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"Little brother wake up" Michael heard a familiar voice whisper in his ear which had been on repeat for some time. He opened his eyes to see Marlon laying down next to him smirking smugly.

Unfortunately Amber has gone to visit my mother and Grace at the hotel leaving me with stupid Marlon. He thought irritated to himself.

"Ugh you aren't the first person I want to see" he groaned as he yawned sleepily.
"Your breath sticks bro..go get dressed you have your appointment with Epic records today" he said while he held his nose and eyed his brother like he smelt of rotten fish.

"Whatever leave I'll be ready in awhile" Michael said, rolling his eyes and throwing a pillow at him which he dodged and left him alone.

So getting up from the bed he quickly went to have a shower and dressed in a black blazer, red top underneath and navy jeans also penny black loafers on his feet.

Closing the door behind him he went into the living room to see Marlon seating there waiting. He stood up smirking and giving him the thumbs up which Michael presumed was about his outfit.

Rolling his eyes and they left the flat together going to the van.

They hopped into the van where as Michael sat in the passenger beside Marlon. He started the engine after the both of them were strapped in and went on their way to Epic Records.

Two hours later...

They arrived at Epic Records building ignoring the looks received from people around them the van parked, and they strolled into the building.

The busyness of the people rushing down the halls was a little daunting but Marlon patted Michael on the shoulder and they walked to the front desk.

"Hello Ma'am I have an appointment for Mr.Frank Dileo?" He asked the lady at the table, who looked up eyeing him momentarily.

She picked up the phone and asked his name and he replied "Michael Jackson"
She dialled a number on the phone, the quiet shrill of the ringtone playing as she tapped her long manicured nails waiting for someone to pick up.

Marlon stood beside him eyeing the people around them, while Michael stood waiting holding his breath anxiously.

"Yes I have a Mr.Jackson waiting here in the lobby for Mr.Dileo? OK alright thanks" she said and dropped the call.

"Alright Mr.Jackson turn to your left, wait for the elevator and get off floor seven then turn right to get to Mr.Dileo's office"

"Thank you" he replied flashing a quick smile and turned around while Marlon followed.

Following the instructions and pressing the button, they stood there waiting for the elevator to arrive. One minute later the elevator opened and the two brothers stepped in finding space to stand while Marlon pressed the seven floor number.

The room eventually found and to their suprise a Light skinned Latino woman in a burgundy suit was waiting.

"Ah you must be Mr.Jackson, I am Cameron Mr.Dileo's assistant" she said professionally and bringing her hand out to shake his.

"Thank you Miss.Cameron, I'm Michael and beside me is my brother, you wouldn't mind if my brother was allowed to attend the meeting? By the way how many people will be joining the meeting?" He asked and shook her hand.

She opened the door before she answered and stepped into the room to view a long sliver table spread half way into the room.
On the walls platinum records nailed neatly next to the black and white photo frames from different the musical legends beside their records.

Just looking at the musical legends makes me feel queasy about my success.. will my musical career will be as popular as the greats? Michael pondered in his mind.

"Well Mr. Jackson Mr.Dileo will be here in a few minutes with the rest of the board members but I apologize your brother won't be allowed to stay in the meeting" she said sadly.

"Even if I can't stay in the meeting is it possible to get your number so we can chat sometime?" Marlon pipped in trying to flirt.

Michael reeling in the urge to hit Marlon upside the head, instead chose to observe him hoping his stupid flirting won't get them in trouble or kicked out before even having the chance to impress the board members.

"Sorry Mr.Jackson but I'm happily taken" Cameron replied smoothly and showed the diamond ring on her slim hand.

"Oh.. congrats" Marlon replied sheepishly and looking away to look at the photos.
Michael couldn't help but snigger behind his hand witnessing his flirting fail.
"I'm sorry for my brother on my behalf Miss.Cameron"

"No no its fine Mr.Jackson I get it all the time I find it amusing" she replied chuckling as well and waved it off.

A few minutes later Frank arrived with the rest of his board members from what he could see the group of six people a far split between the genders. Marlon wished him good luck and left the room to wait outside.

"Mr.Jackson I hope we didn't make you wait too long!" Mr.Dileo said apologetic.
"No it's fine I didn't want too long Mr.dileo" he replied calmly but inside he was a bundle of nerves.

"Don't stand there Mr.Jackson find a seat so we can start, please call me Frank" Frank said kindly.

So he obliged him and found a seat opposite the board members.
I felt like a fly under a large telescope with their eyes trained on me for the time being. He thought feeling uncomfortable with their straight forward stares.

So to start off the meeting Frank clapped loudly to get everyone's attention on him, "well everyone I called this meeting for this young man who I believe has what it takes to become an international star..we all have heard his original demo?" He paused briefly looking around the room and the board members all nodded their heads in agreement.

"So to make this meeting not drag on, the board members have a few questions before we dive into the contract and royalties" Frank said paused to let one of the members talk.

