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Amber woke up to her husband's arms around her, She yawned quietly not to wake him up. She blinked sleepily til her sight adjusted to see they were naked under the covers. She felt slightly sore but confined in his arms from their night of passion.

It was a heavenly feeling to be in his embrace again. She decided to snuggle back into his warmth. The quiet only lasted for several minutes until the cries of Nevada rung out from the baby monitors waking the young parents up.

"Good morning love" Michael crooned to her lovingly. He stared tenderly into her eyes and she held the same look for him as well.

"Our little girl needs to eat I'll get up" she replied smiling at him and pulled away from his embrace to get up.

Michael grabbed her back to the bed which only made her huff in his arms while he turned her head to face him and pecked her lips lovingly.

"Michael I have to see to our child" she whined at him.

"Oh alright but hurry back" he replied chuckling deeply.

Amber stood up from his arms but Michael couldn't help but pinch her large behind and she yelled at the sudden pinch of pain.

"Michael!" She shrieked a look of horror plastered on her face as she held her bum with two hands.

Michael was laughing too hard to communicate. The look of horror switched to a glare but she quickly left ignoring his booming laughter as she made her way to their daughters room.

Amber walked into her daughters room to see her one month old baby wiggling and crying her eyes out.

"There there baby mummy's here" Amber cooed at her before lifting the restless girl into her arms.

She chose to sit at the rocking chair (a gift from Marlon).

Once settled she placed her bosom near Nevada's mouth. She automatically launched on and begun to suck. Amber winced at the feel of her daughters pull on her breast but she was getting used to the sensation.

Ten minutes later when she felt Nevada had taken her fill, she pulled her breast away and stood up holding the little one to her shoulder as she rubbed her back to get her to burp.

A small burp erupted from her lips and Amber praised her little muffin for her hardwork.

She continued to pat her back softly back and forth until she fell asleep.

She immediately placed the young child back into her crib and laid her down under a blanket. She kissed her forehead before leaving to get payback at her husband.

She strolled quickly to their bedroom where Michael still laid in bed waiting for her.

"I'm back" she said as she walked into the room arms crossed.

Michael yawned from his position on bed eyeing her body like it was a piece of art.

"I will get you back for pinching my behind Michael" she said in a challenging tone.

"Oh how will you my love?" He crooned silky, his voice growing deeper at her challenge.

He did love a good challenge especially when she became competitive. It was a turn on for him when she did so.

Amber swayed her hips slowly to the torture of her husband who stared intensely at her body.

During the night when they reunited, Amber had been insecure about her weight but Michael embraced and loved her either way. He showed her how much he did through the night.

Amber felt empowered by his stare brushing away her nerves as she walked to the bed and went to sit by him.

Amber looked into his beautiful big brown eyes and she couldn't help but fall in love all over again by the amount of devotion expressed in his eyes.

She pulled his face closer to her and they shared a slow burning kiss, which lead to a deeper kiss as Michael brushed his fingers across her thighs.

Which lead to another round of lovemaking for the couple.

A few hours later...

The young couple were laying on the bed side by side. Nevada sat comfortably on her mother's knees as she stared blankly at the cooing face of her parents who could only stare in awe at their little girl.

"She's going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up" Amber mentioned while waving Nevada's arms in the air.

Michael scoffed at her words and replied "she won't be near any boys under my watch love"

Amber rolled her eyes at his response and continued to coo at their daughter.

Michael mentioned he needed to make a quick call to the company and left their side to go to his office where he had his private phone calls.

Amber nodded and he stepped away from her side to walk to his office which was only three doors away from their bedroom.

Michael rung the private number of Frank who answered immediately on the first dial.

"Michael son! This a surprise! What could your call be about?" Frank said a layer of surprise evident in his smokey toned voice.

"I have a request" Michael said to him.

"What could be the request be?" He asked curiously.

"I've decided it's time to expose Amber to the world now that my singles are getting me acknowledged" he replied.

