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After the baby shower the summer days slowly begun to dry out as the leaves fell little by little from the trees in the area.


Summer clothes swapped for warmer clothing that everyone was not looking forward to.

Marlon went to work as usual enjoying the peaceful and calmer days when the shop wasn't filled with rude or overconfident customers who knew their ‘musical instruments’.

Currently he was cleaning the windows from the outside while Michaela sat on a stool behind the front counter counting bills and recorded how much the shop made each day.

Ten minutes he walked back into the shop wiping his brow with his hand.

"The weather is bipolar today" he complained to Michaela.

She looked up from her counting to nod at him and resumed what she was doing.

"Look Michaela thanks for the work you've put it in your likely the only worker I know who does so...also your kind of sweet" he said mumbling the last part and looking away from her.

Michaela's snapped up when she heard his appreciation about her effort and him using the word 'sweet' which wasn't usually in his vocabulary.

She accepted the feelings she had for him, because she knew underneath the cocky, rude and mean front he put up underneath was a sensitive and loyal guy she'd witnessed it in the love he expressed for his family.

She felt her heart flutter at his words; she decided to play a little clueless to see if maybe he felt the same way too.

"Are you drunk??" She asked him in a fake concerned voice.

"What?! No I'm not! Why would I be drunk when I'm telling you something" he replied rolling his eyes.

"What are you trying to say then??" She pressed trying to get him to open up.

Marlon breathed in a large deep of air before he gazed into her eyes as he stated honestly "I like you…. for how long I don't know but it's been on my mind for some time when I truly like someone I am faithful if you remember the discussion at my place about my love-life"

"I don't believe you..y-your crazy" she stuttered slightly feeling flushed now that his feelings were out in the open and she felt uncertain about his feelings.

Marlon fed up of her denial strolled up to her behind the counter and pulled her into his arms.

Now in his arms Michaela never knew from afar how light his hazel coloured eyes were she could even spot a flicker of green floating amongst the swirl of colours mixed in his eyes.

Just as Michaela was looking into his face he was observing her as well seeing the pimples scattered here and there on her ebony coloured skin but she was still beautiful to him.

Swallowing Marlon bravely took the chance he's dreamed about. He bent his head down meeting her half way making sure his nose wasn't in the way.

He placed his lips on her briefly before dividing into length the kiss, her lips felt soft and smooth just the way he imagined it.

As his eyes closed Michaela's eyes were opened in surprise until her eyes begun to close as she lost herself in his sweet kiss. His breath smelled of mint and bubble gum.

Before Michaela could lose any more air she pulled away from his lip as the two of them panted breathless from the unexpected kiss they shared.


An air of awkwardness sat between them, they didn’t know how to address the kiss or feelings now out in the open.

"Well I'll just go see what needs to be taken care" Michaela said and quickly left Marlon to ponder what happened.

The evening came and Michaela left for home as Marlon did the same. Marlon went home feeling depressed that his plan hadn't worked.

Now arriving home to see Amber sitting on the coach eating from a small bowl of popcorn watching an old western movie on the TV.

"How was work Marlon?" She asked looking at him briefly before shifting her attention back to the TV.

"I kissed Michaela" he replied as he sat next to her and munching on popcorn to hide his pain.

Amber's hand froze in mid-air as she was about to take a potion of popcorn from the bowl and dropped to her side.

"You kissed her?!" She uttered astounded.

He went onto explain what went on during the day now feeling depressed thinking Michaela must not feel the same.

 "No I don't think so Marlon don't jump to conclusions she might have been taken back by the kiss" she said in response to the story.

"You might be right suga but let's watch this movie shall we? Where is my adorable little brother??" Marlon asked flashing her a weak smile.


"Your brother is sleeping he returned from another day of recording he better spend some time with me soon because the little one will be here soon" she replied wiping a few tears from her cheeks.


Marlon kissed her forehead tenderly as he distracted her, telling jokes to get her to laugh that worked to his relief, to take her mind off Michael and her coming future.


The next day....


It was an awkward affair between Marlon and Michaela when they both strolled into work.


Marlon decided to be frank and straight forward to her about the mutual feelings they shared for each other.


"Look I know kissing you was out of line yesterday...but that's the only way I'm able to show you how I feel" he said licking his lips as he spoke.


"For a jerk you don't kiss too badly even if it was my first kiss" she replied timidly.


"I've heard better words to my kissing skills but I'll take that as a compliment" he replied smirking smugly.


"That wasn't a compliment" she snapped back at him.


"I'll take it as a compliment but I'm asking you this once..you are either my girl or not from now" he said holding eye contact with her to show how serious he was.


"I'll be your girl but we are taking it slow" she replied coolly.


Marlon's lips split into a wide smile hearing her declare that she would be his girl was sweet music to his ears.


Michaela witnessed his genuine smile for the first time blushed hotly as he strolled up to her bending down to lay a feathery kiss on her cheek.



Chapter End Notes:

it's a little short lol but i will update tomorrow or saturday.

at least the stubborn couple finally admitted their feelings lol.

comments are loved, enjoy!


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