"If we are going to brand you as a star Mr.Jackson we need to know if you have family?" One of the members pipped in.
"I have my wife and child on the way also my mother and siblings around" Michael answered truthfully.

"Well if we are going to brand you as a solo artist you're going have to lost the ring" he said eyeing my ring.
"What?!?" He exclaimed annoyed.

"Well the reason is why Mr.Jackson is because fans won't accept a married man if we are able to keep your brand as solo act people will be more interested..we want you to be internationally know also it's for her safety as well" another member added while pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

"Fine but she won't be happy when she hears this" he replied swallowing nervouslyy.

"We know Mr.Jackson but if you explain it more clearly she'll understand now let's continue the rest of the meeting" Frank responded and the meeting went on.

Soon after an hour the meeting finished with the contract signed and checked over for any loop holes as well the fair royalties income checked. Michael made sure to have his own copy of the contract.

Walking out of the meeting seeing Marlon sitting there lost in his thoughts until Michael's approaching footsteps jolted him out of his thoughts and they walked back to the van.

As Marlon drove he explained the details of the meeting but when he got to the part of hiding Amber..things became heated between Marlon and Michael.

"Bullshit bro" Marlon snapped irritated.
"How?! When I want to protect my family against crazy fans? Besides I didn't agree with this discussion either Marlon" he snapped coldly.

"You practically agreed bro when you signed the contract and how long are you hiding Amber from the world?" He asked patiently.

"A while" he replied weakly biting his bottom lip.

"How long is a while might I add?" He asked coolly while he kept his eye on the road driving.

"A year or more..." I mumbled in reply.
He didn't speak any further and they sat in silence for the rest of the journey, Michael looking out of the window at the passing buildings and people also worrying about Amber's reaction to the whole situation.

The van suddenly stopped and Marlon turned his body facing Michael while one arm was on the wheel.
"Get out" he stated calmly.
"For what reason Marlon!" Michael exclaimed in surprise.

"Because you and I know Amber will not be happy with your decision and she might divorce you if I'm lucky she will so I can marry her and look after the baby who will definitely turn out to be a Jackson so no worries on who the father is since we are brothers" he finished off and Michael could see how upset he was by the whole discussion.

Without another word Michael did as he asked and he drove off leaving him to stand near the hotel where he and Amber previously stayed.

Fifteen minutes after Michael opened the door to walk into the living room to lay eyes on a furiously pissed off Amber waiting for him.

She stood up and crossing her arms glaring at him practically fuming if she was a cartoon character steam would be steaming out of her ears.

"I--" he tried to say but she swiftly cut him off "I know what your going to say Michael because Marlon has already told me the news and as you can see I'm clearly not happy about it"

"Its for the better good Amber" he said trying to reason with her.

"How was this discussion you clearly made with the company good? By putting I and our unborn child in the dark while you go off and become famous?! No Michael that is absolutely crap I won't tolerate this shit at all!" She exclaimed hotly.

"Please Amber calm down think about the little one" he pleaded knowing she was getting worked up without hearing his side of the story.

"No I'm the only one clearing thinking about the little one while it's daddy goes off to be a pop star!" She hollered hotly.

"I know your mad but please hear my side of the story, I didn't want to exclude you both at all!" He shouted back at her which seems to be the only way she'd listen.

"Don't you dare scream at me--!" She said before her eyes rolled back and she fell to the ground in a crumbled heap.

"Amber!" Michael screamed seeing her fall to the ground, luckily not on her stomach, he bent down and pulled her to his chest checking her pulse which told him she was breathing.

Marlon stepped into the room and came straight to then where they laid on the floor uttering in panic "what the hell happened?!?"

"No time to explain! call an ambulance" he shouted to him.

Marlon quickly went to the phone and called the ambulance. Luckily after a few minutes they arrived, the crew strappig her in the stretcher and placing it into the ambulance.

"Sir are you her husband?" One of the staff asked gently.

"Yes I am" I told him and he nodded allowing himto step in.

Before he closed the doors, Michael hollered to Marlon to meet him at the hospital and to call the mothers, Andy and junior to inform them about what happened.

Marlon nodded and went back inside while the doors behind him, he bent down to kiss Amber while she laid on the stretcher unconscious.

Eventually at the hospital and given a room. After telling the nurse who their doctor was, Doctor Alice rushed into the room minutes later.

Doctor Alice was a middle aged white woman with long jet black hair always styled in a high pony tail.

"What happened Michael? I know I told you not come back here stressing Amber and it clearly shows you have" she scolded lightly.

He hung his head in shame bothering not to answer, while she fussed around looking for the ultrasound and found it after a few minutes while she set up.

The ultrasound now functioning she rubbed a generous amount of cold jelly on Amber's stomach gently, then picked up the ultrasound transducer and began to move it on her stomach looking for the fetus.

He held his breath looking at the screen waiting until a second later the flutter of a steady heartbeat filled the room.
Just hearing the baby's heartbeat washed all his fears of losing...no he can't think like that now that the baby is ok.
"Well the little one is fine, lucky there isn't any bruising around the stomach but please be more careful..I'll just check a little more just in case" doctor Alice said firmly.

