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It was my day off and I definitely didn't want to spend my day in our room so I went around the hotel to find my darling husband and I found him in one of the many ladies toilets mopping the floor and moving his hips to the beat playing in his ears from my Walkman.

I didn't want to disrupt his funk and I watched him dance while singing into the mop like it was a microphone and the room was his stage.

He stopped moving and he blushed in embarrassment when he saw me watching him from the door.

"Hey love what brought you here?" He asked removing the headphones from his ears and smiling a tinge of blush on his cheekbones.

"I didn't want to spend my day in the room, so I thought I could find you and spend some time with my fine looking husband" I grinned walking into into the toilet and standing in front of him.

Michael grinned cheekily and his eyes moved downward to my still flat stomach and using his large hand he rubbed my stomach softly.

"Well I'm glad you came it was getting a little boring..how is our little bun in the oven?" He responded.
"Bun in the oven? Really boo?" I raised my eyebrow at the name.

"Yes that is what her name will be for now till you grow a little more" he joked sweetly to me.

"Your bet for a girl is so wrong this little one will be a boy or as you call it bun in the oven" I replied sassy.

"We shall see in 7 months time love" he crooned smirking.
I removed his hand and rolled my eyes I spent more time with him just talking to him till we started sharing kisses and my back was pressed against the cold wall and Michael wanting to push it further till he backed away remembering he needed to return back to work.

I left him with a lingering kiss and swaying my hips confidently feeling his penetrating eyes burning into my back.
I left the hotel to walk into the park to have a seat on the bench. I saw a ice-cream cart giving out ice-cream for $2.00.

My stomach was craving a sugary treat thanks to my growing cutie and I chuckled patting my stomach.

I strolled to the ice-cream cart and I ordered a bunch of flavours while the man did his thing to get my order done.
A voice smoothly slipped in,

"wow that is such a unique intake of flavours" before I could even pay for my sugary treat two dollars was handed to the man and I was handed my ice-cream.

I turned around to face my father who had a look of desperate hope in his eyes.

"Now why did you pay for my ice-cream when I didn't ask for you to do so Andy" I said licking my ice-cream and moving away from the cart sadly he followed me.

"It's a start isn't it?" He asked matching his strides with mine while we walked aimlessly in the park avoiding running children and animals around us.

"Not really Andy, now what do you want?" I asked bluntly his presence was already giving me a headache even with my treat slowly being finished.

I choose for us to sit by a bench near the children playground and dumping my unfinished ice-cream into the bin next to the bench.

I returned back and stared into the famailar features the broad nose, his slim coal eyes and the now greying black hair.

He was ageing gradually the young father I knew then was only a distant memory.

He saw I was ready to listen to his part of the story and he breathed in slowly.

He moistened his lips and then began to tell his story..
"I'm not surprised your mother told you the full story, when I received the news of her pregnancy I was thrilled to bits because my mind then was so pleased about becoming a father and having an heir I didn't care if you were going to be a boy or a girl"

He breathed another air in and continued to speak,

"to fast-forward this story I stayed for two years with you and your mother but around the time you were almost three years old my wife Cherri was pregnant after so many years of trying I made a promise to keep in contact with both of you but with my new born son and my recovering wife I lost your details when I tried finding you at your old home a year later after everything had cooled down..but to my great despair you had moved on"

He paused to allow me have my say and I questioned him "then why didn't you try harder? What's your excuse?"
"There were so many problems coming back and forth when everything settled.." he replied calmly.

"That isn't a proper explanation, also if you truly loved my mama from what I recall from her side of the story you could have divorced your wife and stayed with us but nope it clearly shows you how you care.." I said glaring at him heatedly.

"What I did was wrong and I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart even with my apology it won't let your heart open to me but I'm hoping your willing to try and besides I want to be able to be with you and my new grandchild" he replied genuine.

"We shall see..I have other things to do Andy" I said shortly and giving him a small smile.

He nodded and I left him there quickly and went to the Thai restaurant to buy our dinner.

My mind was swimming in the previous conversation I had with him but I wasn't going to overturn it, it was my choice if I wanted to allow him back into my life now I had a little one on the way...

Opening the door and seeing Michael in his casual clothes recording a song into the Walkman and he was pouting while he concreted..it was completely adorable.

He stopped when he heard my voice and looked up smiling eagerly he must have smelt the meal.

"Hey baby I brought us dinner one of these days I will cook" I said to him while dropping the plastic bag on the table and bringing the plastic containers out of the bag.

"I wouldn't mind having your cooking love just not your vision of bean casserole or your burnt mac'cheese" he replied rubbing his head meekly.

"There is nothing wrong with my food you just never eat it" I said while removing the covers and the sweet aroma filling the room.

"You aren't the one who has to eat it" I heard him mumble to himself.
"What was that baby?" I asked him faking sweetness in my tone.

He immediately shut up and I smirked handing him his container for a moment we sat in silence.
Almost half way into our meals I thought bringing up the conversation with Andy would be a good idea.

"Michael I spoke to Andy today" I said casually and continued to dig into the still warm food.
"Oh how did that go love?" He asked curiously laced in his voice.

I gave a short summary of what happened and Michael drinking his coco cola drink and he answered thoughtfully

"I completely understand love why you asked the questions you did, every child would want to know why that one parent left..perhaps when the time is right you can give him a chance to part of your life now..we are expecting"

"You could be right love" I ended the discussion and we finished our meal then spent the rest of the night relaxing till we were tired and we slept off snuggled closely together.
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