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.:.Three weeks later.:.

The relationship between the young parents grew uneasy day by day from the accounts Michael told his mother over the phone who could only try and advice her weary son who nearly broke down in tears when he told her what he went though with his distant and closed off wife.

From the objects Amber threw to him on the daily bases when she was in her crying fits and her hateful words which felt like a punch to the stomach with every new spiteful word she said. Not to mention ignoring the little one leaving him to struggle nightly looking after her as well as promoting his next single with the positive feedback he received from the music critics from his first single.

Michael didn’t want to leave his daughter nameless christened her ‘Nevada’ to his mother thought was a strange name to give a little girl but she didn't argue.

But Katherine wasn’t pleased about what was going on between her son and his wife she didn’t respect the way the young woman was treating her baby it wasn’t right. She decided to get herself involved to settle the conflict between them for the sake of her first grandchild.

The new mission on her mind to help the young couple, Katherine went to their home to confront her daughter-in-law who was in serious need of a motherly talk and who else better to give it to her then Katherine?

After gaining access into the gates of their home Katherine knocked on the door repeatedly until Michael opened the door holding a bottle in his hand.

“Mother what are you doing here?” Michael asked surprised to see her for the first time in weeks.

“I’m here to see my first grandchild baby and talk to Amber” she replied smiling at him as he stepped aside to allow her entry.

Her gaze swept around the halls as they walked further into the beautiful home as Michael chatted animatedly about Nevada and her little quirks.

Till her cries were heard from her room from the down the corridor, Michael excused himself and went to attend to his hungry little angel. Katherine didn’t know where their room was. She chose to go on a wild goose chase by turning left and walking down until she found a door ajar.

She pushed the door further to walk into the room to see Amber laying on the bed staring at the wall airily obviously day-dreaming.

As she walked closer to the bed she felt a sharp prick under her shoe. Removing her foot she looked below to see the sparkling silver wedding ring on the floor. She sighed softly before bending down to grab the ring to place it gently on the counter table.

The sound jolted Amber out of her daydreaming to see Michael’s mother standing in front of her.

“mum what are you doing here?” she asked perplexed.

“child you aren’t in the right mind to call me mum at the moment don’t you realise what you are doing to yourself and your family who need you?” Katherine said to her in a stern voice.

“what family? The man you call son who left me to bare this child all on my own and become this fat thing instead also how about my mother who has decided to go out with a producer?!” she replied sneering at the older woman who only looked on calmly at her.

“you are forgetting that you and my son got yourselves into this situation having a child, so you should blame yourself as well because that little girl is going to be growing without a mother by the attitude your throwing around at this point” she replied sharply to her stubborn daughter in law.
“you don’t know what it was like to give birth on my own!” she answered pinning a fiery glare on Katherine who looked on clearly unbothered.

“child are you forgetting I gave birth to nine children? Six of them I gave birth to in the hospital on my own while my husband was too busy to see the birth of his children sleeping with other woman and trying to make it in the mafia business? Is that what your talking about?” she answered her brown eyes full of anger and fire remembering her late husband’s deeds.

“I-I didn’t know” she stuttered speechless.

Katherine shook her head to shake away the old memories and sighed softly to release the building tension in the room between the both of them.

She stated plainly to try and get into the thick-skulled head of her daughter-in-law "Amber you need to pick yourself up and be here for your family. Didn't you say so yourself that you would support Michael but you haven’t up till now after his success what happened to the vows you both made to each other on your wedding? Are you going to let that go all to waste, because he impregnated you. He has been trying to help you but all you do is push him away?! I will make sure he moves on with your little girl and find someone who will love him and be there for him” she finished on a threatening tone to the now flabbergasted Amber.

“you can’t do that!” she replied hastily as the tears of frustration and realization flooded down her cheeks while Katherine stared on passively to the now emotional Amber.

“I can dear because if it makes my baby not suffer any longer from your hold on him I will do everything in my power to make sure he’s happy even if it means getting him to divcore you and take my little grandchild away with him” she replied a warning hinted in her voice.

“I will never allow it! I love Michael and my little one I-I” she declared trailing off rubbing her eyes to clear her vision from the tears pooling over her eyes.

The corner of Katherine’s lips twitched upward hearing her statement inwardly overjoyed that some sense had returned to her but she didn’t allow it show too lightly and stayed firm.

Katherine stood up from her place on the chair and dusted off her dress as she and Amber chatted a little longer before she walked out of the door to meet her first grandchild.

Several hours later…

After Katherine left the home. Which gave Amber plenty of time to think over her behaviour during the last three weeks.

Finally she realised the way she treated Michael and her little one allowing her temper to control her which wasn’t fair on either of them.

She kicked herself mentally for her behaviour and hoped her selfish acts hadn’t destroyed the relationship she and Michael had built on up to this point. The thought of him divorcing her sent a cold shiver down her back.

She didn’t want to think about such a thought but the overpowering stench of her body odour made her gag out involuntarily.

When was the last time I had a shower?! This is just nasty! She thought to herself disgusted at her own careless hygiene.

First of all she was going to take a long shower then find something to eat before she went to seek her husband and child who she hoped would forgive her.

An hour later after refreshing up and eating one of the leftover food from Katherine’s many plastic covered foods. She felt the rush of butterflies flutter at the thought of seeing him.

She peeked through the door to see Michael smiling sweetly down at their child cooing at her as he replaced the dirty pastel green sock with a clean one.

Creak .

The sound from the door alerted Michael to the presence at the door. “I know your there” he called out to her pausing from his current task to look at the door warily.

Amber opened the door and walked in smiling nervously to see her husband fully changing their child.

Neveda continued to look around the room in wonder completely ignoring her parent’s stare down and wiggled slightly.

Michael let go of her foot as he stared at his wife who now after so long came back to him.

Michael was wary expecting her usual reactions. To drop into tears at the slightest flinch or hale abuse at him.

Amber stared back seeing the flicker of emotions jump back and forth in his expressive ebony eyes.

Michael’s gaze lingered on the ring that glittered against her hand and in response Amber twisted her left hand feeling his stare.

“your wearing it” he stated simply.

“yes im wearing it… you prospered when we were in Vegas..our first stop finding our way to L.A” she said giving him a half smile.

“which you ended up throwing back at me a while ago” he pointed out bitterly.

The smile slipped off her lips and she turned away trying to blink away the tears. She breathed in and out slowly until she felt slightly composed. She faced him once more only to see, he was holding the little one in his arms.

“I- I – know what I did was wrong Michael…. “ she trailed off pausing before she continued.

“what’s her name?” she prompted asking him changing the subject.

“Nevada” he replied as he laid her down gently in the crib and draped the blanket over her before kissing her forehead softly.

Standing up to his full stature he turned around to face Amber and said to her coolly “listen I have a very busy day tomorrow looking after our child and making sure the press doesn’t find about us”

He didn’t say anything furthermore and left the room leaving Amber to hold back in another sob, holding her hand to mouth hurriedly leaving the room after him to go their room where she flung herself on the bed.

She weeped and heaved in pure pain knowing her behaviour had bought a rift between them.

Michael slept not too far from Neveda’s room but he could hear Amber’s heartbroken sobs from their previous room. His brusied heart told him to comfort her but his mind was stubborn. He always followed his heart but this time his mind won the battle.

Chapter End Notes:

I know it's been while.life and uni gets in the way.

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