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Since that day I and sis met for the first time, it was awkward between us, we never met till that day and I call it destiny that brought us together.

I was too overly excited that day and letting my mouth talk more than my brain.

But that didn't stop me I wanted to create a connection with my dear sister and well I got the chance when the supermarket she was working at were hiring stockers which I felt would fill my boredom at the moment, boxing got boring for me besides I don't think I was ready to get my head knocked off my shoulders.

So working there for a couple of days we didn't meet which dampened my spirits but I didn't let get that me down.

The day I hoped we would bump into each other came and from that day I talked on and on to the point she had to get used to my presence which somehow worked and now she was comfortable with my presence that made me smile when I think over it.

Now the day had ended as usual, I was always intrigued where she lived, I've always brought it up in our conversations but she always avoided it.

Today I was going to be nosey, if she found out I told her the bond I was desperately trying to build would fizzle out.

She walked down the road minding her business while I followed quietly not far or close to her. Soon she turned down the road and turned left to walk right into a hotel.

I peeked from my view across the road if my eyes weren't deceiving she met a tall lanky dark skinned fella half way in the hallway wearing a janitor uniform by the looks of it, wrapping an arm around her and they walked off.

So this must be the Michael I've heard from pops!..I thought to myself skeptical.

"How their living isn't right, I know pops or mama isn't going to be pleased when they hear this" I mumbled grimacing at the thought.

I spun and made my way home from the area.

One hour later..
I arrived home just in time to smell the sweet smell of mother's cooking. I greeted them, hopped into the shower and came down to the dining room to chow on mother's food.

I walked into the dining room to see both of my parents kissing as usual.
"You guys take your kissy faces to a private place geez don't do it in front of your child" I whined playfully.

Pops scoffed "you certainly aren't a child son but you act like one besides you should be used to it" and mother hit his shoulder while she rolled her eyes.
I grabbed my plate and warmed it in the microwave till I was satisfied.

My meal was warm just the way I liked it, I sat down and ate my food while my parents talked.

Finishing my meal and washing my plate I went back to my seat and we discussed about my day including my progression with Amber.

They were both pleased but pops was hiding the guilt and sadness he felt over the fact she wouldn't accept him, it was heartbreaking to see him so down.

"Mum and pops what would you say if I knew about Amber and Michael's whereabouts?"

Their eyes widened taken back and I saw that as the signal to continue on..

"Well I followed Amber home because I thought it was weird that she never ever mentioned her home I found out her and Michael were living in a hotel I thought it would best to share with you"

They were both speechless at the news and after a few daunting minutes pops spoke up in anger "that isn't the way for them to bring up a child"

Mother intervened swiftly "now Andy you shouldn't get involved in their financial affairs. They both won't be happy if you do"

"I know my darling but I can't stand it, I want to help them" pops replied mournfully.

Mother replied and running her hand though his hair,
"why not talk to them instead of poking your business instead, you don't want her cut us all off look at the bond forming between her and Junior"
Pops pondered silently over her words and he smiled tiredly "your right love, I'll see them tomorrow and hopefully it will turn out right"

I didn't want to intervene in the conversation, I continued to drink my orange juice and ponder over their conversation instead.

After we continued to chat a little later and we all went to bed.

Chapter End Notes:

We'll a pov from Juniors side of the story...do you agree or not what he did is wrong..what do you think Amber's answer will be? Enjoy 😊

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