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Two weeks later...

Two weeks later after the argument between Michael and Amber had dissolved during the time Michael has already started recording demos to be chosen for his album that will be released at the end of next year or the beginning of next year.

Michael and Amber were currently looking in the magazines for baby clothes and fighting over the colours of what their little ones colours should be and where the crib should be kept.

"How about grey Michael? Since we don't know the sex of the child just yet" amber suggested pointing at the grey coloured giraffe printed babysuit.

"Or a yellow colour?" He suggested as well flipping the page to the bright coloured sun decorated babysuit.

"That might be a bit too bright Michael, who knows how light or dark our child might turn out to be?" She said rolling her eyes.

"Maybe--" Michael replied before being cut off by Marlon suddenly sitting between them.

"I suggest blue but I have these tickets for a great funfair in the next town if you are both up for it" Marlon said jumping in and ignoring the two piercing glares.

"So?" He inquired causally waving the tickets freely.

"Alright we can go in an hour now can I and my wife go back to baby browsing please?" Michael said calmly.

"I could help since I don't have much to do---" Marlon said but cut off by the combined voices of Michael and Amber "Marlon!"

"Alright I'm leaving keep your fros on" he grumbled annoyed and went to the kitchen to eat.

The young couple alone again continued their conversation as they breezed though the many magazines spread on the table.
An hour later the three of them left the house to take the bus to the fair.

Getting off the bus the three of them walked to the fair entrance.

Michael brought two entrance tickets for himself and Amber, while Marlon looked on rolling his eyes and paid for his.

They walked into the large garden full of different rides ranging from bumper cars to the cute little teacup rides painted in a range of bright and bold colours.

The atmosphere full of laughter and joy amongst the families and couples walking around the park.

"Well I'm going to jump on all the highest rides I can my adorable siblings" Marlon smirking at them.

"I hope somehow your brain gets fixed while your on the rides" Michael replied.
"Michael! Don't say things like that!' Amber gasped smacking Michael on his chest while he laughed and grabbing her hands from continuing her assault.

"I didn't mean it he knows that love" he crooned tenderly to Amber.

"Whatever" she snapped back rolling her eyes and Michael bent down to kiss her firmly on the lips.

"Ok ew I'm going to go and have fun see you in a while lovebirds" Marlon replied in disgust and walked off.

So Marlon rode four rides he could find in the fair that was high enough to fill his Adeline addiction which left him yearning for some hot dogs.

Letting his nose guide him to the sweet aroma of sizzling hot dogs where he found a small food stall cooking row of hot dogs.

Marlon stood in front of the stall holding back the urge to drool, the tubby average height man wearing an apron turned around seeing his first customer.
His rosy cheeks rosy from the heat emitting from the fire in the grill.

"What you want young man?" He asked politely his polish accent lightly peeking though his American accent.

"One large hotdog with onions and mustard spread all over kind sir" Marlon replied.
"Alright sir" the man replied politely and went back to flipping the sausages on the grill.

Marlon waited patiently ignoring the rumble in his belly tapping his feet to pass the time.

After a few minutes of waiting he was handed his hot hotdog in a plastic plate. He held the plastic plate in one hand and used his other hand to shuffle into his pocket looking for change to give to the man. He found the money needed and then walked away with his paid meal.

Marlon stood not too from the stalls munching on his hotdog and moaning in pleasure at the delicious flavours he tasted on his tongue.

Until he was suddenly bumped into by someone and in his dismay he watched his meal drop to the ground in a splat of half eaten sausage.

He wasn't pleased to see his meal wasted on the floor and turned around to looking to find the culprit standing there without any look of remorse.

"Hey you! The girl with the afro" he bellowed angrily.

"Excuse me sir? I have a name and don't get to sad it's just a sausage" the girl he pointed out said sarcastic.

"That wasn't just a sausage! That was my meal bitch" Marlon sneered irritated.
"From that lithe dancer body you got going on a salad won't kill you" she said bluntly.

"Aren't you smug checking out my body but I want a payment for my meal bitch your buying me a new one" he retorted back annoyed.

"Alright fine I will I wonder how your friends cope with you" she said rolling her eyes and going to the same stall where he ordered from his directions.