He watched her check Amber all over and soon after she gave him a paper of instructions and left leaving the young couple alone.

Twenty minutes later Amber woke up and rubbed her eyes to find out she was in the hospital.

When she spotted her husband, the sleepiness in her eyes vanished into an icy glare. He handed her the paper and let her read it for herself since she was still angry about the earlier discussion.

Fortunately the family arrived including the kids huddling into the room worried over Amber who insisted she was fine.

But Junior wasn't happy seeing his sister in hospital immediately put the blame on his brother-in-law.

"What did you do! She shouldn't be here in the first place" he snarled annoyed.
"This is a discussion between I and Michael thanks for the concern bro" she said gently at Junior who calmed down.

This just wasn't my day how did such a joyful day turn sour so quickly?.. Michael thought sadly to himself.

Eventually everyone left an hour later and it was only Marlon, Amber and Michael left.

Marlon for once using his brain sensed Michael and Amber still needed to talk, went out of the room to make a phone call.

"Why Michael? Tell me why you would hide me and our baby away from the world..? Do we mean that little to you?" She spoke in a heartbroken voice as she bite on her bottom lip.

Her words tore his heart because he didn't want his music career to halter their relationship or hide their child away from the world.

"You and our little one mean the world to me, I'm only dong this to protect you please see it from my side" he told her praying she'll see this was hurting him just as it was hurting her.

"I don't believe you Michael, I really don't anything else I'd believe but to hide me and our baby is wrong" she replied emotionless and turned her head away.

A silence fell between them and Marlon came back into the room feeling the tension asked if anyone was ready to go.

Returning home was a quite affair and when the door was opened Amber stomped into the room slamming the door behind her.

Before he had the chance to follow Marlon stepped in front of him.

"Lil Bro you've got to give her time when's she ready to talk to you" he said in a reassuring tone.

"Yes your right..at least can you put the contract in my document files box in the room?" He requested kindly.

"Sure thing lil bro" he replied and Michael handed him the document. He watched him knock on the door, He entered the room after several minutes walked back out.

Marlon and Michael spent the rest of the evening talking about various topics until they slept off on the coach.

The next morning....

Michael woke up from his slumber rubbing the sand out of his eyes, looking around to see Marlon wasn't sleeping beside him.
He stretched his tired limbs and hearing the faint poping sound.

Now satisfied he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and have a quick shower.

Awhile later stepping into his and Amber's bedroom with a towel wrapped around his slim waist, to see her laying with her back cushioned in by the pillows.

She looked up when she saw him but thankfully her eyes weren't full of icy resentment.

He choose to ignore her for the meantime and get myself dressed.

Once he was dressed, he headed to the door but her voice stopped him from opening the door.
"We need to talk Michael"

He breathed in three short breaths and mentally prepared himelf for another showdown.

Turning his full body around Michael sat at the edge of the bed staring intensely into Amber's eyes.

"Look yesterday Michael I didn't mean to yell at you losing my temper...I thought I'd managed to rill in my temper but with this pregnancy my hormones are all over the place" she paused running her hands though her now frizzy hair.

"the thought of you hiding us away made me feel worthless..because it's felt like you were hiding us away from the world..I know I promised a while back I'd be there for you just not like this" she continued on and now sat looking into his Brown eyes.

"Oh Amber I would never want to hide you from the world why would I? You are my wife and lover. I want you to be part of my growth in music and where it takes us. I love you and our little miracle too much to leave you alone because I want to keep you both safe from harm" he replied lovingly and placing one large palm on Amber's growing stomach.

Amber breathed out a small sigh while she closed her eyes while he stroked her small bump.

Opening her eyes again she looked into his eyes, forgiveness and love lingering in her big brown eyes.

"I understand Michael forgive me?" She asked pouting sadly.

Michael could only chuckle at her expression and inside he was feeling peaceful that she had accepted the requirements of the contract.

"Always" Michael replied smiling as he stretched himself to kiss Amber's soft lips.
"You can do better than that hubby" she replied smirking coyly.

Michael quickly flying to the door and locking the door while Amber giggled at his behavior. He swiftly walked back to her and kissed her soundly to the point that she moaned quietly.

Which lead to other activities between them and as always made up in their own unique way.

Marlon passing by the door from the bathroom after his shower only in a towel while used another one to dry it as he walked. His feet stopped at the door when he heard muffled noises coming from inside.

He shook his head and went back to the living room to lotion his trimmed figure. After dressing up Marlon couldn't help but smirk at the thought of his brother getting it on also glad to know that his favourite couple were back together.

Chapter End Notes:

Longest chapter I've ever written so far this story..

What are your thoughts about the fight between Michael and Amber do You agree with Micheal or Amber on agreement of hiding her and baby from world to get a boost in his music career? Leave a comment! Enjoy!

Oh this story is based in the 70s forget to mention lol.

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