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Instead of returning home they decided to visit their close knit family to get space and time away.

The car stopped first at Andy's home.

Before she opened the door Michael's lips brushed against Amber's lips.
He smiled weakly at the both of them and she gave him the same smile.

Coming out of car holding Nevada in her arms and her bag slug on her shoulder.

She watched the car drive off instantly the smile on her lips, dropped as tears begun to form around her eyes.

She turned around with Nevada's head carefully held in her arms, she walked into the neighborhood to find Andy's doorstep.

She found the number seeing the cherry coloured door and neatly cut front porch.

She walked up to the door and knocked three times, she stood patiently waiting.

Inside the home Junior paused his TV show surprised to hear the knock on the door.

It was just himself and his father in the house while his mother was out and about shopping.

Better not be those damn kid Scouts again. He thought annoyed to himself.

Standing up from his seat he went to the door and to his astonishment revealed Amber standing there but he quickly got over the feeling.

"Sis? What's wrong come in" he greeted, pulling her into the home.

She noticed the homely and comfortable aura around the home seeing the family portraits and trophies lined up on a long oak table sitting by the wall.

Guiding his sister to the living room and fleeing the room momentarily up the stairs to find his father.

"Dad! Where are you?!" He yelled up the stairs in panic.

Andy heard the shouts of panic from his son, rose from his place on the bed. He left the room meeting junior half way.

Junior stopped in time and immediately went into rant " Amber's here in the living room..I'm sensing depression and sadness I didn't think I can make the situation better with my big mouth...she needs you pops"

Luckily Andy was used to his speedy ramblings heard everything that he said.

Patting his shoulder and smiling sympathetic at his son before going downstairs.

Andy saw her sitting on the coach rocking his little grandchild back and forth. He sensed she was holding it together solely for the little girl in her arms.

Thankfully Junior followed him after him and bent down to look into Amber's eyes.

"sis how about I take my adorable little niece to my room where my old crib is set up? I promise no harm will come near her while you and pops talk" he asked in a soothing tone noticing her unwillingness to let go of the little girl.

Her shoulders shagged in defeat and Junior gently took the little princess out of her hands. Standing to his full height with little girl laying on his chest gently.

Leaving the room Junior babbled to his little niece about when she was a little older he'd get her a pair of snazzy sunglasses and they'd go on awesome adventures together.

Amber hearing that chuckled dryly as Andy noticed the unshed tears brewing from her eyes.

Once junior left with his grandchild Andy sat next to his daughter, squeezing her to his side.

Now all he could was wait until she was ready to call him dad or daddy which would only warm his heart.

"Sweetheart what's wrong? Seems something has happened" he probed gently.

"So much has happened all in one day...my baby was hospitalized thanks to my idiotic brother in law and Michael's so called friend! I told him not to allow him stay over and now...just when Michael and I rekindled over our issues this strange skin condition he didn't know he was developing sprung on us and this time I don't know how to comfort him...I'm just tired of it all everything is going to hell!" Amber pushed his hand away standing up as she ranted furious at the whole situation.

She felt her heart bang heavily in her chest and her hands clammed in sweat. She tried to rub her eyes but the tears flowed endlessly.

Crumbling to the ground in despair, Amber shed bitter tears. Andy hated seeing his usually aloof daughter break down before his eyes. He stood up from his seat approaching her caustically.

He sat next to her on the floor and pulled her into his arms feeling her tears stain his shirt as she clung to him.

Andy swayed her back and forth in his embrace momentarily. The sounds of Amber's sniffing filling the room.

"This is just a rainy day in your marriage Sweetheart..not everything will be rainbows and butterflies. This trail your facing will only help you both grow as a couple and you don't have to go far to to comfort Michael all you can do is be there for him! Speak to him this is the time you both need each other" he replied in a unfaltering tone

"Oh by the way remind me to kill those idiots when I see them next or better yet get Cherri to kill them" he added jokingly.

