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At eight in the morning Amber woke up from the usual kick from little one she wasn’t feeling sleepy, chose to stare at Michael as he snored quietly.


His long lashes fluttering back and forth as he slept. Amber's eyes drew to his lips slightly parted as he breathed in and out.


She couldn't resist dropping a kiss on his lips briefly as he slept. He immediately woke up kissing her back and she pulled away as he looked at her sleepily.


"Morning applehead" she greeted him cheekily.


Michael yawned barely awake and rubbed his right eye with his large hand.

Now fully awake now he grinned hearing the irritating nickname for the first time in a long time.


"That was a nice way to wake up love why are you awake??" He asked.

Amber snorted as she replied "your child woke me up"


"Don't blame it on the little one she doesn't mean it" he cooed at her and bent down to kiss her navel.


"Its a boy we are having" she replied smirking.


"We shall see love" he replied smirking before a memory flashed in his mind.


"Oh love epic company suggested we move to a house until you give birth is that alright? I don't want to move you but they said it was paid for" he told her nervously fearing she would snap.


"That's fine Michael but we should move gradually Hm? What about Marlon?" She said surprising him how calm she was to the subject of moving.


"Oh damn can't we leave him here without telling?" He whined, her glare being her answer to his whine.


He huffed and pouted childishly but they got up to get dressed and have breakfast.


Now dressed and eating their own various choice of meals. Michael with his bowl of yogurts and fruit while Amber had peanut butter and chocolate on her five slices of bread.


As they ate quietly the young couple suddenly remembered the most important item they had forgotten to buy for the little one.


"We forget to buy the crib!" They yelled together.


"How did we forget that??" Amber complained biting into her fourth piece of bread.


Chewing and swallowing he replied sheepish "maybe due to the surprise party I forget"


Amber continued eating and finished her meal. "Well let's go to the city and see if we can find a nice crib" she replied wiping off the breadcrumbs.


Plates washed the young couple left home and took the bus to the busy and bustling city to find the right crib as well as some more clothes for little one.


Off the bus and now in the city looking for a baby shop till they spotted one on the other side of the road.


The shop wasn't too busy with too many people this mid-morning. The shop coloured in a light cream with rows of baby items scattered across the floor and baby items handwritten in swirly text above displaying each section.


A caramel skinned woman in a semi causal outfit spotted the nervous couple near the door confused on where to look first.


She walked over to where they were standing and asked causally "are you alright? Do you help with anything??"


Michael explained for the both of them "my wife and I are a little clueless on what type of crib for our little one since we chose to keep the sex hidden"


"Oh my! Don't worry we have a lovely section over here, follow me please" she said smiling genuinely and walked away.


The couple followed behind until they stopped to a section where several cribs of different patterns and colours with beddings matching the theme.


"I hope you find what your looking for we have a sale today for our cribs and beddings if you have any issues the till is just five feet away" she said pointing to where the till was and left them alone.


Now left alone the young couple began to browse the section looking for the crib that would fit their unborn baby.


"How about that one? The white one with the swirly bedding in the white crib?" She asked him.


Michael gazed at the crib briefly before answering, "love it's a little too sophisticated for the little one perhaps the one with the elephants scattered all over?"


It was now Amber's turn to look at the crib and she liked what she saw until her gaze fell to the price.


"We can't afford it Michael for such a great looking crib it's highly over priced" she replied irritated.


"Now love I can avoid it my money from the janitor work I've saved up some of it" he replied.


"But it's too much Michael maybe we can buy something else?" She protested.


"No I will buy it anything for our child to feel safe and secure" he said to her firmly.


Amber gave in knowing arguing with him would be fruitless. Michael looked at the tag number and they went to the desk to pay for the crib, which luckily was on sale.


The long box placed on his shoulder and his other hand holding Amber's hand as they made their out of the store.


Amber held onto his left hand while she carried the bag of clothes with her wallet as they continued window-shopping until the rumble of Amber's stomach alerted them that it was time for lunch.


They went to a small local restaurant that served Italian which at the moment was Amber was craving.


Now tucked into a medium sized plate of spaghetti and meatballs seasoned for her and for him a small portion of lasagna.


Amber looked up feeling Michael's deep stare.

"Do I have something on my face?" She asked him patting her cheeks.


"No love you don't I'm just admiring your beauty" he crooned smirking inwardly when he saw the blush rise on her brown cheeks.


Amber turned away from his intense stare even from childhood to now being married to him; sometimes she couldn't stare back when he complimented her.


Ignoring his chuckling she continued to eat her meal and once they finished they sat there talking generally about his music and how it was going along.


"This might be the last time properly you and I will be able to go out like this love" he said solemnly tightly grasping the glass in his hand.


"Don't worry Michael we will be fine I believe I did say I would support you besides you have Quincy coaching you right?" She said.


Michael nodded at her words and he felt so glad that she agreed and she still supported him.


The married couple continued to talk a little longer before Michael paid for the meal and they made their way home.


The bus driver dropped them off near Marlon's workplace.

"Now let's go see how Marlon and Michaela are doing" she suggested.

Michael shrugged his shoulders and they made their way to the shop. Amber opening the door gasped when she saw Michaela sitting on the counter as Marlon kissed her deeply.


"Well well this is something I never wanted to walk into see" Amber said in disgust.


The two of them broke apart as Marlon stepped back to let her jump off to arrange her clothes. The two of them were worried if a customer or the boss caught them doing something they shouldn’t be doing on the job.


At the corner of his eye Marlon saw it was Michael and Amber breathed a sigh of relief.


"Don't worry it's only them" he told her as Michaela visibly relaxed.

"What I saw would need to be gotten rid of maybe by soap” Michael said in mock horror.


Marlon rolled his eyes at his brother and replied, "as if you and Amber don't get it on like that when I'm around the walls aren't thin"

"Ok I don't want to hear this ... talk to you guys later" Michaela said not wanting to hear any further arguments that would ensue between the brothers. She walked away back to into the office.


Marlon's eyes watched her as she walked until Michael tapped his shoulder to bring him back to earth.

"Look Marlon we have something to tell you when you get home" Amber said to Marlon.

"Alright I'll see you at home" he replied uncertain.

They bid farewell and went home to spend the rest of the day relaxing until Marlon came home.

Late in the evening when Marlon returned home, Michael explained what Epic records had offered and Marlon at first was a little hurt but he got over it knowing they would be alright without him. (He hoped they would be).

"Hate to break it to you but I'm just going to stay here, don't worry you'll see my face often I won't miss seeing my nephew or niece for the world" he said in a smug tone.

Michael and Amber laughed at him glad that the sad and dreary atmosphere air between them cleared away.


The rest of the family was going to be informed about it over the next coming weeks.

Chapter End Notes:

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