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It was another day from in the studio for our upcoming star unfortunately was putting a strain on his marriage with Amber.


The early morning was spent recording the final touches on the songs that he and Quincy had chosen to be on his first studio album ' Off the Wall'.

After two hours of recording Quincy declared that they should take a lunch break, Michael didn’t fuss not allowing his perfectionist nature to get in his way of getting food, he knew when to take a break (I.e. Amber would force him to do so).


Pulling off the headphones he hopped off the stool and went out of the room to grab a hot meal from a small diner down the street.

He strolled leisurely down the streets looking at the busy scenes around him until he made it to a diner named 'Minnie’s'.

This place became his go-to-go place when he didn't want to eat the dry food sometimes given at the Epic Building.

He strolled into the diner feeling the cool tiles beneath his feet and was greeted by the bubbly waitress Martha dressed in a fifties styled candy cane striped dress and her jet-black hair sitting comfortably between her ears.


"Hello Michael back again for my cooking?" She said greeting him happily with a smile and laugh.

Michael grinned to her cheekily as he made his way to seat at one of the stools. Once seated they chatted for a few minutes until Martha plucked the notebook and pencil she had in her front pocket to take his order.

"Now what you want Michael?" She asked smiling kindly at him ready to take his order.

Michael looked at the menu and decided he didn't want his usual meal but wanted something different.

"Can I have the jumbo shrimp with a side of fries and onions please with a glass of Pepsi also can I order a doughnut to go when I'm ready to leave" he replied.

"Of course your food is on its way" she replied winking at him and walked away to get his food ordered.

A while later after eating his filing meal and holding a bag of custard flavoured doughnut which was Amber's favourite treat at the moment.

Her cravings become weirder and weirder every day...

He thought laughing to himself.

Now back at the studio after thirty minutes Michael didn't see Quincy anywhere so he presumed he was still on his break.

To inhabit his boredom he decided to experiment more with his voice testing new heights on how he could change his voice, which he recorded and tinkled around with on the sound mixer.


Over the last months Michael and Quincy have become close to  now openly share part of their personal stories. Since Quincy was divorced he gave Michael advice for some certain aspects he faces in his marriage.

"Now Michael you've had this look of sadness in your eyes as you sang today what's up?" He asked gently.

Michael bite into his bottom lip momentarily before he replied "It's just the studio and my other job has kept me away from Amber..I'm happy she understands but I feel I'm missing so much in her pregnancy"

"Look Michael I know your trying to give yourself and her a better life but don't let it get to you she's still with you right? That shows she cares that much" he replied calmly.

"I know I feel so helpless Quincy" he replied sniffing slightly.

Quincy brought out his handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to him to wipe his tears.

"Now don't fret she's still with you just make sure when the time for you to blow up in your music that you don't end up leaving her behind which will anger her don't end up in my situation divorced and alone" he advised calmly.

"Your right"

"Well let's get to recording so we can get you home early today smelly" Quincy said switching the subject, smacking Michael hard on his back.

Michael huffed and rolled his eyes as he stood up and returned to the booth where they spent the next several hours into the evening recording.

Evening hit Michael was pleased to have know the music  was recorded and ready. All what was left now to was do the photography and promote the album song.

Meanwhile at home...

Amber lying on her back as she watched TV with her mum above her whale sized stomach.

Grace had the bowl of popcorn in her lap as her daughter laid beside her. Amber clawed at the popcorn in her hand but before she could move it anywhere near her mouth, the little one in her stomach gave one might kick stilling any movement she wanted to do previously.

The popcorn in her hand fell carelessly back into the bowl as Amber groaned in pain.

Through out the day the unborn Jackson kicked and shoved to not be ignored by it’s mother and grandma who could look on in amusment.

"When will he give me a break this kicking mum" she moaned to her mum who only chuckled.

"Don't worry hun you were just the same so you could leave my grandchild alone" she replied sweetly to her daughter who only scoffed.

"Well all this aggressive kicking this kid is hurting me why won't you stop for mummy Hm?" She replied rubbing the area the child kicked.

Grace looked on seeing the fond look on her daughter's face only made her reminisce that she wasn't her little girl anymore.

"I'm so proud Hun you married your childhood sweetheart and now your married with my grandchild on the way" she suddenly said.

Amber blinked in surprise and squeezed her mum's hand in thanks. They smiled at each other and focused back on the TV.



Now early in the evening Quincy was driving in the car with Michael on their way to Michael's home. The two of them cracked jokes and talked about various topics until the car pulled up at his building.


Walking up the stairs because the lift was out of service. The two of them trekked up the stairs to Michael's flat.

Just as Michael was about to insert his key the door opened to reveal Grave glaring at him for being late.

"Your late Michael" she said in a clipped tone.

Michael scratched his neck embarrassed and replied sheepish "traffic was bad on the way home"

"Well---" before Grace could scold him lightly Quincy standing behind him shoved him aside, apologizing charmingly "I'm sorry for keeping Michael away from Amber sometimes time tends to fly by miss..?"

"Grace Bailey and you are?" She replied turning on the charm.

"Quincy Jones Mrs.grace" he replied briefly looking down at her hands before he looked up.

Grace gigged flirtatiously "I'm not married".

"Why not come in for dinner? I think I made too much" she replied smirking sexily at him.

"I wouldn't mind Grace" he purred to her.

The more they talked Michael felt weirded out by the whole flirting situation. He chose to make his presence known "Eh guys shouldn't we go inside?"

The flirting moment popped the two adults who flushed bright red and proceeded to walk into the flat. Michael being the last to come in locked the door.

Amber sitting on the coach waiting for them looked up to see them enter.

"What took you guys so long??" She demanded highly emotional.

"Calm down love it was Quincy and your mum who were flirting" he replied and Quincy smacked him upside the head.

"Ow!" He yelped holding the back of his head in pain.

Amber rolled her eyes and spoke to Quincy as Grace and Michaelwent into the kitchen to microwave the food.

Minutes later they both walked out with the dishes and put them on the small table.

"As you can see we don't have a proper table hope you don't mind eating from your lap" Michael told him as he handed the plate over to him.

"No problem smelly" he replied grinning and Michael rolled his eyes.

Marlon was at Michaela's place eating dinner with her, because she was home alone and she called him to come keep her company.

Chapter End Notes:

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