"Go on" he said and waving her off.
A few seconds later she returned with the fresh sausage in hand and gave it to Marlon who dived into the sausage hungrily once again.

After Marlon finished his sausage and washed it down with a bottle of water, the two strangers decided not to stand in the middle of the way of people walking and went to one of the table and seats spread around.

"So who are you?" Marlon said calmly noticing her looks. She was a an inch shorter than by the flats he saw on her feet. She rocked a smaller Afro on her head covered in a light head tie keeping the Afro neat and tidy, she was ebony coloured and her eyes a dark brown shone brightly in intelligence.

"Why would I tell a complete stranger I don't know my name?" she replied dryly.
"I can name you sausage girl if you know what I mean" Marlon said winking at her.
"You're disgusting" she said in disgust at his words.

"Your choice" he said smirking smugly.
"Michaela" she replied simply.

"Your joking right?" Marlon said blinking in surprise the smirk faded away from his lips.
"Why would I joke about my name?" She said raising an eyebrow and thinking to herself if this guy was insane or stupid.
"Great your name is similar to my lil bro..why me" he groaned sadly.

"Excuse me?" She exclaimed in anger.
"Are you seriously comparing me to your brother" she sneered at him.

"I am not comparing you to my little brother Michaela you have a similar name to him" he said calmly.

"Your insane!" She said irritated.
"Insanely good looking Micky" he replied his expression jumping back to his signature smirk.

"Do not call Micky you big nosed idiot" she snapped back eyeing him.

Marlon like the rest of the Jackson clan were a little sensitive about their looks lashed out at her and they continued arguing madly.

In the distance Amber and Michael were laughing over a joke shared between them, as she held a pink stuffed teddy bear in her hands and he had his arm over her shoulder holding her gently to his side.
"Hey isn't that Marlon arguing with someone?" Amber pointed out.

"Your right love but what could have gotten him to argue with someone and a female isn't he smoothest talker?" Michael answered deadpan.

"Stop being mean MIchael let's go check it out" Amber replied and pulled him along to where the two were sitting at.
The two of them were so caught up in their bickering that they didn't even notice Michael and Amber standing in front of them.

Before this argument could escalate from sarcastic insults to personal ones Michael jumped in cutting them "I'm sorry for whatever my brother has said to you"
Michaela looked up to see a tall but lanky cocoa skinned man bearing similar features to Marlon next to her.

"Hey! Lil bro for once this time it wasn't my fault" Marlon complained.

"I find that hard to believe" Amber dropped in dryly eyeing him suspicious and Marlon grumbled under his breath.

"He's actually right as much as it hurts my pride to say it..why don't you both sit down to let me explain?" She gestured to the other seats while Michael grabbed two chairs for himself and Amber.

They sat for another talking about how Marlon and Michaela met until it was time for her to politely leave.

After departing the three of them stayed in the seats discussing Michaela.
"I like her" Michael announced cheerfully at the expense of Marlon.

"She isn't my type and too down right rude too many times in the time we spent together before you both came I wanted to kick her also your only saying that because she's similar to you" Marlon replied rolling his eyes.

"No Marlon I wouldn't like her because of our similar names, it's because she isn't a brainless girl and she has intelligence to keep up with you" he replied smoothly smirking at Marlon.

"Still don't like her" Marlon mumbled.
"How about you love? What do you think of Marlon's future wife?" Michael said switching his gaze to Amber.

"I don't like her she seems a little too into herself" she replied pausing to talk from drinking from her choice of smoothie consisting of a combination stomach cringe worthy flavours.

"Someone agrees with me halliuia" Marlon exclaimed happily and laid a kiss on her cheek a little close to her mouth in Michael's opinion.

"Remove those lips Marlon we won't have a repeat of what happened last year" Michael snapped to his brother.

"You aren't letting that go! It was an accident" Marlon whined childishly.

"Alright boys calm down, let's go home please" Amber said to stop an argument to break between them.

So getting up from the seats they went back to the front entrance to find where the van was parked and made their way home. Once home they all went to their separate rooms.

Chapter End Notes:

A new character introduced she has a mouth on her, I have no sympathy for her but amber doesn't like her. Comments are loved. Enjoy!

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