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Katherine alarmed at the sight of seeing eldest daughter in tears, she didn't give her any explanation. She stomped past her into the living room where she spent the rest of the evening trying to calm her down and hear what went down at Michael's.

Around half past nine in the evening, Latoya finally calmed down well enough to eat and have a early night in.

Emotionally exhausted Katherine went to her bedroom tostart her nightly routines lasting up to an hour. She felt calmer after a soothing bath. She changed into a nightgown and took her Bible from the table to read.

She pulled the covers aside and laid down, once the covers readjusted on her body she picked up the leather bound Bible and began to read a verse.

The sudden ringing from the bed startled her slightly from reading. She placed the leather bound Bible beside her and picked up the phone from its hook.

"Hello?" She asked politely.

"Mother it's me did Latoya come back to you?" Michael replied cautiously.

"Yes dear and she mentioned about her side of the story. Now I am not biased about it I would prefer to still hear everyone's side" She answered wisely

"Of course she would try and spin her a lie..typical so" he trailed explaining the whole side of his story to his mother.

Katherine sat listening quietly piecing together the pieces missing in Latoya's story. She noticed that most of things said by Layota didn't add up. She realised the story was made up in her benefit to get an alley on her side.

"Oh that girl! I thought her coming to you both would soothe your disagreements and perhaps rekindle your relationship...I'm so disappointed" Katherine replied sadly at the gist of everything Michael had just explained.

"I wish she hadn't turned out be selfish and money hungry...if she'd bothered to try she might have been able to create the bond back with us yet again but she isn't a Jackson to me or Marlon" he replied serious.

"I understand baby I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. I'll speak to you tomorrow I need to rest" she replied yawning tiredly.

"Of course mother if you need any assistance call me I will be there...good night" he replied.

"Yes I will good night baby" she replied as well.

They both went to their individual beds allowing sleep to plunge them into darkness.

The next day...

Katherine woke up bright and early dressing quickly and making sure breakfast was ready in time before everyone arrived from their rooms.

Breakfast passed by in a blur of faces and food. She waited till after breakfast, when the children rushed out to catch the school bus. Grace left to spend the day with Quincy.

Now Latoya and Katherine were the only two left in the house. They sat in the living room.

"Mother I sense you have something on your chest to say" Latoya said her eyes narrowed sharply at her.

"Yes we need to talk Latoya...Michael called and told his side of the story of what happened last night and frankly I am disappointed. You went behind my wishes and don't look away I saw that white envelope peeking out from your bag last night!" Katherine declared in disapproval.

"Mother fine I took money alright?! Is that what you want me to say?! I need money to live ! I am part of this family whether my brothers like it or not" she admitted unashamed of last night's actions.

"You let money rule above you Latoya that isn't the right way to live. Haven't I thought you and your siblings time and time again money is the rough of all evil!..you will leave this house and go back to LA with the money your brother gave you! This family isn't money hungry and I won't let you destroy it with your greed" Katherine answered in a chilling tone.

Latoya gasped in shock over her mother's banishment. She couldn't believe her own mother would banish her too! Of all the people she thought she could rely had brushed her aside.

She couldn't hold back the tears dripping down her face, ruining her mascara. She chose to grab her bag and suitcase from the guest room and leave for good. She wasn't needed then so be It.

She didn't even spare a glance at her mother who could only look on emotionless but inside she was breaking inside over the decision.

.: On the train back to Gary .:

Once Latoya sat on the train home with her suitcase by her side. She hadn't opened the envelope. She thought now she was sitting in a secluded area would be best to check. She shuffled though her bag to find it.

Once found the envelop she used a pen in her bag. She took the notes out of the envelope and began to count them she gasped at the amount she had calucated coming up to 1,000.

She couldn't believe the money came up to that total she thought he'd only give her 100 dollars but 1,000??.

He still cared Latoya thought guilty in her mind. She shoved the money back into the envelope and sat back in her seat for rest of the journey lost on her thoughts..

Chapter End Notes:

Welp even mother Katherine rejected her. –.


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