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When I woke up two hours later, my eyes were blinded for a second by the flashing lights and rainbow colours of the different designs and signs.

I rubbed my eyes to remove the dust and blinking my adjusted eyes to see where we were.

Sitting more comfortable and Michael had seen I had woken up chirped tiredly "evening sleepy head"

Looking at our surroundings as we drove on into the city, my curiosity peaked "applehead where are we?"

He replied "we're in vegas love"

"Why are we here applehead? I thought we going somewhere else?" I asked skeptical.

"I brought you to Las Vegas to marry you..and it was one of our routes" he responded and keeping his eyes on the road.

"I knew you would want to get married one day but I never expected it to be this early and all of the people why me?.." I said to him unsure and a little shocked at him wanting to marry me.

Michael suddenly stopped the van and parked the car on a deserted street.

Michael unbuckling his belt and faced me a look of horror and declared "why would you say that woman? I love you and why wouldn't I marry you? I've wanted to be your husband for so long"

Michael brought one long finger under my chin and brought his lips to mine kissing me deeply before pulling away and kissing my cheek as he stated strongly "and don't you ever forget it"

I nodded and he let go putting on his seatbelt on and we drove on, the thought I was going to actually get married and to Michael was mind blowing till I realized mama wasn't going to happy with her only child being married and not having a proper wedding.

So we drove past the distinctive and various type of people on the road and I wanted to know where my ring was.
"So Mr.Jackson where is my ring? You can't marry me without it" I implied jokingly but I was half serious.

Michael tittered a little nervous and replied playing along "well Mrs.Jackson I uh don't have the ring that's why we are on our way to a jewellery store I asked around while you were sleep"

I didn't say anymore and we kept on driving till the van stopped in front of a blue painted decent looking store and the sign from what I could tell from my seat was called 'J&C jewels'.

As I was unbuckling my seatbelt Michael stopped me
dropping his hand on my thigh.

"Someone needs to stay behind and look after the van..I'll be back" he patted my thigh before opening the door and walking out heading straight to the store.

So I sat in the car drumming my hands together to help my boredom but that died fast and I brought out my sketchbook and ended up drawing the scenery.

An hour later Michael came back holding a black bag in his hand and smiling weakly.

"What took you so long applehead you were in there for too long as it is!" I said to him annoyed.

He got into the car and apologized that he had spent an hour with one of the staff about the cheapest but wonderful and most durable rings he could find.

I placed the bag on my lap and just as I was about to open the bag, Michael exclaimed that I shouldn't till we arrived at the chapel and I obliged for his sake.
So we buckled up again for the third time this evening and went to the local chapel down the road. We parked the car in a deserted car park and strolled to the chapel.

When we entered into the chapel, the soft music of wedding bells played as we went straight up to the desk at the door.

The lady chewing bubblegum and clearly bored by the way she was playing with her nails brightened up when she saw Michael stand in front of her.

"What can I do for you suga?" She flirtatiously asked him.

Michael ignoring her asked bluntly "I want to marry my girlfriend beside me, how fast is it possible to happen?"
stepping beside MichaeI, I aimed a smug smile at her.

Yea he's mine! Thanks for trying bitch. I thought to myself.

The chance she thought she had flew away and she went back into professional mode checking in the book for any free reservations.

"Well..you both are very lucky to have come here today we have an available priest available in thirty minutes will that be alright?" She said falsely in a bubbly voice.

"That is perfect..how much do I owe?" Michael asked smiling happily at the news.

"That will be $200 dollars sir" she responded.

Michael bringing out his wallet and finding the right amount of money, handed it over to her and she gave us a receipt in return and told us to wait.

We went to sit in the rows of seats in the chapel, the
butterflies in my stomach continued to flourish with every minute passing by and Michael rubbing down my arms as he chatted excited at the thought I was going to be his wife.

The time drifted faster than I thought and we were summoned by a tall and big boned man in his late forties clothed in a pineapple themed green top and shorts.

