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The day of Amber's usual monthly check arrived but unfortunately Michael wasn't able to make it due to working that day.

Obvious to the surprise baby shower Amber was coming home to. Michael, and junior were busily decorating the living room while the mums cooked the party food in the kitchen.

Marlon chose to drive her to the hospital so that would give the rest of the family time to plan and get everything prepared.
The two of them strapped and suited in the van drove to the hospital before the appointment.


Thirty minutes later..

Now in the hospital waiting at the desk after talking to the desk lady about the appointment.

Amber and Marlon sat waiting in the chairs provided talking over the child and her pregnancy.

"I'm so fat" she groaned rubbing her large bump.
"You aren't fat suga you've just added a little weight you've always been a little skinny" Marlon replied sweetly.

"Are you calling me a thin stick?!" She exclaimed irritated glaring darkly at him.

Her cheeks fuller due to the pregnancy only made her look more childish then threatening made Marlon chuckle who was used to her weird mood swings.

"You are beautiful just the way you are" he crooned to her.
"Stupid Jackson flirting" she mumbled blushing looking away from him.
"You are a Jackson suga" he reminded her smirking.

Before she could answer Doctor Alice strolled into the waiting room spotting them.

"Jacksons?" She called out and they looked up to see her at the door.
Marlon stood up from his chair helping Amber up carefully from her seat to follow Alice back to her office.

Entering into doctor Alice's office they sat next to each other now facing her look of disappointment.

"Such a shame Amber I didn't expect you to be with another man instead of your baby's father" she said in disapproval.

"Doc I am Michael's brother, I'm here in his place because he wasn't able to make it" Marlon responded.

Doctor Alice's cheeks grew warm in her mistake quickly apologized for her judgement.
She coughed lightly to break the silence and the appointment went along where she asked questions about her health writing the information down in Amber's file.

The Last part of the appointment was smearing the gel onto Amber's stomach as Marlon and Amber watched on the ultrasound screen.

The greyish screen appeared on the screen showing the little one.

Doctor Alice moved around to check if there was any issue concerning the child.
"The baby is healthy as well you can see him or girl has most of the features, feet and hands" doctor Alice said.

"Look at that nose the kid is a Jackson for sure" Marlon mentioned feeling amazed at the new life living in Amber's womb.

Amber snorted rolling her eyes as she replied "I won't be surprised if he comes out looking exactly like Michael"


"You never know the child might come out looking like me, Well we shall see in time I can't wait to get my bet money" Marlon replied smirking.
The appointment finished a little later giving them time to go a little window shopping now that Amber wanted to see if she could find something to buy.

"Now that I think about apart from reading and ordering things from the shop which hasn't even turned up till now..I'm scared Marlon" she said rubbing her balloon sized bump.

"Why are you scared suga?" He questioned gently.
"I don't know if I'll be a good mother to this kid when it comes to the world" she cried out sniffing.

Marlon pulled her into his embrace as she snuggled into his warmth.
"Look suga don't fret over anything alright? You have me, Micheal and our family to help you look after the little Jackson" he responded reassuring her.

Amber reminded that she wasn't alone with her small but knitted family and she will get all the help she needs.

The child kicked brought Marlon's gaze down to her stomach. He grinned entertained from feeling the slight kick near his ribs.

"Like I said that kid is a Jackson already a attention seeker" he bragged playfully.

Amber snorted amused at his words, Slowly moving out of his embrace the two of them went around the stores a little more to browse what selections were there and joking about as they made their own comments as well over some of the most expensive baby items.

Two hours later the two of them returned home.

Amber entered into the living room once more wasn't expecting shouts of 'surprise' by the smiling faces of her family.

"You all have gotta stop with these surprises!" She exclaimed dryly as everyone chuckled.
"Now why would we stop that love?" Michael said smiling tenderly to her as he wrapped her in his arms.

"You and your damn planning Michael" she replied smacking his chest as he kissed her cheeks sweetly.

"Now come on sis we did a pretty good job don't you think?" Junior called out puffing his chest out in pride.

Amber still in Michael's arms gazed around the colourfully decorated room from the banner to the presents sacked on the side.

"It's average" she replied teasing him as she watched him pout sadly.
Grace rolled her eyes at junior's words and pulled her away from Michael's arms to chat with her and Katherine as well as everyone else she met in the room.

The party continued on as Amber spent time talking with her family expect Andy and Cherri stood from afar talking to themselves.

"I just hope she accepts the gifts Cherri.." Andy said hopeful.
"You mean the presents I chose for our grandchild?" She said to him glaring at him playfully.

"I did help pick out some of things Cherri" he reminded her smugly.
"You mean the rainbow coloured tiger toy you wrapped?" She retorted with one brunette coloured eyebrow.

"The store owner said it was a unisex toy" he protested weakly to her.
Cherri giggled and rolled her eyes at his words as they continued to chat.
Cherri's laugh bought Grace's attention to where they were standing near the drink table.

