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Six months have passed for everyone. For starters Michael released his anticipated album to the world gaining fans across the globe and becoming even more famous.

Between the album release the news spread about his hidden family to the world. A bodyguard had unfortunately leaked this information to the press and was fired the next day when Michael found out.

The fans felt betrayed by his lie stopped vouching for him, his career became standstill. Overall Amber was glad she could finally walk out in the open with their child and be outside without any fear.

She was his rock when Michael faced the bosses of CEO. They were not pleased by the drop of numbers in sales.

It was stressful time period for Michael trying to fight off being depressed having his career lay on thin ice but at the same time he didn't care if he lost the contract.

Taking his mind off his career, he spent time with his little family enjoying their together out in the open.

The public began to see slowly lose their grudge for him when they saw how much he cared and loved his little family.

Eventually his fans returned in ten fold when one fan came up to him one day, telling Amber and Michael how much they admired them for sticking together though the negativity slammed down on them by the media.

They were humble enough to give the man a light hug thanking him for the support.
This act kind of kindness lead to the return of his fans and a demand for his album to be released as soon as possible.

Once Epic noticed what was going agreed to let the past go and fully get the ball rolling.

Michael also agreed and things moved forward.

Early in the month of November 1979 his album was released. Obviously the public went into a frenzy to buy his album in the shops.

It was a Beatles melt down revived all over again from people shoving and kicking in lines to buy the album.

Major music publications hailed his album a phenomenon of elegance and style of combining different genres of music which they hadn't heard before. They didn't forget either to give him props for his writing abilties. They couldn't wait to hear what he could bring to the world next.

The rest of the family were equally proud and happy for Michael who'd accomplished his childhood dream of becoming a musician.

Marlon stayed clear from alcohol only occasionally taking a beer or vodka when he needed it.

He enjoyed the income from his brothers fame as more people and more people came to the music shop to try and buy an instrument or buy copy of his vinyl.

Junior found himself a girlfriend (to the delight of Amber who teased so often about it).

Michael asked his mother if she wanted to take care of the growing fan base. She happily agreed to the task with Grace creating a business between themselves to keep busy.

Unfortunately outside of their bubble of happiness, The Jackson family had forgotten their lost sister from Gary...Latoya Jackson.

Since Latoya had returned home a year to her shock to find out her family home was sold and on the market after a recent break up with Bobby.

She ended up staying at a friends place until she was able to get back on her feet. But she hadn't forgotten her family.

She followed their lives though the media and viewed, how much they were prospering in L.A, she certainly earned a cut as well.

To be frank She never expected her little brother to become the star, he wanted to be when he was a young boy. At the time she felt he had been talking too big for his little body but he had achieved it all.

Still she wanted her cut either way and she was going to get it. For months now she had been saving the little income she made from her job working at the local supermarket saving to buy herself a ticket.

After a long and straining last few months she'd finally saved enough for a ticket and booked her flight two days from now.

She switched off the TV to snap her negative words running freely in her mind. She stood and went to her room start to packing for flight to L.A.

:. Two days Later :.

Michael sat on the floor with his legs spread apart watching his eight month old Nevada, sat on the floor playing with her building blocks.

One minute pilling the boxes on top of each other and a spilt second later, she swung her chubby hand to her delight the blocks tumbled down.

Michael cooed at his little princess she was turning out day by day to be an intelligent and just equally as adorable.

Nevada's doe like eyes identical to her daddy's looked up and gave him a large toothless grin. She opened her gumless mouth and began to ramble words as if she was holding a conversation with her daddy.

Michael indulged her by nodding his head occassionaly as she prattled on. Michael felt the flash of the camera near the corner of his eye. Amber stood holding a camera in her hand clearly amused by the picture she saw in front of her.

"Love not again" he sighed.

Over time Amber was fed up of drawing and having nothing better moaned to her husband about her boredom.

Michael bought her an expensive camera and film to hopefully spark her interest in another hobby. At first she was a little put off but she slowly began taking pictures of things around the house until she felt confident to take more of her small family finding moments snap worthy.

"It's because you're both so adorable" she replied smirking evilly.

Nevada didn't like that her daddy's attention wasn't focused on her, she grabbed a white building box and flung it at Michael's nose.

"Ow!" He shrieked at the sudden blow to the nose.

"Nevada do not do that!" He scolded his little girl who could only clap her chubby hands in relation.

"That picture will be great for the family photo" Amber crooned happily.

Michael could only groan and focus back on his little girl who looked ready once more to throw another block at him.

"I'll leave you both to it I'll go make us some lunch then we can go for a walk" Amber laughed as she walked out of the room.

Lunch passed with Nevada happily throwing her food around as her mummy feed her bananas. A lesson learnt for Amber always wore an old top of Michael's when feeding her baby knowing that to feed her would be a messy affair.

The wary parents always worried about Nevada's health read all the information they could about lactose intolerant and used that to change her diet and made sure to add anything from the books they read were harmful to her.

They mutually agreed it was good to start her on small foods until they found out which ones she wasn't used to for the future and it wouldn't hurt in the long run.

Feeling fresh in a new set of clothing Amber strapped Nevada tightly into her buggy, the young couple walked out of the house surrounded by black suited bodyguards.

They left the home strolling down the street stopping here and to talk to a few fans. Some jealous girls and some over eager fans were the agenda but she brushed her disgust aside.

They continued to walk around till suddenly someone stood blocking their way.

"Excuse ma'am but you are not authorised to talk to Mr. Jackson without his permission" a baritone voice said in a collected voice.

"I am his sister don't you understand I need to speak to him. If you could just allow me though---"

"We cannot do that" the same bodyguard cut in.

Amber and Michael looked at each momentarily before it clicked in his mind who was talking.

It was Latoya Jackson...

"Let her though!" Michael jumped in disturbing the conversation.

The bodyguards obeyed and spilt apart to reveal Latoya Jackson in all her beauty.

Her curly hair fell a little below her shoulders chubby face. She wore a black and white outfit consisting of black trousers matched with a white baggy cotton top with black heels on her feet.

Amber stood watching the pair glare each down and suspected that another sibling of Michael didn't get along by the hostel glares they were giving each other.

She hadn't been formerly introduced to most of his extended family but she could sense an argument could break out between the two.

She didn't want the media to find out and cook up a stupid story as well seeing people around stare without any shame.

"Let's go home we can discuss in privacy" Amber declared quietly.

The reunited siblings broke their staring match, Latoya chose to walk beside Amber with her small suitcase. The group strolled quickly back home.

Amber had a bad feeling this wouldn't end so positively.

Chapter End Notes:

As promised a time skip and another family member returns 😱. Comments are loved..enjoy!

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