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Joseph's Pov:

Four fucking months, months.

Since the boy and his little slut left Indiana..it makes my blood boil that they left right underneath my nose after months of searching all over this retched town to find out from my wonderful son Marlon who informed me a little late for my taste that they ran far off from this town.

The anger I felt that I thought been under tight wrap for so long looking for those two brats came undone when I received this information and what did I do might you ask? The answer is simple I beat the shit out of Marlon for keeping such information from me..who knows what more he must have hidden.

The taste of punching him felt thrilling and relaxing but I didn't let that show on my face, I continued to do so till he spilled something from his pathetic self on the floor.

A week later he disappeared from sight and it infuriated me, I searched all over the town with my remaining sons until one day a lanky and black haired pale skinned man walks into my office.

He gave me details concerning Marlon and I couldn't contain the urge to rip his head off but I wasn't the type of man who let his emotions control his vision.

So I sat there eyeing the lanky dealer in front of me, he was no use for me with such little information and he expected a sum of cash for this rubbish information? I let the boys roughly push him out the door.

He wasn't worth my money or time.

Now in the present moment I was sitting in my office drinking a large glass of vodka in my hand watching the moving traffic down below from my window.

Sitting here and staring blankly into the distance letting my thoughts consume me, times like this I could sit in peace and break free from my emotionless facade.

When I find all three of those brats, I will break each of their precious necks and bury them several feet into the ground...

Apart from letting my fantasies take me away from my main objective...not letting my dynasty crumble to the ground..

As a result of my sons foolish and reckless rebellion has led his other brothers to start breaking away from me and moving to enemy territory.

It was those blasted brats fault, nothing went right after they split..coward spineless fools! When I get my hands on them..

I mused silently and taking a sip from vodka glass here and there.
A knock on the door jolted me slightly from my musing.

"Enter" I commanded smoothly.

The door opened and my mutualbacquaintance Ryan strolled into the room, the man who in my desperate time of need when the music industry idea backfired he introduced me to this business and out of all my loyal lackeys he was the only one still faithful.

He stood straight in front of me and spoke emotionless "we've found a lead Joseph" but I could detect excitement in his voice.

I could only smirk at him and we continued to discuss details.

The next day we went to enemy territory, I was sitting at the back of the car letting Larry drive the car this time I was not in the mood to drive myself.

It was silent in the car as we drove though the streets until I felt a slim but strong arm wrap around my neck and a soft but lethal voice quietly whisper in my ear "this won't hurt too much Joseph Jackson"

I began to struggle quickly but the hold around my neck only tightened further, I tried pulling the arm around my neck but to my growing dismay it was too difficult.

I felt the prick of something piece into my neck and the voice purred sweetly "well this is goodbye Joseph..." their hold vanished around my neck.

The effects of whatever was pieced into my neck immedality took effect, I could only shake and see the world blurring around me till only darkness consumed me....

Larry was driving in the front ignoring what was happening at the back of the car, he looked in the rear mirror to his belief Joseph asleep and he didn't notice that he wasn't breathing continued to drive on the road.

Suddenly another vehicle crashed into the car and Larry lost control of the wheel and the car fell off the road plummeting into the sea below.

That day their lives were taken and no one came forward to the attack but the police weren't bothered it was just another mafia boss off their hands and they secretly didn't even run an investigation just let it be an unsolved case.

Chapter End Notes:

Well just in sight from Joseph and how he felt when his son and girl left...and his untimely demise...what do you think? 😤

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