Grace moving swiftly to where they stood. She couldn't help but break into the conversation in a clipped tone "you are busy here Andi while your daughter is talking with everyone while you and her have decided to exclude yourselves in the corner"

"Now Grace we have had our share talking to everyone in the room considering we aren't a large bunch so please stop trying to start an unecessary argument when it's not needed" he replied a lace of annoyance evident in his voice.

Frankly Andy was tired of Grace's harsh words endlessly trying to provoke a fight while he tried to be calm and respectful for Amber's sake and his grandchild.

"Now Grace I still see you have alot of anger still bottled in for my husband which I hope one day you will let go one day I do understand your pain I would have left him years ago...but we both were given two beautiful children out of it" Cherri stepped in solemnly.

Grace stood still digesting Cherri's words knowing she was right decided to not light aflame to another fight backed down leaving them be.
"You are right...enjoy the rest of the party" she replied and walked away.
The two of them sighed in relief now that she had left, the thickening air going along with her.

Eventually it was time for the presents to be opened, everyone sat on the chairs or coach expect Michael and Amber sat on a thick blanket.
"Which one should we open first?" Amber asked Michael excited at what could be hidden underneath the layers of wrapping.

"How about that blue one?" He replied pointing to the one on her left.
Amber grabbed the box and placing it on her stomach began to tear and claw at the wrapping until she opened the box.

Inside personalised set of building blocks in pastel colours of orange, blue and green.
"Wow who is this from?" She asked smiling.

"It's from the kids" Katherine answered smiling happily.
But the children knocked out from the food and cake slept peacefully in Michael and Amber's room.

The present opening continued as Michael and Amber shared the task of opening the gifts from everyone one at a time.

Until one gift was left between them Michael pushed it to her to open.
Wrappings flying all over the place the present turned out to be Andy's personal gift for his grandchild where as the other presents were mostly from Cherri and junior.

"Oh who gave me this?" She said waving the rainbow coloured tiger in the air.
"It was me.." Andy admitted meekly.

"Are you trying to buy my affections??" She asked narrowing her eyes at him.

"No I'm not I just thought the little one would like it" he protested weakly.
"Well thanks.." she said swallowing her pride and dropped it to the ground.

Before anymore could be said the door bell rung. Michael rose from his place on the floor and went to the door.

He came back with Michaela following behind. She was surprised to see more than people than she expected to see but she saw the reason and didn't let the several eyes gazing at her distract from the reason why she came over.

"Here's a small token from me for you and your little bundle of joy" Michaela said handing the gift card to Michael who thanked her and went back to sit by Amber.

"Wow thanks Michaela but how did you find out about this party?" she said nicely inwardly shocked that she was giving them something.
"Marlon was bragging about it at work that he was planning it for you and your husband" she replied rolling her eyes.

"Sounds like something he would do when all he did was get Amber away from the house" Michael added eyeing his brother from the corner of his eyes.
"I did a pretty good job so be grateful little brother" he replied smirking arrogantly.

As every mother with a spider sense for trouble, Katherine jumped in scolding them in her soft but deadly voice that held no room for argument "boys! Do not argue"

The two stubborn brothers grumbled at each other while everyone snickered themselves at them.

Katherine now turning her softening gaze to Michaela asked her if she wanted something to take along with her.

"No I'm fine no thank you ma'am" she replied.

"Not even some cake? I wouldn't want Marlon's girlfriend to not leave without anything" she said in a sad tone.

"We are not together!" Marlon and Michaela answered at the same time.
"Oh what a shame I didn't know would you at least take some cake?" Katherine replied in a mock tone of surprise but she was secretly enjoying the teasing couple.

"I'll take some cake then" she replied defeated.
"Wonderful" she replied enthusiastic and stood from her seat to get some cake wrapped up in a cloth to give to Michaela.

While that was being done Michaela and Marlon refused to look at each other. Michael enjoyed teasing his brother as Amber listened along.
Michaela stood waiting patiently until Katherine returned back with her cake which was taking too long for her. She wasn't a fan of crowds no matter how big or small was.

Katherine came back into the living room with the cake. Michaela took the wrapped cake from her hands as she thanked her and wished everyone farewell leaving hurriedly out the door.

The party continued late into the evening until the three residents remained.

Marlon who'd fallen asleep on the floor due to the amount of beer he consumed snored loudly to Michael's disgust.
The couple retreated back to their room with the gifts left near the wardrobe.

Amber pulled Michael closer to her and tugging him down to kiss her. She kissed deeply to the point he growled lowly.
"Make love to me please" she pleaded sweetly to him after they both came up for air.

"But the little one love" he replied worriedly.
"I will be fine" she replied calmly.

Taking her word for it Michael lead her to the bed and they made love enjoying each others warmth.

Chapter End Notes:

I just wanna give a shout out to Kay and Kara for commenting all the time you guys continue to inspire to me to not give up on this story. This chapter is for You! 


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