On the other line Frank rolled his cigarette in his mouth at the request of his best client and thought it was pretty darn ridiculous. He hadn't even released his first album yet and he wanted to ruin this chance of becoming a huge star by exposing his secret? That would certainly not work.

"Look son..this request can't be done why would you want to expose and destroy the effort the company has taken to make you single with your growing fanbase?" He replied after a paused silence.

Michael was flabbergasted by the denial to his request. He had taken the consideration of hiding his little family away from the media but now that he had a steady music career he wasn't given a chance to catch a break!

"Fine instead how about a date between I and her instead?" He said in a clipped voice.

"I'm sorry son that won't work either" Frank said shooting down his second request.

"Why not?" Michael hissed at him.

"Because you and I know the hard work you've been doing so far will go down the drain if the media see you with her not to mention to spring questions unneeded" Frank replied calmly.

"Fine" Michael said in a defeated tone and pinched his nose to try and ease the flames of anger, he felt towards Frank.

"I'm glad we've had this talk son..I'm sorry things have to be this way.. Maybe try again when the album is released..goodbye Michael" Frank responded coolly.

Michael didn't reply and cut the call slamming the phone down in his anger at the sheer foolishness of Frank and the men who worked in the music business.

Maybe calling Quincy would ease his anger down. He picked up the phone once and dialled Quincy's phone number.

On fifth dial Quincy picked up but his voice was breathless from what he could hear on the phone.

"Quincy! I spoke to the company about spending a day with Amber and they wouldn't even bother considering so I thought--" he ranted before he was cut off by Quincy.

"I hate to cut of your rant eh smelly but I'm busy with a lady friend" he said in all honestly.

"Grace?" He guessed right off the bat.

The pause on the end clearly gave him his answer.

Michael sighed and Quincy felt bad about cutting him off and promised to speak to him later in the evening.

A quick farewell and Michael cut the call.

He rubbed one large palm down his face.

When did making music become so exhausting? He thought tiredly in his mind.

Michael walked away from the room to return to his wife and child. When he walked into the room Amber looked up smiling, until she saw his downcast expression and the smile fell from her lips.

"What happened?" She asked concerned.

"Oh I wasn't told to spend time with my wife outside our home" he spat out furious.

"Michael calm down let me go pit Nevada down and then we can talk properly" she told him holding the sleeping infant in her arms.

She quickly got off the bed and went out the room. Returning seconds later Michael explained the conversation he had on the phone with Frank.

"They can jump off a bridge for all I care with the oh don't spend time foolishness away, I won't be coped up in this house forever!" She replied crossing her arms and huffing.

"I know love let's play around with them hm? Let's go on this date. I've missed spending time with you" he crooned lovingly.

"Let's shall this evening be perfect?" She replied grinning cheekily.

"Perfect" he crooned and he pulled her to his waist and they stood kissing momentarily before Amber pulled away remembering his brief mention of Quincy.

"Wait Michael your telling me that Quincy was busy too with my mum to talk to you? That isn't a thought I want to think about" she said in complete disgust.

Michael laughed at her words quietly and she smacked his chest for laughing.

"Oh hush you" she mumbled to him.

"Let's call mother to come look after Nevada while we go on our date" he said to her.

"How about Marlon and Michaela or even junior to come look after her?" She said smirking.

"Neither of them will be able to look after her...I don't trust them to look after my princess as a group or as individuals I love them but no.." he mentioned deadpan to the smug look from his wife.

"You love Marlon! Oh how happy will he be to hear such words" she mentioned in a sing song voice.

"You will never tell him what I said besides I can always deny I said so" he replied glaring down at her.

"We will see" she replied mock serious.

The pair glared at each other before bursting into laughter at the sheer ridiculous and chose to get ready.

Chapter End Notes:

Well that didn't go well with Frank on the phone. the pair don't care they will go on their date either way lool.

Comments are loved enjoy!

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