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Michael arrived to the company with his held high and an air of confidence surrounding him as he passed coworkers making his way to Frank's office.

Arriving at the office he faced the solemn faces of Frank and the Ceo's. A bodyguard closed the door and the meeting begun.

Once Michael sat down the meeting started.

Frank spoke in a ridged voice laced heavily in vexation "Michael do you know what you've done? You clearly went against our demands that you shouldn't take your wife out in public..do you know how much effort and money it has taken to get the newspapersquiet?! No you wouldn't know instead they've demanded a interview instead of publishing the story"

Michael wasn't fazed about the whole ordeal. He loved spending time with his wife and he clearly wasn't going to be stopped because of the disapproval stares he received from the board members.

"A day wasn't set when I could take my wife out of the house when this was discussed months ago Frank besides she isn't doing any harm" he pointed out in a clipped tone.

A brief silence fell in the room, the board members realising that he was right but Frank didn't want to give up either way.

"We all did this for your safety Michael" he reminded him sternly.

"Also nothing was discussed on how long the hiding of my family would take and I do not mind doing an interview because I will tell my side of the story and the truth will be bought out in the open"

"You will not mention your family to the public Michael we will not waste any more money" said a olive skinned middle aged fellow sitting two seats from Frank.

Michael fixed his gaze on the older man "I won't be stopped from mentioning my family on TV either way it's your fault for not planning further on in the future"

"Look Michael this discussion isn't getting anywhere..let's have a deal you don't mention her or your little girl and we won't cut you off your contract with us" Frank replied in a smooth tone but underneath the tone a threat was evident.

"You can cut me off hell you can kick us out of our home my family matters more" he replied icily, as his eyes swept at each individual in the room.

He didn't say another word but chose instead stood up from his seat leaving, the astounded board members and shouting Frank demanding he return.


Chris Tucker was in town with his girl looking for a place to rent. After spending the whole morning trying to ask for directions and only receiving dirty looks.

The brother was fed up and just wanted to give up but he remembered Danni asked him to buy new strings for her guitar. He didn't expect to pop into the nearest music store to see Marlon of all people.

"Marlon brother is that you?!" He yelled in surprise.

Marlon was stacking more records on the shelfs on a ladder. Pausing from his task to hear that similar voice he hasn't heard in over a year.

"Chris? What the hell are you doing here?" He said as he dropped the record on the floor and quickly went down the ladder.

"Brother you should be answering my question! I'm here to look for a home for me and my girl what are you doing? Thought you and Michael were still back in Gary...!" He rambled in a fast flow.

"Fool it's a long story ..shit too long to tell ya here" Marlon replied shaking his head.

"Who you calling fool I can still whoop your ass!" He answered jokely.

Marlon smirked and told him to get out of his store but Chris mentioned he was here to buy guitar strings.

After paying for the strings Marlon told Chris his address to his place, where he'd explain everything.

Marlon choosing to close the shop around five and made sure everything was in place.

He went home in the purple van and found Chris waiting at the entrance of the door.

The two of them strolled into his flat and rekindled over chilled beers where as Marlon spinned an elaborate tale of what went down in Gary up-to this point.

"Shit didn't expect all of this information brother damn!" He exclaimed after taking a swing from his beer.

"Yep alot has happened and I bet you can't wait to see the two lovebirds eh?" Marlon replied smirking at him.

"Hell yes I'll be glad to see them. Can't believe they actually went and had a kid! Who'd thought my words would come true brother I should get a damn check for my predication I'm physic" he replied smirking.

"Physic is a word used likely for you Chris" Marlon implying he was a little airheaded.

Chris's round eyes narrowed at the grinning Marlon.

Marlon finished his beer and looked up at the clock to see it was after six in the evening.

"If you still want to catch Michael at the company now is the best time" he replied.

"Well was nice seeing you brother even if I still want to whoop you for being an ass" he replied as he downed his last drop of beer and stood up.

"Smart-ass" Marlon corrected cheekily.

"Man whatever" Chris exclaimed hotly.

Marlon gave him the address to the studio and walked him to the door whereas he couldn't wait to hear about Amber's reaction when she saw someone very special.

He wished he was there to see it in person but he could be only dream.

Chris followed the address after a few turns in the cab, finally found the building and walked in.

Just as Chris finally found where Michael was held (after a few threats of kicking some ass) his best friend stomped out of the room flying past him.

Chris didn't recognize his buddy without the Afro for a moment as he passed. Trying his luck he shouted freely "Mike!"

Michael spun around all the anger he felt disappear, once he saw who was standing in front of him.

"Chris-s?" He stuttered seeing his tall friend he hadn't seen in over a year.

"What did I tell you! You went and gone get yourself a record deal where's my cut brother?" He bellowed to his friend cheekily.

Michael grinned back in return and opened his arms to indicate a hug from his taller friend.

Chris walked into the hug and they hugged briefly until they pulled apart. The pair spotting identical grins.

"Now you looked angry as hell Mike last time I saw you that angry was when Amber was bullied last year by..my cousin what's going on?" Chris asked curiously.

In response Michael winced at the past memory and chose for the both of them to go back to his place instead of talking outside of the office.

