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Now in the privacy of their own home Michael chose to confront his older sister while Amber unstrapped Nevada from the buggy sensing her fussiness.

She carried her out of the living room to the bedroom, she sat on the bed spreading her legs watching Nevada slap her legs in fascination.

She quickly picked up the phone and called Marlon to inform him what was going on.

Luckily Marlon was on his break when he heard the office phone ring. He stood up wiping his mouth with a cloth and answered the call.


"Marlon something has happened and I don't know if you'll like it" she mentioned nervously.

"Your pregnant again?" He guessed on the bat.

"No! It's a woman" she replied rolling her eyes at such a suggestion.

"Look suga if your trying to match make Michaela won't be too happy" he replied cheekily.

Amber could feel him smirking on the other end rolled her eyes.

"No I believe she's fair skinned has big eyes like Michael and likes fashion?" She replied wndeirng if he'd get it.

"Big eyes...big eyes" he grumbled to himself thinking of who fit the description until it dawned on him that it was his sister.

"Latoya! Fucking hell what is she doing here?!" He asked in a furious tone.

"From what I hear in the living room it's not sounding good" Amber replied concerned hearing the shouting match from the living room.

"Michael and I have never gotten along with Latoya she always pushed our dreams down for her own shitty needs and forget about us. She must be back to try and get some cut for being Michael's family" he explained in irritated voice remembering his self absorbed sister.

"Is it possible for you to come over?" She asked him.

"I would love to suga but I can't leave the staff or Michaela on their own but I can come over tomorrow to see it...a family union just what I didn't need" he replied darkly.

"Can you still talk for a while?

"You're in luck suga my break doesn't end for another forty minutes but from what I hear it might turn physical"

Amber continued to chat with Marlon on the phone and keep an eye on her playful baby crawling all over the bed.

Meanwhile as Amber stayed in the room Michael faced his older sister he hadn't seen in almost two years.

"What do you want Latoya after almost two years? Why?!" He demanded bluntly wanting answers.

"I've missed my baby siblings and mother" she sniffed faking sadness.

"You had all the chances to come find us all this time..was your boyfriend not able to give you the money to pay for a ticket?" He sneered.

"Don't you dare mention Bobby Michael! For your information we broke up awhile back!" She replied.

"So? You still had chances to come find us but no you chose to run away with him and look where it's left you poor unfortunate Latoya" he replied sarcastic rolling his eyes at her.

Latoya itched to slap the authority back into her baby brother but that wouldn't help her cause for travelling all the way here to speak to him.

"I want my cut" she snapped at him.

"A cut for your self indulgent and expensive tastes? No we don't do that here" Michael answered smirking.

"I want my flipping cut! I am part of this family" she yelled at him.

"You aren't getting a dime from me or Marlon don't you are try to get guilt trap mother into giving you money either how have you survived all this while? Prostituting?" He shouted back at her.

That was the last straw and Michael didn't see the flying fist collide with his cheek. Michael's hand flew to his cheek feeling the slight pain from the blow to his cheek.

"You hit me!? Get out Latoya before I change my morals about hitting a woman!" He yelled at her, his eyes ablaze in fiery towards his older sister.

Latoya blinked out of her rage to see Michael glaring. Anger in his eyes and his tight stance clearing showed holding himself back from hitting her in return.

She picked up her own suitcase quickly walking away before he could erupt like a volcano.

She was guided by a pale skinned maid to the main entrance where she stood outside the gate thinking shamefully of her actions.

In all her years of living she had never hit any of her siblings. Michael and Latoya were not close, their mother always stopped their bickering from becaming violent. Now look where it lead her without mother's interference.

She wondered if she had any money left in her account to book a hotel room for the night.

Katherine sat in the expensive car with Grace by her side. The pair of mothers decided to visit their children and grandchild to catch up.

Katherine looked out of the window to see another child of hers she never expected to see again.

"Katherine what's wrong? You look you've seen a ghost?" Grace pipped in worriedly seeing her chocolate skin become ashy.

"No i haven't Grace it's my daughter! Driver please stop the car in front of that young girl!" She said answering her before telling the driver her instructions.

The driver followed her instructions and drove slowly in front of a wary Latoya seeing a black tinted car in front of her.

Katherine quickly got out of the car and Latoya gasped seeing her mother in front of her.

"Mother?!" She gasped one hand flying to her mouth.

"Baby I am so glad to see you but let's drive to my place so we can discuss why you're here out of the blue put your suitcase in the boot" she replied smiling warmly at her daughter.

Latoya obeyed her mother and put her luggage into the boot. She chose to sit with the driver in front.

The drive to the house was quiet but when they got home, Latoya explained everything including why she was here and her discussion with Michael to her annoyed mother.

"Latoya Yvonne Jackson! I know I raised you better to not let arguments between you and your brother escalate to violence! You know better! You shouldn't have hit him in first place" she lectured.

"Mother! Your always defending Michael how about me!? He called me a prostitute! A heifer off the streets!" She replied raising her voice.

"I heard child but you shouldn't have punched him. You are both in the wrong for your actions. Why would you go to your brother for a cut? How dare you Latoya! He has worked his butt off to become what he is today! you think returning to try and get a smudge of his earned money for yourself is selfish! Where did I go wrong?" She scolded her daughter as she looked away in shame from her wrath.

"You and I will return later tomorrow because I know he's going to need all night to calm down tomorrow you will apologize to him for punching him AND never ask for a cut again" she said calmly.

"Mother but--"

"Is that clear Latoya!" She cut in icily.

"Yes mother" she replied grinding her teeth.

"Now let's eat some snacks I prepared this morning" she said in a chipper voice changing the topic.

Latoya could only nod in slight fear of her usually cool and collected mother's change of attitude.

Chapter End Notes:

Welp..this didn't end well ..I know it's been a while but work has been piling up and haven't had time to update! I'll update soon..


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