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Several days later....

The days relatively normal for Marlon, Michael and Amber (on the inside the married couple were thinking of Michael's musical career tipping dangerously over the edge) but they didn't let the thought disrupt their daily lives.

At the moment Amber was home sick from work and laying down in front of the coach waiting for the boys to return from their grocery shopping.

A light knock on the door startled Amber, but she stood up a pinched expression appeared on her pretty features. She wasn't expecting anyone.

So callously she went to the door and opened it slowly to view a middle aged man wearing a plain grey suit and a silk tie with a cigar in his mouth.

Which he was chewing when she opened the door and his dark blue eyes landed on her.

"Hello sir, who might you be?" Amber asked politely.

"Hello missy I'm looking for a Mr.Jackson I am Frank Dileo! Did Andy say anything about it?" He said coolly.

Amber paused for a moment thinking over it until she remembered his name and she smiled now politely..the day they had been waiting for finally arrived.

"Oh it's you, unfortunately my husband isn't around at the moments he's out shopping" Amber now smiling sheepishly.
She turned around and strolled back into the living room where as Frank followed her into the living room.

"Could you please not smoke in here Mr.Dileo, cigars make me feel nauseous" Amber said politely.

Frank seeing he had no choice quickly put out his cigar and they sat down talking about music, policitics while waiting for Michael to appear.

Meanwhile at supermarket..

"Marlon put that tube of coffee flavoured ice-cream back!" Michael snapped irritated to his older brother.

"What? All these stuff are for Amber possibly not me" Marlon said innocently.

"Just put everything back that we don't need, we don't have enough cash to spend besides I know what my wife wants" Michael responded irked.

Marlon rolled his eyes at his younger brother and returned half of the items back on the shelf and sneaked in a snack for himself which he was going to pay for.

Now Michael went off to go try and buy some decent quality baggy tops for Amber ever since she started getting larger, she'd wear his old tops instead before leaving he told his brother to go pay for the items in the trolley.

Marlon leaving with the trolley went to the queue and to his lucky chance there was a pretty pale skinned girl with big green eyes and short copper hair.

Marlon strolling up to put all the items on the checkout and he went to end of the checkout and stood there for a millisecond admiring the features of the gorgeous tiller and reading her name tag below before he smirked coyly and said,

"Ashely can I take you out for dinner this evening your choice" he said coyly.

Now Ashely was not in the mood to be flirted with the tenth guy this week, just as she was about to hurl an insult to let the guy know to back off...her gaze fell on a light skinned fella and she was mesmerized by his unique hazel eyes.

Michael returning ten minutes after finding several tops for Amber, went up to the till to see his brother holding up the cue and flirting at the same time.

Really?! This idiot! Why are we related?!.. Michael pondered to himself for the millionth time.

He strolled up to the cue and gave his brother one quick slap upside the head and Marlon held his head in pain to only turn to see the look of disapproval from his younger brother.

"What the hell lil bro!" Marlon complained annoyed to Michael.

"Your wasting everyone's time. let's go" Michael said.
Ashely couldn't help but look at the equally handsome Michael who was glaring at his brother until his eyes snapped to hers and he smiled apologetic on his brothers behalf and Marlon was dragged away. Ashely shrugged her shoulders used to it and went on with her work.

Marlon and Michael made it home without a minute to spare. Marlon opening the door and being the first to walk in, stopped frozen in his tracks seeing the middle aged man sitting beside Amber currently having a pleasant conversation.

"Why hello you just be Michael nice to meet you" Frank greeted warmly to the obviously confused Marlon.

Just as Marlon was about to greet him, Michael shoved him to the side ignoring Marlon's glare and stood with his hand out ready to shake Franks hand.

"Hello Mr.Dileo you must have mistaken my brother over there Marlon as me, I am Michael Jackson" Michael said to him smiling charmingly.

Frank stood up as well and shook Michael's hand firmly and he went immediately into business mode asking for Michael to sing a whatever song comes to his mind.

Which lead Michael to be nervous on the spot but the expression of encouragement on Amber's face made him strong.

So swallowing the spit down his throat, he sang a quick rendition of Upside down by Diana Ross.

Even just hearing some of his talent Frank was floored at the young man's talent and knew the conversation with Andy that he wouldn't make the wrong mistake about scouting was true.

His mind made up Frank stood up adjusting his tie for a second and smiling smugly told a panicking inwardly Michael,

"well my boy, you've definitely got the voice but the star power? We can mold that into to you but your defiantly star quality..I'll arrange a meeting with my other producers about your contract at Epic Records and get back to you asap"

"Thanks so much sir!" Michael exclaimed in uncontrable glee.

That been said Frank giving a quick goodbye to Amber and Marlon swiftly went out the door.

Chapter End Notes:

Is it me or Marlon never gets the girl at all? Smh. Comments are loved! Enjoy

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