We stood before him and he read the vowels and we repeated it back to him. Michael was smiling beautifully his gaze filled with love and devotion now knowing I was going to be his and only his.

I felt the prick of tears run down my cheeks as the priest asked if we had any vowels prepared.

Michael chuckling quietly and taking a deep breath and began to say his vows to me,

"I don't have one prepared but I will say this, Amber I promise to love, hold and cherish you till the day I leave this earth and I promise to never stop loving you no matter what we go though in this life because I know we will make it through..and I also promise to give you an even better wedding some day that will show this world that you were right for me"

The tears flowed after his heart felt speech and I felt his emotions flow freely from his eyes as he drank in my properly tear stained face.

I sniffed and laughed rubbing my nose with my free hand and smiled crookedly at him and said my vows hoping all the love I had for him shows though.

"I don't even have my mine prepared either but I love you so much Michael even when you annoy me"

I paused hearing him and the priest chuckle lightly and that gave me the signal to go on.
"I never knew what true and passionate love was Michael until the day when that bitch tried breaking us apart but that only made my love for you stronger knowing you have always been there for me and I promise I will be by your side helping you chase our dreams become a reality and I'll always be yours forever and always...I don't care for a proper wedding all that matters is we are together"

I finished and I saw the tears in his eyes as we both stared at each other in wonder.
The priest cut in and asked us for our rings in which

Michael brought out the rings from the bag and the priest allowed us to put the ring on each others left finger.

I could feel my hands shaking trying to place Michael's ring on his hand and he laughed.

I glared at him playfully but the ring was on his left finger eventually and the priest blessed our marriage before reciting the sacred words 'you make kiss the bride'

And Michael pulling me by the waist into his arms, kissed
me so passionately and long I could feel my legs buckle in the process.

Before it became a little higher than pg rated the priest coughed to get our attention and we both giggled childishly embarrassed at our behavior.

We did the signing of making our marriage legal and the priest actually wished us the best of luck genuinely.

We left the chapel and drove off to the next hotel we could find which was a three star motel.

The neon green sign blinking, it was too dark to see what the motel looked like but it looked good enough.

So parking in the car park, we made our way into the motel and paided for two nights.

We brought everything we had with us from the van and went to our shared room.

Michael opening the door and I locked it behind me after he dropped the bags all over the room.

The room was cleaned and it seemed we had gotten the best room with the velvet heart shaped bed and simple furniture where as the bathroom was connected to the room.

I went into the bathroom to freshen up feeling anxious and nervous that tonight was the night I and Michael would make love..it sounded so cliche but it wasn't when it was going to happen.

I had a quick shower to calm my nerves and changed into my pjs and walked out.
Michael was shirtless with only his red boxers on and laying down on the bed lost in his thoughts.

When he heard my entrance he stood up and walked up to me, grasping my waist softly prodding my back.

I felt a shiver run down my neck as we looked at each other. I admit I was nervous so rambling was my only option.

"So we're here eh Michael" I said shyly.
"Yes we are and I can't wait to have this moment with you" he crooned lovingly a gleam glowing in his coffee coloured eyes.

"Yea" I agreed shyly and Michael noticed and cupping my cheek soothingly said gently "you've gone shy amber don't be, I am your husband" there was a hidden layer of smugness in his gentleness.

I smacked his chest and of course it wouldn't hurt him instead a gleam of possessive shined in his eyes.
Suddenly Michael suddenly grabbing my ass and lifted me up into his arms and automatically I clung my legs around his waist.

"Eep!" I squeaked at the sudden movement and I was all but ready to scold Michael but instead he kissed me intensively and my mind went blank lost in his kisses.
One thing lead to another and my back was on the bed and we were exploring each other's body throughout the night.

Chapter End Notes:

The next chapter...I hope the vowels weren't too cheesy 😅 but hey their married..my babies *sniff*


Hope you enjoy it, as always your comments are loved 😘


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