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It was a warm Friday afternoon my husband and I decided to spend it relaxing on the bed while the cool breeze from the window graced our heated bodies.

We sat cuddled together on the bed and I could feel the light feathery touch of Michael's hand on my stomach.

I was falling in and out of my consciousness but the sudden banging on the door jolted my conscious back to life.

"Who could be banging so hard at this time?" I snapped to Michael and he quickly rose from our position to check who as at the door.

He opened the door and Andy walked in with Junior by his side.

Michael blinked in surprise and he closed the door behind him.

Andy gazed around the room in silent judgement for a second till he spoke up "this wasn't what I was expecting to see your home..of all places a hotel"

"That doesn't matter Andy the question is how the hell did you get in here?" I snapped at him.

Junior smiled weakly watching us while Michael stood next to him, his eyes glancing between the both of them.
"It doesn't matter Amber" Andy dismissing my question.

"fine so why are you here?" I asked him.
Andy looking between Michael and I responded seriously,
"I heard from my unknown source that you both were living in this place and I have a proposition..I have my old bachelor pad from younger days that I brought several years ago and I was planning to rent it out but I thought you both would need it more now your expecting and all"

Michael to this point stayed quiet listening to Andy's offer decided to speak up.

"Well how big is this your bachelor pad?" He asked casually crossing his arms against his broad chest.

"It's a one apartment with a living room and kitchen attached, the bedroom is big enough to fit at least a crib in there and spacious enough" he replied simply to Michael's question.

"Well that doesn't sound like too bad place if we were to live there, I'd think it'd best to pay rent for the duration we stay in the flat..wouldn't you agree baby?" I said and looking at Michael if he was on board with my suggestion.

He nodded smiling briefly before Andy clapped his hands in final agreement and we discussed it together.

Andy went outside to make a phone call in the phonebox outside the hotel and he'd return momentarily.

So Michael returned to his place beside me and I turned my gaze to now a nervous Junior avoiding my dirty look and pretending that the ceiling was the most interesting thing to him.

"Junior how did you find out we lived here?" I asked him calmly.
Michael watched on and he already knew who Junior was but this was the first time he had ever meet him in person.

"I followed you home one day out of curiosity because you never said anything...I wanted to know" he whined childishly.

"Didn't you think I wanted to tell you for a reason Junior?" I scolded him irritation laced in my tone.

Michael snorted and rubbed his nose while smirking next to me "he reminds me of a certain someone love"

"Whatever boo" rolling my eyes and facing my attention back to Junior whose face looked he wanted to barf any minute.

"You guys are just as bad pops and mum" he groaned in relation.

"I'm not though with you Junior!--" I told him till he asked Michael if he had any great stories from us growing up and

Michael delighted to talk went into a long tale about the day we met and they both were laughing over the tale.

I sighed deeply and went into the mini fridge to grab a soft drink and sat down on the side of the bed where my husband and brother weren't taking space.

Andy walked into the room after his call to see me and the boys separated.

"Oh? I didn't expect to return to see this" Andy said blinking at what he saw.

"Oh Junior roping Michael into a conversation to avoid a scolding from me" I said and gulping down my drink.

Andy chuckled along agreeing and we sat discussing awkwardly for a few more minutes till he called Junior that it was time for them to leave.

"Aw but Michael was getting into a good story" he whined sadly.

"It's alright Junior we can always continue another day" Michael responded kindly.

"Yes agreed son, don't forget your mum wanted us home early to help her move some of the old boxes from the storage"

Junior pouted but listened getting up to fist bump Michael and giving me hug while he pinched my cheek.

I growled at him and he laughed waving and walking out of the room with Andy waving goodbye and they left leaving the quiet atmosphere return to the room.

"You got along quite fast with Junior Mr.Jackson" I said laying on Michael's chest.

He grinned cheekily looking down at me while running his hand up and down my thigh.

"Well I think it's because he reminds me of you" he stated mischievously.

I scoffed at the ridiculous thought and we continued to lay in bed till we got up to get something to eat.

Chapter End Notes:

Well that didn't go too badly...Enjoy! 

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