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Marlon was soundly snoring on his bed sprawled all over the place. Michaela opened the front door to his flat and walked in quietly to his bedroom.

She opened the door to see his relatively clean room (due to her nagging him) she avoided the clothes thrown on the floor and went to his bed.

She shook him by his shoulders to wake him for work. They were opening the shop, an hour later because Roxie was going to be late.

"I'm up" Marlon mumbled sleepily opening his eyes.

"Good get up I bought breakfast" Michaela replied shortly before leaving.

"No morning kiss?" He mumbled sleepily.

"When your dressed and ready you might get one" she shouted from the living room.

Marlon yawned loudly and stretched his arms before scratching his messy Afro before getting up to get ready.

The old flat that was previously shared between the trio was occupied by Marlon who chose to stay and look after the place.

The only addition added was his collection of guitars lined up in a row of colours and size.

Twenty minutes later Marlon walked out of the room in a warm navy blue jumper and jeans with leather shoes on his feet holding his jacket in his hand. He met Michaela sitting in the living room eating her share of breakfast.

"Morning sexy" he crooned smoothly to his girl.

"Morning Marlon" Michaela replied rolling her eyes at him. She was used to the pet names.

Marlon sat beside her grabbing a blueberry muffin and tearing a large chunk of it with his teeth.

"So messy" she said eyeing him from the corner of her eye in disgust.

"Whatever I'm hungry so don't complain girl" he replied wiping off the crumbs and continued to eat his share.

After eating they cleaned up after themselves before leaving Marlon reminded her about his kiss.

Michaela rolled her eyes and tiptoed to lay a feathery kiss on his lips but it wasn't enough for the passionate Marlon.

He kissed her deeply in return and Michaela clutched his shirt to keep herself steady. She pulled away to breath and they went out the door grabbing everything they needed before locking up.

The next few hours went by slowly due to the weather and the day being a Monday.

Currently Marlon was strolling down the road holding a box of Walkman's to the shop to sell.

He almost walked past a lanky young man when he heard that godforsaken nickname he hated with all his heart.

"Marshmallow!" A familiar voice called to him.

Marlon knew he was going to regret this decision when he stepped back with the box in his hand, to see Junior handing out trays of sugary treats in a brown and pink uniform.

"Why?! You couldn't just say my name brat?!" Marlon mumbled to Junior who only smirked slyly.

"You could have just ignored me and moved on but you responded" he pointed sweetly.

"Whatever" Marlon mumbled to the amusement of Junior.

"Anyway why are you here? What happened to the market job? Your suddenly working at a sweet shop?" He asked narrowing his eyes in suspicious.

"Pft I got bored off lifting and what better place to come work then at a sweet shop?" He explained shrugging his shoulders.

"You get bored too easily" Marlon said rolling his eyes.

Junior shrugged his shoulders again and offered him a free sample.

"I made em myself" Junior boasted proudly.

Marlon eyed the delicious treats and figured if he was going to die from food poisoning what better way to go then by his baking.

Pushing the box to one hand briefly Marlon napped two pieces and threw em into his mouth.
He chewed slowly expecting a foul taste but instead he felt flavours of chocolate and vanilla flood his tongue.

He swallowed the surprisingly tasty treats and smirked at Junior. "Not bad I'm surprised..I was expecting to cave in and receive my ticket to heaven but damn you did a good job"

Junior snorted and rolled his eyes at his response. "I keep you on your toes marshmallow for a reason this might be my true calling" he bragged.

"How many times did it take you to get to this level hm?" Marlon couldn't resist pointing out.

"Five times" Junior admitted sheepish.

Marlon chuckled deeply before, realising he had spent too much time chatting with Junior. He quickly left with his box wishing him farewell until Junior shouted from his position that he would come see him in awhile.

Marlon continued walking back to the shop. He noticed the short distance between him and Junior, he groaned at the thought of the pest coming to annoying whenever he pleased.

He sighed and used one arm to push the door open and went inside.

The evening arrived leaving Marlon, Michaela and Roxie the manager around to close the shop.

"Before you guys pack up I have amazing news to tell you" she said to them and they stood waiting for her to talk.

"Oh what could this amazing news be?" Marlon questioned, raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

"I've decided to leave this place in your hands Marlon as head manager. I feel it's time for me to go see my family and spend time with them but it won't mean I'll won't be back to check on you and the shop" she finished sternly.

"Well this is a surprise..thanks boss" Marlon responded with gratitude clear in his voice.

Roxie nodded and they went back to closing the shop for the night.


Amber was laying down the sleeping Nevada to bed, as her husband watched from the door. Once she was settled, she stood up and turned around to nearly jump out of her skin when she saw Michael watching her from the door.

"Michael! Would you stop that?" She hissed at him clutching her shirt tightly.

"Stop what?" He asked from the door innocently.

Amber ran to the door where as Michael saw her coming and ran the other way in a hurry. Amber opened the door and gently closed it.

Before giving chase to her husband who had the advantage of his long legs. She ran after him until she was close enough, to jump on his back leading him to topple to the ground with the both of them on the floor.

Amber clung to his back as he wiggled feverishly from her hands tickling his sides until he begged her to get off him.

His hyena laughter boomed out loudly in the empty room as Amber, continued to tickle him for a few minutes until she got off his back and watched him flip himself around to now face her.

She smirked up from above him, Michael hated it when he was on the receiving end of her smug look.

He immediately pulled himself up to grab her by the waist and pulled her down to sit on his lap.

Amber didn't resist his touch and fell into his lap. She crossed her arms smirking down at the flustered look on his face.

"You can never run from me applehead" she replied triumphant.

"Which seems to always end up in this situation" he answered rolling his eyes.

" you always complain but you and I both know you secretly enjoy it" she replied smugly.

"Yes because you always end up tackling me its unladylike and no I don't like it" he replied snorting.

"I don't care if I'm not ladylike you married me and you do like it" she retorted rolling her eyes.

Michael chuckled at her words and the urge he held in to kiss her all this time melted away. Seeing the peace and love in her eyes only made the urge to kiss her stronger.

The hands he held by her hips moved up her waist and he pushed her to fall on his chest, earned him a squeal but he quickly silenced her protest with a soft and sensual kiss.

Until Michael's little friend broke the kiss between them leading to Amber pull away breathless and bashful.

"Um" she fumbled on what to say about the kiss as she and Michael stared into each others eyes.

"I've missed kissing you" he replied sweetly.

"I've missed it too" she replied as her lips broke into a smile.

The two of them sat in that position alittle longer before they rose up and held each others hands.

When they arrived to their separate bedrooms. Amber began to pull her hand away from his but he tugged her back to him.

"What's wrong Michael?" She asked concerned.

"I..want us to share our bed tonight" he said in a timid tone.

"Are you sure?" She asked uncertain.

The confirmation was a nod from him and he pulled her to his hard chest and bent down to kiss her before opening the door and they went inside into the room.

Chapter End Notes:

Finally the couple are back together! about damn time eh? lool.

Comments are loved..enjoy!

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