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Unknowingly to the rest of the family Michael began to notice the small patches of pink appear on his skin. He shrugged it off to stress at first when he noticed it several days before but now it was spreading slowly from his chest to his lower arms.

But due to his busy schedule he wouldn’t be able to see a doctor. for now he received makeup to cover the discoloured spots anywhere they appeared.

The next day..

Michael arose early to change Nevada into a new outfit as well as give her morning bottle.

The little Jackson snuggled up in her father's arms while he rocked back and forth humming to hopefully get her to fall asleep again in the living room.

A few minutes later Amber quietly stepped in and sat on the coach holding a cup of tea in her hands as she watched the father/daughter moment unfold.

Michael feeling her gaze stopped rocking her to look into his wife's eyes and decided she would look after Neveda for the day since she insisted she was sorry about what she did.

"I won't be able to take her with me today since I have a meeting so I'm leaving Nevada in your care Amber" he mentioned to her strictly.

"I'll be fine with her Michael nothing will happen" she said dropping her cup on the small table beside her.

Michael didn't have much time to sit and talk to her. Immediately stood in front of her bending down to place her in Amber's arms.

Amber sat with her little one in her arms surprised to see the little one staring back at her.

"Be good for daddy buttercup" Michael cooed before standing up to kiss her small forehead.

He rose up and quickly left to have a quick shower.

Amber gazed down at her daughter who blinked repeatedly looking into the strangers face.

Nevada yawned opening her little mouth widely before closing it to fall asleep soundly in her mother's arms unknowingly.

Amber chuckled softly at her and gently swept her finger along her soft cheek.

"I lost the bet damn I knew I should have waited instead of betting that you would come out looking like me than him" she giggled dryly gazing down lovingly into her beautiful daughters face.

She slowly stood up careful not to awaken sleeping beauty strolled back to her room and laid her down to rest comfortably in her bed.

Around two o'clock in the afternoon Amber was struggling to feed Nevada crying and wondered who this strange woman was.

Amber was at her wits end trying to feed her but the doorbell rang in the nick of time.

Holding the small child to her chest she walked up to the door using one hand, opened the door to see her mother and Michaela at the door.

She stepped aside to allow them both enter.

"Mama ..Michaela? What are you guys doing here?" She asked curious at the sudden visit from them both.

"I was in the neighborhood and I wanted to see how you and my baby are doing" Grace replied smiling happily.

"I stopped by to say hello and warn you Marlon is coming over in the evening to see his little niece and collect his bet money" she replied rollng her eyes.

"Well come in" Amber said and turned around to walk back to the living room.

Now back in the room Amber tried yet again to feed Nevada who kept on fussing.

"I don't know what to do she won't eat" Amber said getting irritated.

"Now calm down Amber let me have her" Grace said calmly and Amber handed her over.

Now sat in her grandmother's arms Nevada saw the bottle in her hand and began to whimper quietly to which Grace immediately placed the bottle in her mouth.

"how??" Amber asked slightly jealous and awed at her mother's technique.

"Well you didn't have a calm aura hun that is why she cried instead wanting Michael instead of you besides I had experience with you once upon time" Grace explained looking up briefly at her daughter.

"I'm a bad mother" Amber sniffed feeling the pool of tears drip down her eyes.

Michaela kept quiet for most of the talk but chose to speak up in Amber's defence before her mother could do so.

"You aren't a bad mother Amber you will learn in time on how to respond and take care of her...since you did have some time away from her" She said encouraging to hopefully lift her downcast spirit.

"She's right hun it will take time but you will eventually know what to do and how to tackle it so don't cry" Her added gently.

Michaela left a few minutes later due coming out on her lunchbreak gave her farewells and returned back to work.

Leaving Grace and Amber to have a long talk while Nevada fell sleep again from her feeding.

The evening arrived quickly for the trio when Grace was just about to leave the home Michael and Marlon walked in bickering which wasn't nothing unusual.

Michael strolled into the living room to see Grace, rocking her grandchild and humming to her.

"I see you've met her mum" Michael said in greeting to Grace completely ignoring Amber who felt the tug of pain at him not acknowledging her.

"Yes she's beautiful Michael she looks just like you I don't see much from my side at all damn Jackson genetics" she teased playfully at him.

