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The next day....

Marlon sat drinking a beer as he watched his brother pace back and forth holding his hand to his chin.

"Bro chill and stop that damn pacing your making me feel dizzy over here" Marlon complained.

Michael paused his pacing to snort at his brother and continued to pace.

"If you don't stop pacing I will stop you bro" Marlon threatened.

"Alright Marlon not in the mood for you" he grumbled in response.

"By the way little bro where's Amber and my little cutie?" Marlon pondered outloud.

"The girls are at Andy's at the moment she did say she'd be back some in the mid evening which means I'm stuck with you" Michael explained ending with an eye roll.

"Oh hush bro you love me and you can't deny it behind that cold front you put up for me I practically raised you" he replied smirking.

Michael snorted and rolled his eyes once more. The brothers continued to chat along waiting for the girls to return.


Around five thirty in the afternoon Amber, walked out of her father's home waiting for the older man to bring out her daughter, she was amused by his attempts to try and make them stay longer.

"Come on dad hurry up! I and Nevada don't have all day" Amber responded.

"Alright sweetheart I'm coming" he huffed in response holding his granddaughter.

"I'm here" he replied smiling at his daughter who could roll her eyes.

"Now hand me my baby please" she asked teasingly.

"I would but--! Ow! Precious you shouldn't claw people" he calmly stated gently pulling the eager eight month old sharp little hands from his cheek.

He handed his favourite little granddaughter over to his first baby and watched her cuddle her sweetly.

"Now Amber please for my heart don't get pregnant oh I don't know for another several years" he spoke up in a pleasant tone.

"You sound just like junior dad" she mumbled to his amusement.

"He is my son love and your brother" he replied grinning cheekily, his smile adding a younger shine to his age.

"Whatever dad well I'm off to see mother Katherine now so many places I'm jealous of my little chubby cheeks she has all these admirers" Amber replied as she kissed her restless princess who only blew a bubble at her in response.

"Well aren't you a busy bee well go off you don't want to be with me all day" he answered cheerfully.

Amber scoffed as she said farewell holding Nevada's chubby hand giving her own wave too.

Andy watched his little girls (they will always be girls in his heart) get into the car and drive off to their next destination. Once the car was far away he went back inside and closed the door.

Amber and Nevada stepped out of the car an hour later to Katherine's home where she and her mother lived together with Michael's siblings.

She knocked the door twice, she heard the approaching footsteps and to her surprise Randy opened the door. The young boy had grown inch or so over the last eight months. He was now more than two feet taller than Amber.

"Amber! How are you?" He greeted to his sister.

"Randy is that Amber? Let her in" Janet yelled from the stairs to annoyance of Randy.

Amber chuckled at his annoyed expression and he turned around allowing her entry. They walked to the living room where Grace sat engrossed watching a movie.

"Mama! Guess who came to visit" Amber announced happily as Nevada squealed in her arms.

Grace pulled her gaze away from the TV to see her babies in front of her. She immediately stood up and gently took Nevada out of her mother's arms. She laid her in her arms as she tickled her tummy, the excited baby kicked her plump feet in the air.

"No love for me mama? I thought I was your first baby" Amber asked pouting sadly.

Grace rolled her eyes at her only daughter and gave her a kiss on the cheek as her response. They chose to sit on the coach as little Nevada stood in between them clinging to the sofa as she grinned toothless at the woman in front of her.

"Baby so when will I get another grandchild? Maybe a boy who looks just like you! Nevada is already her father's splitting image" Grace inquired smirking at now her blushing daughter.

"Mama! At the moment we are fine with just us..we haven't discovered having another baby since he's so busy with his career" Amber replied flustered.

Grace loved embarrassing her only daughter but she wondered apart from looking after her grandchild and staying at home what else would she be doing?

"Baby I have to ask what about your career you've always wanted to do something in the art industry what will you do?" She asked her daughter.

Amber's eyebrows ferried together lost in thought.

The thought of going back to education or going back to work always drifted back and forth in her mind..

"I don't exactly know when I will mother I thought maybe Nevada is a year old and more I'll decide" she replied not giving a definite answer.

The woman continued to chat until the voices from the corridor paused their conversation.
Latoya walked into the room first holding two bags between her. Her look of annoyance changed to indifference when she saw the trio relaxing.

"The news didn't lie my baby brother did impregnate a girl" she drawled.

"For your information I have known Michael for several years before I was his girlfriend now wife and yes we created our little girl your niece in this marriage" she replied coolly from her place on the coach.

Katherine walked in a few seconds later bumping into her daughter. She moved aside for her and followed her, obediently without breaking eyeing Amber at the corner of her eye.

"Must be fun living with her mother" Amber said sarcastic facing her mother.

Grace sighed and smiled proudly at her daughter "I'm so proud of you baby you didn't snap back like you usually would do in your short temper you didn't let it effect you...living with her is a chore but I can't say anything since she's your sister in law"

"The anger management classes worked...I don't think I'd be able to live with her for too long and not loose my temper "she replied smirking.

Latoya walked back into the room minutes later to see Grace had left with Nevada to spend time with the older kids.

The unrelated in-laws locked gazes until Amber chose to break the icy silence.

"Look Latoya you need to sort this feud you have with my husband and Marlon this bad blood will continue to grow if nothing is done besides if you and them can't get along at least apologize for your actions which mother must have given you one of her talks" Amber said keeping quiet waiting for the female Jackson to absorb her statement.

Latoya let the words from Amber's mouth stew in her mind momentarily as she went back and forth over her actions.

Sighing softly the young female Jackson looked at Amber as she admitted "I've spent the night before thinking over it and I'm..sorry for my actions"

"You shouldn't be saying this apology to me but your brothers which means you're coming over today with me I'll just collect my baby from my mother's clutches" Amber replied as she stood up leaving a jaw slacked Latoya in her wake.

A few minutes later she walked out with little Nevada tucked in her arms fast asleep. Amber grabbed the bag and put it on her shoulder while holding one arm to balance her baby.

"Let's go" she called out quietly not wanting to wake up the sleeping princess.

Latoya chose to go either to way get the burning guilt resting on her shoulders to hopefully rekindle her new and past mistakes with her siblings.

Chapter End Notes:

A little short lol.


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