Once they left the floor the bodyguards, stood in attention and surrounded the brothers as they walked back to Michael's car.

Chris couldn't help but let out a low whistle at his friends stardom while Michael grinned sheepish.

An hour later...

Amber laid down her sleeping baby with her blankets and dummy in her mouth. She slept only twitching slightly beneath the blanket.

Rest assured that she was asleep Amber left the room. Heading straight to the kitchen but she stopped when she heard a familiar voice she hadn't heard in some time.

Making sure she wasn't hallucinating she walked to the living room to see...him.

Chris was lounging in the living while he waited for his best bud to return from seeing his little princess and blushing bright red from Chris's teasing.

He heard the approaching footsteps to see Amber for the first time in over a year. He smirked arrogantly to the horror in Amber's sight.

She rubbed her eyes thinking she'd seen a ghost of the pest she detested in school but here he was in front of her.

Chris sensed she didn't believe her eyes decided to use his old nickname to get her fired up.

"Shrimp! How you doing?!" He yelled in greeting to her.

Amber immediately jumping outt of her stupor responded bitingly "helium why are you here and don't call me that you---"

She gasped before she could continue and realised yes it was Chris in front of her

"Why me! I thought I got rid of you in Gary!" She groaned rubbing her forehead feeling a headache.

"Shrimp you'll never get rid of me I am always here" he replied smirking cheekily.

"Oh how I wish you weren't here!" She snapped back at him.

Chris feeling annoyed and was just about to give back his respond. Michael walked holding Nevada in his arms, just in the neck of time before a shouting match could start before the two of them.

"Now please both of you don't start Nevada is half asleep" the young father pleaded to the both of them.

"Weren't you going to tell why he's here boo?" Amber said giving him a glare as he chuckled nervously.

"He's a surprise eh.. love?" Michael replied avoiding her gaze.

"Well he isn't going to be staying any longer than today! You know I never liked him from the damn start" she replied hotly.

"I never liked you either bitch!" He hissed back at her.

"Look here helium this is my home and I can throw you out" she threatened.

Michael swiftly sat next to Chris before he could reply shoved little Nevada in his face.

He exclaimed quickly "hold her Chris she is your niece" distracting him before he could explode.

Chris's mouth hung open but he quickly shut it, once he saw a pair of sleepily familiar eyes look back at him.

Michael pulled her away from his face inwardly sighing that Nevada distracted him and cradling her in his arms.

"She looks just like you Mike down to her little nose..nothing like her banshee mother" he said to Michael muttering the last part.

Which Amber clearly heard and growled at him as Michael scolded him "Chris!"

"What brother? It's true" he replied skeptical.

"Please restrain from saying things about my wife" he replied sternly.

"Bah whatever brother lemme hold my niece" Chris replied shrugging his shoulders and Michael handed her over to him.

To their surprise he knew what he was doing as he cradled the little girl in his arms who seemed to have already gelled quite quickly with Chris.

"So helium where's Danni? Are you even with her by any chance?" She inquired intrigued.

"Yes Danni and I are still together she's flying in a few days she'll be sooo glad to see you" he replied dryly.

"Wow aren't you a cheerful?" She replied sarcastic.

Chris ignoring her chose to focus his attention on the little girl in his arms, poking her cheek.

Thankfully the tense reunion between the reunited friends was demolished by Nevada's cuteness.

Two hours passed by and Michael realised it was getting late where as Nevada had already been put to bed a while back.

Amber noticed Chris hadn't moved from his spot on the coach and she wondered why the hell he hadn't left.

Michael sensed a bubbling question beneath her lips and quickly stood up to pull her along to their bedroom.

"Michael you are wearing your guilty look what have you planned?" She asked him eyeing him suspicious.

"Well uh you see love..chris is staying with us for a few days until Danni arrives" he replied in a fast flow.

"Would you like to repeat that again?" She replied in eerily calm voice.

"Chris is staying with us for a few days?" He repeated nervously.

"Michael! Why would you allow this?! You know I feel about that overgrown idiot!" She shrieked loosing her cool.

"Love please it's only a few days and besides Danni will be here soon" he pleaded as he stepped to her and swept her into his arms.

"Fine just let me go! Your sleeping on the coach tonight" she replied glaring up at him.

Amber struggled from his hold, leading to her tripping him and they fell on the floor in a cluster of limps.

"We aren't ten years old Michael! Get off" she yelled under him as Michael continued to hold onto her waist.

The shouts lead the bored Chris from his place on the coach to their bedroom. He flung the door open to see them on the floor. The look of worry switching to a smug smile instead.

"You want to get it on and make another kid? Get it on you lil nasties but before you start Mike come take me to a room"

Michael ignoring her look of irritation quickly got up and went to the door. A few minutes later he returned from guiding Chris to one of their spare bedrooms.

When he came back to the room to see Amber holding a pillow and blanket in her hands. It was his turn to pout but she wasn't swayed by his pout, shoved him out of the room.

Michael sighed softly when the door closed behind him. Carrying his sleeping gear in his hands he made his way to another spare room.

Chapter End Notes:

Surprise! the tall and idiotic friend we all love is back! 😂


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