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It was another day at home waiting for Joseph to return home. As usual Amber's mum was around keeping Katherine company ever since the day Michael and Amber ran away they've became closer as friends over the worry of their children.

Randy and Janet were at their friends place so it was only Grace and Katherine in the house.

They were sitting in the living room chatting over the latest gossip and having homemade treats with a glass of ice tea.

"Kathy? Your daydreaming again come back" Grace's voice bringing her back to the present.

"Oh dear I'm sorry" she replied feeling slightly embarrassed.

Grace chuckled and patted her shoulder in sympathy, continued their chat while eating and drinking.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, Kathrine looked at Grace for a second and excused herself to open the door.

She opened the door to see a young pale skinned policeman.

"Are you Mrs.Jackson?" He asked.
"Yes I am, any problem officer?" She replied to him concerned.

"Well Mrs.Jackson..we found the body of your husband Joseph In the river yesterday" he said gravely.

She blinked several times letting the information sink in...her legs buckled and the young man quickly grabbed her before she could collapse to the floor.
He quickly carried her by the waist to the living room and Grace seeing what was wrong stood up to help him.

Katherine didn't know what was going on around her she could only hear the muffled voices of Grace and the policeman while she sat in silence staring at the wall.

"Katherine I know your hurting at hearing this devastating news but you still need to be strong for your younger children" Grace pleaded to her.

"I-I know but it hurts so much" she stuttered to her and the tears fall down Katherine's cheeks and Grace feeling pity gave her a long hug.

After that day Katherine placed her energy on the children at home with Grace helping on the side.

Katherine still grieving for Joseph but his presence gone felt that a burden had lifted off her shoulders but she stayed strong for her babies.

Now it was a cool afternoon where Katherine and Grace were sitting outside the lawn enjoying the breeze and sipping orange juice.

"Katherine" Grace called out to Katherine, and she turned gazing at her.

"I have had this idea of us moving to L.A with the children, a fresh new start!" She spoke excited.

"A fresh start...? Isn't what we have here alright Grace?" She asked sceptical.

"This place only holds you back Katherine, with the death of Joseph and haven't you realised none of your other sons haven't come home to see you once?" Grace responded gravelly.

She was right..none of my remaining boys had come to see me and that was heartbreaking to realise if they didn't want to see us there was no point staying in Gary when there was nothing left for us. Katherine thoughtful sadly to herself.

"Yes you are right Grace..let's start packing and be ready to leave Gary soon" she said sniffing slightly and dapping the wetness in her eyes with a hanckerchief.

"Don't worry Katherine everything will be alright..maybe in our trip we could find our missing children" she said reassuring and lightly patting her shoulder.

They continued to chat and make their plans as we watched Randy and Janet play in front of them.

Several weeks later...

Katherine,Grace and the kids were in the taxi coming to L.A as their first stop.
The taxi strolled into the city Inglewood and Katherine seeing her fussy young children complaining for snacks.
She got out of the taxi to stroll into the store to buy a few snacks for herself, Grace and the kids.

As she collected her items and was strolling to the front to pay for her items, she froze when she saw a familiar face she hadn't seen in over five months.
Is that Marlon? Or could I be seeing things? Katherine thought astonished to herself.

Marlon who was at the store buying some groceries for Amber's crazy appetite, he was only doing this because Michael was too damn lazy to do so..making him a delivery boy but he always got his payback eventually.

Marlon was bending down looking though the selection of spreads to put on bread.

Hm peanut butter or Jelly? Ah well I'll take peanut butter..that should be alright!. He thought victorious to himself.

He stood up holding the peanut butter and putting it in the basket, to look up into the misty eyes of his mother staring at him in shock.

"M-mother?! What are you doing here ...?" He exclaimed in complete surprise seeing her face for first time in months.

He walked up slowly to her dropping his basket to the floor and gazing into her eyes.

His mother snapping out of her daze raised trembling hands forgetting the snacks she had in hand while they dropped to the floor.

She raised her hands cupping Marlon's face and smiling tearfully.

"My baby your still alive! I'm so happy to see you" she said while dropping a feathery kiss on his forehead.

"Mother" Marlon whined childishly.

"Oh Marlon don't be like that, can't a mother express her love for her child" she scolded playfully to Marlon.

"Yeah but how comes your here mother? I thought you'd never leave Gary..what happened?" Marlon inquired confused.

The smile on his mother's face dropped to a tight lipped expression.