Marlon pushed his brother aside making his entrance known to see his mother-in-law and Amber sitting side by side with Nevada nestled in Grace's gentle embrace.

"Suga! missed your number one man?" Marlon said smirking and wiggling his eyebrows at her suggestively earning a smack from Michael.

"Ouch! Always with the hits" Marlon mumbled to himself.

"I've missed you too Marlon" she replied cracking a small smile.

"OK kids I have to go home someone take her" Grace said standing up and Marlon graciously offered to take Neveda.

He stood still looking down into her chubby face and marveled at her angelic face.

He smirked to Amber telling her proudly "good job suga you made a Jackson and still owe me"

"No words to explain how idiotic you are..I still wonder why we are related" Michael retorted reentering into the room after escorting Grace out of the house.

"Blah blah bro you've said that so many times you need to find something else to talk about besides you can't change blood" Marlon replied smirking smugly at him before drawing his attention back to the now awake Nevada who stared up at Marlon in awe.

Marlon and the rest of the family knew what happened between the young parents from his mother, but witnessing their distance showed things weren't exactly right between them.

But Marlon wasn't going to get involved it was their problem.
He didn't stay for longer than hour gushing over his little niece and getting his bet money from pouting Amber all the while the pair didn't speak or hold eye contact.

Just as Michael laid Nevada down to bed, feeling his wife's stare on his back. He turned around to face her eyeing her in distrust before he walked past her.

Amber couldn't take the rejection from Michael any longer, called out to him just as he was about to leave the room.

"Michael wait!"

"What...?" He asked coolly.

"Please Michael we need to talk please" she pleaded to him.

"Fine what do you want to talk about? Let's move this to my bedroom" he replied before turning around to walk to his room.

Seconds later they walked into the room where Michael sat on on the bed where as Amber stood a feet away in front of him.

"So what do you want to talk about?" He asked glaring intensely into her eyes waiting for her to speak.

"Look Michael I know I've hurt you time and time again with my temper...I know I've been moody and over the top I found out from the mothering books..I'm suffering from postal depression. I just miss us.. I miss your arms around me and the fun we had and the joy we had planned for our little girl" she told him sadly.

Michael ran his hands through his thick curly hair as he sat there thinking over what she said before he replied
"I miss you too ...but you've stepped too far this time! You have said words that hurt me physically and emotionally Amber do you remember those words you said to me? That I'm a coward? A punk for everything I've done for you and I to get this far?" His words becoming heated the more he spoke staring into her eyes icily.

"I know Michael I've said things that I completely beat myself up inside day in and out! I'm truly sorry! I said all those things in my own pitiful anguish over everything! It wasn't easy Michael to give birth alone.." Amber replied to him.

"Do you know how hard it is to look after a baby on my own without your help when it's meant to be the both of us looking after her since we both bought her to this world" He answered back hotly.

"Michael! I've been under the influence of postal depression. We both know I wouldn't say those things usually we were friends before I became your wife" she replied dejected.

"I know...it's just I don't know where we stand and if we can make this work" he suggested subtly hinting at divorce.

Amber's heart stopped beating for a millisecond at his suggestion but she wouldn't give up without a fight.

"I refuse to divorce Michael! You hear me? I will not leave our child in a broken home we will make this work because I know what it's like to grow up in a broken home I don't want the same thing for our child" she said matching up to him and bending down to look him in the eye.

He saw the burning determination in her chocolate eyes couldn't help but get lost in her gaze.

They sat in that position for a few minutes which felt like a century for the couple.

But Michael snapped out of the memorising stare down to chuckle humourlessly.

"Let's see what you can do but I have to sleep early tonight" he replied hinting for her to leave him be.

"Oh alright I'll see you tomorrow" she blushed at the closeness they hadn't shared in quite awhile. She slowly stood up from her bent position to walk to the door feeling his hard gaze on her back.

Just as she was about to leave the room she turned to face him smiling gently "good night Michael..I'm glad we had this talk"

"I did too..good night" he replied nodding his head at her.

The smile on his lips growing steadily feeling the warmth and happiness in his heart that he and Amber had spoken which was the first step in many steps to come.

The two of them unknowingly slept with a smile on their lips.

Chapter End Notes:

Well might take some time for the couple to be the way they were once more. Enjoy!. 


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