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"I'm done with her selfish attitude suga she's done this too many damn times you better calm down little bro before he hurts himself" Marlon said over the phone hearing the conversation.

"Your right and don't let that to get your head Marlon but I'll see you tomorrow" Amber replied sighing softly.

Marlon chuckled lightly and put the phone down to run his hands though his hair as he sat down taking a deep breath to calm his nerves.

Amber stood up with Nevada who had tired herself out from playing to put her down for a nap before she went to confront her husband.

She walked into the living room to see Michael's back facing the wall, his fist clenched tightly.

"Michael?" She called out softly.

"Yes love?" He replied huskily in response.

"Turn around" she prompted gently.

Michael turns around fully, his expression pinched in anger. Amber sensed he was still furious about his sisters sudden appearance.

She approached him slowly until she stood in front of him clasping his large hands in hers tightly.

She stared into his eyes intensely "look Michael..Latoya is your sister whether you like it or not that can't be stopped but it doesn't mean you have to let her put you in a bad mood you'll have to talk to her eventually another day"

"Excuse me? Why would I talk to her after what she's done to me and asked from me? Did you hear the argument between us??" He replied outrage present in his voice.

"I heard the shouting so did Marlon on the phone he wasn't pleased about hearing Latoya was back" she replied calmly counting to ten in her mind before she lost her temper.

"At the moment all I hear is Marlon and I don't care if he isn't happy he isn't one who was slapped by her!" He snapped tearing his hands out of her hold.

"Are you really getting angry with me because I mentioned your brother Michael?! He isn't happy about it either! I care about the both of you" she sneered at him.

"Right now I don't need your opinion..I need to be alone" he replied glaring down at her and walked away from her stomping away to their room.

Amber immediately followed after him and to her surprise he had actually locked the door!

Did Michael lock me out of our room?! She thought angrily to herself.

Instead of fighting the urge to kick the damn door down Amber breathed in deeply as she let go of the door handle and went to check on their daughter instead giving Michael his space.

Michael came out of the room an hour later feeling emotionally drained to see Amber holding their daughter tightly in her arms as the nearly year one old giggled loudly at her mother.

Amber sensed his presence turning around to face her husband with a guarded look.

"Love I'm sorry for talking to you in such a way... I didn't mean to push my pent up anger on you from seeing Latoya after such a long time" he apologized sadly.

Amber sighed before she answered "I understand but you have to remember your not the only one in shock from the return of your sister besides what if she came back to rekindle and her wanting a cut was just a cry for help?"

"Love that wasn't a cry for help she's a selfish person and I don't want her around our little angel unless she changes her attitude" he replied irritated.

She didn't want to stir up another argument wisely chose, to change the subject handing Nevada over to her daddy.

The littlest Jackson latched onto his curly locks and began to pull painfully to his dismay. Gently he cupped her small hand away from his head. He quickly distracted her by blowing a raspberry on her hand, luckily grabbing her attention.

Michael spent the rest of the day with his small knitted family almost forgetting about his sister..almost.

Chapter End Notes:

A update..a little short lol


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