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Around seven in the evening the couple dressed elegantly in dazzling blue and white matching outfits were ready for their first outing together in months. But their mind lingered over their one month old little girl.
Katherine stood in front of them holding her little grandchild expertly.

"Now mother she likes her milk semi warm--" Michael tittered to his amused mother.

"Now Michael I know what I'm doing I did raise you and your siblings" she pointed out.

"I know" he replied sheepish and she chuckled.

"Enjoy yourselves everything will be fine if I need to call you I will" she said to them.

Katherine smiled warmly at the couple, truly happily to see them together again. Amber walked up to her princess dropping a small kiss on her forehead and Michael did the same on her soft cheek.

The couple shooed out by Katherine, left their home, worries pushed aside for themselves.

Once sat in the backseat together, Amber couldn't help but ask where they were going.

"It's a surprise love" Michael replied not giving any hints.

"Again with the surprises applehead?" She huffed at him.

"You aren't patience love" he replied teasingly.

"Whatever" she mumbled and Michael snickered.

Hearing his giggles Amber wiggled her hands at him, shutting up his snickering but they continued to talk until they arrived at the restaurant.

Walking into the restaurant the couple saw the restaurant was divided into two sections.

The first side was the restaurant where chairs and tables were laid out nicely.

The other side of the restaurant was decorated in squares of black and white on the spacious floor. A band of players stood before the floor playing a remedy of soul jazz to the enjoyment of their customers swaying and grooving to the melody.

The couple ignored the stares they received from the onlookers and sat at a table reserved for them.

Michael and Amber sat down across from each other holding hands, while a waitress in a complete black outfit and a top hat walked up to the table.

She stood politely asking what they they wanted to eat from the menus she handed to them.

They said their orders and she scribbled them down and walked away to their kitchen.

As they sat waiting for their meals Amber couldn't help but stare at the place enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.

"Are you enjoying the scenery love?" Michael asked.

"I am applehead but where did you find such a place?" She inquired colour of surprise present.

"Oh I found this spot with Quincy when we ducked from a greet and meet with the CEO at a sushi bar..the man can talk for hours while the other men laughed forcefully at his awful jokes it wasn't our thing besides they didn't even have chicken love! Imagine that!" He explained in horror shaking his head.

"It was a sushi bar Michael they wouldn't cater to your tastes" she replied laughing at the story.

"Don't laugh love you'd do the same thing in my position" he replied smirking at her.

Shrugging her shoulders confirmed her agreement. The food arrived a few minutes later to their delight and they ate the delicious meal.

After the meal and dessert Michael suggested they slow dance but Amber wasn't having it. She wasn't a dancer like her husband besides her pride won't allow her admit she lost almost every match when they battled against each other in high school.

"Come dance with me love" he crooned sweetly to Amber.

"No Michael you and I both know I'm not a good dancer" she replied as she sipped her drink.

"One dance? A tiny one?" He pleading holding one digit upwards.

"No" she said ignoring him as he stared at her.

Michael decided to take matter into his own hands. He dragged her out of the chair, causing a yelp to erupt from her lips and leave the cooling drink on the table.

He pulled her to the dance floor and she fell into his waiting arms.

She growled at his smirking face which only made his confidence grow more.

"I don't like dancing dummy!" She whispered to him heatedly.

"Oh come on love it's fine follow the groove" he assured her.

Michael pulled her closer to him and swayed her hips against his playfully until she gave in.

They danced together on the dance floor until Amber protested she was too tired but as always Michael was still full of energy.

On the table the bill waited and Michael brought out his wallet leaving enough money and a small tip.

The young parents left the restaurant with high spirits unaware the paparazzi waited in the shadows snapping pictures of a potential story.

Returning home around to twelve in the morning, Grandma Katherine left telling them that Nevada was asleep in her crib.

Michael still high on energy grabbed Amber by the waist in their bedroom, pinned her to the bed kissing her neck and slowly making his way back to her lips.

But she didn't want to get to lost in his kisses pulled away to Michael's dismay but she had something to say and it needed to be said for both of their sakes.

"Look Michael before you attempt to try to get me pregnant again... at the restaurant I saw something on your arm"

"What did you notice?" He asked patiently before pulling her into another kiss.

"Your arm had a discolouring--" she said before his lips pressed harder onto hers to distract her.

She placed a hand between their lips to create a bridge between making him groan at her stubbornness.

"Love your ruining the peaceful moment we have before Nevada chooses to wake up" he whined to her.

"No Michael this is serious!" She semi yelled at him folding her arms in front of her chest.

Michael knowing the moment was gone, got off her to lay by her side.

"But it's nothing of a concern" he said in a dismissive tone.

Amber tired of his denial grabbed his arm and pulled his sleeve up to reveal the pink patches on his coca skin.

"This is serious! How is this not of a concern?! You better tell me what's going on Michael" she told him firmly.

Michael sighed knowing he couldn't deny his skin patches for long begun to tell her everything. She drank in the information becoming more and more alarmed.

"Michael please you need to see a doctor before this becomes any worse" she pleaded to him.

"I will don't worry love" he assured her.

"Promise me Michael you will see a doctor see a doctor in near few days" she said giving him a hard stare.

"Yes I will love let's watch TV shall we?" He pleaded to her wanting the conversation to end.

They chose to watch a sitcom on TV to pass away the time until they fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning they woke up to whimpering of Nevada crying out for her parents. Amber being the first to wake up went to attend to her while she let michael lay in bed a little longer.

A few minutes later she walked back into the room to see Michael undressing for a shower.

"What's the rush?" She asked concerned.

"Love epic called and they wanted to see me in an hour" he said rolling his eyes.

"Lemme guess they saw us together? With their spy glasses" she replied a tad sarcastic.

"I wish love Frank said it was all over the news so please stay inside for now love" he pleaded to her softly.

"Don't worry worryfart Nevada and I will be fine also go see the doctor afterwards" she said to him before pecking his lips sweetly.

He nodded and returned the kiss before rushing to the bathroom to get ready.

No longer than thirty minutes he was dressed and ready to leave the house with breakfast in his stomach and a warm kiss from his little family..

Michael wasn't looking forward to having a talk with Frank or any of the CEO's. But he didn't care his family was more important than his mark in the music industry.

Chapter End Notes:


A special character is returning to the series! you'll see soon 😂.

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