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Three weeks later..

Michael was chilling at home alone enjoying some time to himself without his little family.He needed days like this to be away from the demands of Epic, his fans and his family.

He felt he could unwind it was just himself and his juice...

Until the banging on the front door startled him to drop his plastic glass and juice spilt on the floor.

Michael groaned wondering who was at the door. Standing up and walking up to the door. He opened it to reveal Chris's legs and upper body hidden behind a tall stack of boxes.

"Chris what are you doing here!? Let me help you before you hurt yourself" Michael said as he stood up to help his friend avoiding the spillage on the floor.

Once the items were on the coach Michael grabbed the tissue box off the coffee table. He used a bunch of tissue to clean the orange spill.

"Why the sudden appearance Chris I haven't seen you in awhile" Michael said to his friend, throwing the wet tissue in a near by bin.

"Well buddy you've been so busy you forget about me but never mind about that man! I decided to come over and spend time with my homie" Chris replied smirking at guilt stricken michael.

The smirk on Chris's lips falted slightly at his best friend's guilty expression.
"Hey man don't sweat it I'm here today and your bit--I mean woman" he replied correcting himself.

Michael scolded him for almost using that term, Chris waved it off clearly unbothered.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in each company's cracking jokes, eating and drinking beers together till they both fell asleep in separate rooms.

Michael slept off in master bedroom, while Chris dozed off on the coach drooling and snoring for all his worth.

Around five in the afternoon Amber unlocked the front door, little Nevada nested in her arms as she slowly walked into the living room to see Chris of all people in her home.

She felt anger slowly sip inside her seeing this damn fool drool freely on her coach.

She counted to ten in her mind before she went to put Nevada down for a small nap.

After laying the littlest Jackson inside her crib and putting a light blanket to keep her warm. The mother of one left the room to confront the idiot she despises.

At the sound of approaching footsteps, Chris woke up from his deep sleep. He rose to seat upfront scratching his head.

Amber walked back into the room to glare heatedly into the surprised eyes of chris.

"Shit" he mumbled lowly.

Amber's sharp ears heard his mumble, "shit indeed! You were banned to never step a foot in this house..you still walk in like I've forgotten what you did!

"Look that was a mistake bitch! I apologized for my fucking mistake! You can't get over a damn grudge?! You didn't put a damn restraining order! I have the freedom to come and go where I please" he yelled at her infuriated.

"Maybe it's time I get that done for you to stay away! You are such a pain in the ass you walking tank of helium!" She sneered back at him.

"You low down ass whining bitch! You're the pain in the ass!" He snapped back.

Michael had woken up when he heard muffled voices from the living room. He sluggishly got up from the bed. He walked towards the living room, he recognized Amber and Chris's voice talking at once and he truly hoped the discussion hadn't resulted in physical blows.

He rushed into the living room to see his buddy and his wife locked in a fiery Lockdown.

"What on earth is going on here?" Michael cried out breaking the glare between the pair.

Chris spoke up first "this bitch you call a wife insulted me calling a no good life inbred and thinks I broke in to your house Mike she don't pay the damn bills! she's leeching off you!"

"Excuse me?! Sure I called you that but I won't deny it because your actions prove so!" She replied coolly.

"You little-" Chris was about to start before Michael jumped in. His mellow vice laced in irritation.

"Frankly I'm sick of you jumping down each others throats act like the adults you both are! Now Chris I'll talk to you later I need to talk to my wife" Michael concluded snapping at the pair of them.

The pair of enemies shared a guilty and ashamed expression staring into his Bambi like eyes.

Chris turned around picking up his things and left with a swift goodbye to his buddy ignoring Amber (nothing new).

Michael gave her a long piercing glare to which Amber looking away, not able to face his stare head on.

He kept glaring at her but she didn't look his way paying close attention to the wall.

Sighing softly Michael decided to ask her a question instead.

"Love why do you hate Chris?"

"The Nevada accident" she replied calmly.

"I hardly believe you love. You forgive Marlon in instant" he pointed out to her.

"Because I love him besides Marlon is family and I'll always forgive his dumb decisions" she replied shrugging her shoulders.

"But you can't forgive Chris as fast you forgive Marlon? Isn't that being slightly selfish love? We all make mistakes and Chris made one which he hasn't repeated" he retorted.

"Well Chris is a different case" she insisted but Michael wasn't having it today.

"Love I truly think you should give Chris a chance one of these days he's one of my closest friends and that doesn't stop me from being his friend when he does something stupid...for my sake give him a chance" Michael replied playing the puppy eyes expression on Amber.

"Alright I'll give him a chance just stop with that expression on your face!" She promised looking away from him.

"What look love?" He implied innocently.

"The kicked puppy expression you always do!" She protested weakly to her now smirking husband.

"That is a lie and you know it love" he cooed to his amusement when she huffed to his response.

Before she could speak any further Michael bent down to grab her by the waist and flung her over his shoulder. She wasn't giving any chance to quickly dodge him found herself on his shoulder.

"Michael put me down!" She hissed at him.

"I won't love till we get to the bedroom" he replied smirking at her and smacked her round bottom.

"Eek!" She squeaked from his touch.

Unbothered by the threats spilling from her mouth, Michael walked into the direction of their bedroom.

Dropping her on bed he didn't give her anytime to relate. He began to kiss her roughly as she wrapped her arms around pulling him closer.

They didn't come out of the room luckily Nevada was fast asleep to care what her parents were doing.

Chapter End Notes:

One day amber and Chris will get along..lol 

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