Giggling slightly from his joke she slowly pulled away from his embrace. He grabbed the box of tissues from the table, she dappwd the tissue around her eyes as she gave him a watery smile.

Till Junior reappeared with a wailing Nevada in his arms.

"She needs milk" he stated scared for his life.

Amber opened her arms as he bent down gently handing her over to her.

Father and son left the room to give her privacy.

Cherri came home early to see Amber sitting on the coach with Nevada. She couldn't hold back the girlish squeal, rushing forward to see the little one. This being the first time she had the chance to see her.

She commented that she looked more like her mother but Amber laughed and thanked her for the compliment.

Cherri stood up mentioning she needed to prepare dinner declining Amber's help saying she was a guest.

The day dwelled on the heavy load on Amber's shoulders lifted slightly feeling she belonged in their close knit family.


Michael headed straight to his mother's home to finally receive the answers to the questions, pondering on his mind since the appointment.

When Katherine opened the door she sensed something had happened from his downcast expression.

She pulled him into the house thankfully noticing that Grace wasn't home and the kids were busy napping at the moment giving them plenty of time to chat in privacy.

She sat across from Michael offering him a snack and tea but to her dismay he wasn't up for food.

"Baby what's wrong?" She inquired worried.

He ran one hand though his curls before he started.

"Mother Nevada has an allergic reaction to lactose intolerant thanks to my brother and friend for their combined effects of stupidity..to ruin the day even more I found out I have skin condition...it's just not my day I don't even know how I can get though this with Amber and our little girl I don't want to lash out at them" he said sadly.

Katherine's shaking hands flew to her mouth in regards to hearing the skin condition appear in her baby. Out of all of her 9 children the skin disease revealed itself in Michael and who knows if appears in Nevada or any other grandchildren in the future!?

Grasping Michael's hand tightly Katherine confessed, the condition was from Joseph's side of family but she didn't believe it would pass down to him.

"Great something I inherited from him..he must be laughing in his grave" he spat cruelly.


"It's true mother!"

"It does not matter you do not speak about the deas. Don't let this condition ruin you!.. I want you to continue your music and keep pushing forward and be able to create joy for your fans. Your family will be fine every marriage goes though their tribulations so please baby don't push Amber way when you guys have just patched things up" Katherine replied wisely.

Michael nodded in agreement and Katherine patted his hand softly before standing up to get him some snacks completely ignoring his protest.

Michael ended up spending the rest of the day with his mother and mother-in-law including his siblings joking and chatting together.

He felt lighthearted from the change of pace and felt he could talk to his wife from the strong advice given to him by his wise mothers.

The evening arrived for the couple realising it was time to return home. The car drove up to where Amber stood with Nevada a few feet away from Andy's home. Opening the door she stepped in and sat next to her husband.

She was relived to see that he wasn't depressed but seemed sound in mind and body at the moment. She couldn't help but lay a deep kiss on his lips.

He pulled away quickly from her lips to gaze down to see their little girl sleeping soundly.

"How you feeling Michael?" She asked as the car drove on.

"I'm feeling abit better I received good advice from my mother and the kids" he replied.

"That's good news don't ever forget I and our baby will always be here for you so please don't be depressed" she said.

"I know you will it's just going to take time to get used to it...I found out as well from mother that this skin disease was from Joseph's side but Epic won't be happy when they hear this" he pondered outloud.

"Nothing can stop you now boo you are stronger than this condition so don't let anything stop you. Don't worry about those idiots achieve your dream and forget them if they bug you they will answer to me" she replied determined.

"What will you do? Bite them love?" He teased playfully smirking.

"You are lucky I'm holding Nevada" she mumbled to herself.

The pair continued to banter lightly until they arrived home. They remembered Chris was still around and decided tomorrow they would kick him out.

Amber couldn't wait to see that overgrown fool get kicked out. He deserved it for his stupidity for harming their little angel.

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