"I will tell you once we've payed for the items" Katherine replied.
Marlon bending down picked her up forgotten items and they went to the till to pay for them.

Afterwards the reunited mother and son coming together out of the store catching up.

"I can't believe it...Joseph dead? With the way he talked and did his business you'd believe he was invincible" Marlon pointed out until he realised he had a made mistake.

"Uh business I mean mother--" he said.

"Don't worry baby, I knew what he was doing but as much I wanted to get involved I had to play a clueless wife even if it meant seeing my babies get hurt" Katherine interrupted.

"Well at least he isn't around..Michael and Amber will be able to breath now he's gone" Marlon said happily.

"They're here Marlon?! Oh Grace will be so happy to hear this, let's go to the taxi" Katherine said grabbing his hand and they went to the taxi.

Katherine opened the taxi front door where Grace was sitting and waiting for her return.

"Katherine what took you so long?, uh who's that behind you...? She asked eyeing the young man behind her.

"Remember my other son Marlon Grace I told you about in many of our discussions" she replied hoping it would jog Grace's memory.

"Oh I remember now..one of your many sons" she retorted smirking.
Now I see where Amber gets her attitude from... Marlon thought annoyed to himself.

"Enough about that Grace, Marlon knows where our babies are"
"What he knows?! Let's go" Grace exclaimed in excitement.

Katherine quickly went to the back and handed out the snacks to her youngest children. She suggested Marlon to come into the car but he declined.

He went to get the van and he came with the van minutes later. The taxi followed his van to the street where he stayed with his bro and Amber.

The journey overall took thirty minutes where as the children fell asleep. When they arrived the taxi dropped them off in front of the long and building.

Marlon took charge getting their bags out of the taxi while the mothers held the young ones in a protective grip.

Luckily the flat was on the first floor so Marlon getting the bags up the stairs wasn't too much of a task for him.

Now all the bags were up the stairs and placed the near the door.

Marlon shuffling in his pocket for his key, He found the key and opened the door to let his mother and Grace walk into the home.
Now the two mothers walking into the home seeing it for the first time and impressed at what they saw.

"Marlon! Amber is having a nap! Why are you making such a damn racket, dimwit"

Michael called out to his idiotic brother and went into the living room to see what was up.

Katherine held her breath when she heard her lost son's voice.

Michael's footsteps drawing near and near to the living room, when he stopped in his tracks when he saw his mother and Mrs.Bailey standing in front of him.

"Mother! Mrs.Bailey!" Michael shouted in amazement.

"Well hello Michael dear, reduce your voice we don't want to wake your siblings up" she said in a greeting.

"Yes.." he said trailing off still in shock.

"Well let's drop them off in your room to continue their nap." Katherine said and they went to Micheal and Amber's room luckily Amber had gotten up to go to the bathroom.

The young ones were bundled up sleeping next to each other peacefully and they left closing the door quietly behind them.

Now returning to the living room to see Marlon had brought all the luggage in and was sitting on coach relaxing.

"Surprise?" He said cheerfully a hint of nervous in his voice.

"How..?" Michael asked baffled at the chance seeing his mother again.

Katherine couldn't hold back the affection and worry she had inside for her baby. She wrapped her arms around Michael in a loving mothering embrace.

Michael sensing all her emotions though her hug, wrapped his lean arms around tightly to reflect his own emotions back. They weren't the kind to express their emotions outwardly often but this was good enough.

The tender mother and son moment was interrupted by Grace's voice "I love that you both are united, where is my child!"

Katherine and Michael broke apart from their embrace to hear the mutterings of
Amber walk into the room wondering what all the noise was about.

Grace smiled relieved to see her only child was healthy and alive only to look down to see a growing baby bump on her stomach.

"Pre-g-gant?" She stuttered nervously before her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

Marlon being the only one closest to her caught before she banged her head and received a concussion.

"Always gotta be the damn hero dimwit" Michael retorted to his brother.

"What!? She would have banged her head bro..dayum" Marlon snapped back to him.

"Mama!" Amber cried out now fully awake and seeing her limp in Marlon's arms.

"Don't worry she's fine suga she just needs to lie down for now" Marlon reassured her and laying her down on the coach.

"Mrs.Jackson? What are you doing here?" Amber asking the pending question Micheal had in his mind as well.

"Well we can talk about that in a moment now will you both tell me why she's pregnant?" Katherine asked glaring at the married couple who were feeling like a pair of kids who'd had their fair of stealing sweets from the jar.

Chapter End Notes:

Grace fainting poor thing lol..Enjoy!

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