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On his way home from another long day of work, He didn't expect to bump into Michaela who had been carrying a cup of ice-cream unfortunately fell to the ground splatting everywhere.

Michaela was not in the mood for Marlon this evening. The treat she had enjoyed so far was now nonexistent on the ground.

She swept up her gaze to look into his eyes a fire blazing in her round eyes. Marlon saw that fire and didn't want to get his head bitten off, decided off the bat to apologize.

"I'm sorry for my behaviour when you bought back my wallet..it was kind of you to do and sorry for your ice cream." He trailed rubbing his hands into his Afro nervously, a habit he and Michael share.

Michaela was rendered speechless by him uttering 'sorry' twice in one breath. she stared at him wondering if he was sincere but holding eye contact she saw he was.

"I forgive you Marlon" she replied.

Marlon sighed in relief feeling the load from his chest disappear.

"I'll buy you another ice-cream" he offered starting up a conversation.

"Feels like history repeating itself isn't it?" She replied coolly.

"History or not your still a bitch" he replies jokingly.

"Your still an idiot" she replied rolling her eyes.

The unlikely pair went to the nearest ice-cream store and walked out with their own share of ice-cream which they ate on the way back home.
Marlon had invited her back to his home to visit his brother and Amber who were at home.

When Marlon opened the door he was grossed out to see Michael and Amber kissing intensely on the coach.
"Keep it pg you two I sleep on that coach" Marlon said to the couple.
The couple broke away from their kiss to stare at Marlon in mock annoyance.

"They are obviously in love idiot let em be" Michaela said defending them as she walked in after his words.
"Another reason why I like her" Michael said smiling at Michaela in greeting.

"Thanks" Michaela replied chuckling.
Amber and Michael moved aside to create room for them both to seat on the coach.

"Nice to meet you again" Michaela said politely to Amber who nodded at her in reply.

Michaela knew Amber didn't like her but she thought maybe in time they could have some mutual understanding at least.
The two brothers continued to talk about other topics bringing a gap between the two ladies.

"So how far are you in your pregnancy?" Michaela asked Amber hopefully to break the ice between them.

"About six months" she replied.
"Must be great to be pregnant I don't see myself pregnant in the near by future" she responded.

The conversation sizzled out between them and they ended up listening to the conversation between the two brothers which was on the topic of black music pioneers.

"James Brown is the godfather of funk bro he wins hands down" Michael said in relation to Marlon's words.

"I agree but I wouldn't mind me so Diana Ross bro she's a lil too skinny for my taste but I can manage" Marlon replied smirking smugly.
"You are disgusting I hope you know that I wonder if you'll be faithful to the girl you stay with" Michaela said putting into the conversation.

"You've said that so many times I don't care also you don't know me that well if I will stay faithful or not" Marlon replied turning to face her.

"Marlon is a loyal guy if you stopped arguing with him majority of the time you would know" Amber said snapping at Michaela.

"Easy love don't get too worked up" Michael crooned to her sweetly kissing her forehead.

"When did this topic turn to my love life?" Marlon asked slightly annoyed.
"Because Micaela cares for you so much" Michael teased him.
"Hell no bro don't even go there" Marlon complained.

"Well I think it's time for me to go home nice meeting you both again" Michaela announced feeling uncomfortable.

"Oh alright let me walk you to the door" Marlon said.
The two of them stood up walking to the door while amber and Michael sat on the coach talking.

"Why the attitude love to Michaela she might be Marlon's future girlfriend and wife!" Michael said to her baffled.

"I don't like her for now until she proves herself to be a nice person" she replied coolly.

Michael knew her mind was made up for now until she saw something she liked about Michaela who knows when that would happen? So he left the topic aside for the mean time.

Marlon returning from escorting Michaela to the door saw the absence of his siblings to see they had gone to their room. He went to the bathroom to have a shower and rest.

Chapter End Notes:

It's a little short endure for now lol.

Marlon can apologize?! Miracles do come true 😂, one day Amber will like but who knows when?.


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