 Updated: Feb 01, 2020
Reviewer: beatitbieber Signed
Date: Apr 08, 2017 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

It's so funny that the nurse thought Michael was Gabby's husband! I'm happy he stepped in to help her. Such a gentleman!

Author's Response:

Yes, Michael is very generous! I can picture him doing something like this in real life. Lol! New reader?? Yay!! Thank you for reading and reviewing! 

Reviewer: beatitbieber Signed
Date: Apr 08, 2017 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This was a great beginning! I love that Michael drove her to the hospital even though he had no idea where it was. I'm glad he found it in time. That drive was intense though!