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The interview done and out of his hair Michael could relax now that the magazine company was pleased.

Currently in the car on their way to the hospital for his checkup. Michael couldn't help but rub his wide spread nose feeling self conscious about his looks.

Amber smacked his hard away from his nose and pulled his hand to sit on her lap instead.

"Leave your nose alone Michael it's fine just way the way it is! what exactly happened in the interview I wasn't close by to hear the conversation but I did feel your gaze piece though me every now and then" she mentioned smiling sweetly at him.

Michael chuckled amused and replied "well some of the questions were abit over the top but I did mention you were my girlfriend and the lady mentioned I had broken all my fans hearts but I responded that how could I? As my fans they should cherish you and be happy that I have a certain woman in my life"

Amber snorted at his words and poked his cheek "you've always been a smooth talker oh husband of mine"

"Only to you" he crooned lovingly enjoying the way (as always) when Amber turned away bashful from his sincere words.

They continued to bicker and joke about until the car stopped signalling their arrival.

Before they got out of the car Michael bought out a spare pair of RayBans, he kept hidden in his pocket.

He had on him handing them over to Amber to wear. He didn't want any drama knowing a swarm of paparazzii will be at the hospital.

The door slowly opened and Michael held her hand as they came out of the car.

They both ignored the buzz of questions and moved forward to the hospital entrance as the bodyguards surrounded them. Michael pulled her to his side tightly as they speed walked to the entrance.

The doors closed behind the paparazzi luckily knowing they weren't allowed in the hospital.

The white walls and silent chatter of conversations blurred around them as they made their way to the front desk where a blushing brunette informed them they had to go though set of doors on their right to get to the Dermatology Ward.

Just as they were walking past the entrance of the children ward. Amber peered into one of the children's rooms to see a small girl resembling her baby and the two knuckleheads idiots sitting by her bedside.

Before Michael walked away from the window, she pulled him back and showed him what she saw.

Michael's eyes drank what he saw in horror at seeing his little girl flushed from her cheeks to the tips of her delicate feet covered in a blanket.

Once he saw who sat by her side, his nose flared and he swallowed deeply. Opening the door ward he walked into the ward, immediately heading to his brother and friend.

As he made his way towards the pair, Amber followed behind him.

The duo sensed a figure approaching them. Looking up they didn't expect to see none other Michael appear in front of them like a zombie from hell.

His ebony eyes burning furiously in fatherly devotion.

Fear pounded in the hearts of Marlon and Chris feeling the angry emotions radiating from the couple.

Marlon and Chris gazed at the hulking form of Michael walking nearer and nearer until he stood in front of them.

You both havebave five seconds to tell Amber and I why our baby girl is in the hospital before I kill you!" He sneered nastily.

"We are waiting" Amber chipped in helpfully.

Marlon being the braver of the two stepped up and told the whole story from start to finish.

In the nick of time a doctor walked into the room before Michael could either strangle or yell at the sheer stupidity of his brother and friend.

The doctor strolled into the room in a white coat, his snow coloured hair pulled back in a ponytail.

His sea coloured eyes noted the number of people in the room doubled. He asked politely who they were.

"I and Michael are the parents of the little girl" she responded.

"Good afternoon I am doctor Ivan Mr and Mrs Jackson your little one was bought in by her uncles two hours ago but have no fear she's fine, we found out she's lactose intolerant"

"But breastmilk contains lactose how is she not allergic to my milk?" Amber asked bluntly.

Michael sighed quietly at her question. The doctor wasn't bothered He wouldn't in this profession, if he hadn't heard variations of the question over the years.

"No your a rare case Mrs your little girl isn't allergic to your milk luckily for you this is a lesson learnt to the two men" he replied coolly eyeing the two of them in disapproval.

They looked away ashamed as Doctor Ivan explained more about lactose to the listening parents. Before he departed he gave them prescription meds.

After bidding farewell to the doctor and leaving the room.
Amber rushed to her baby's side and gently picking her up held her close to her chest. She felt beyond glad and relived that Nevada wasn't in critical danger.

But that wouldn't stop neither of the still angry parents ripping, into the pair of idiots they thought they could trust.

"Love I still have to go to my appointment can you still come with me?" Michael asked sounding calmer ignoring the sad and depressed faces of Chris and Marlon.

"I want to but who's going to look after Nevada?" She responded.

"She can come with us?" He suggested.

"Sure and we can head home afterwards" she replied.

She slowly got off the bed holding Nevada in her arms who only yawned and cuddled back into the familiar warmth.

Amber faced Marlon and Chris giving them both equally frosty glares "when we get home the both of you are in trouble. The whole family will know what you both did including Michaela and Danni"

Their faces grew pale at the thought of their girlfriends hearing about what they did wasn't going to end well.

They left with Nevada for Michael's appointment while the two went home guilty and depressed.

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