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I really did enjoy taking dance and gymnastics at DanceAbilities, my old studio at first. I was happy. Then, I began to feel so sad for some reason. I felt like I was a talentless loser who was just invisible there. I know Michael would not think that. I was always put in the back and I felt favoritism. It just made me feel so stressed out. I could not get this one move and it brought my self esteem down a lot. I felt bullied by the favoritism. I just broke down and cried in the bathroom until class was over. So, I quit and did not do the recital. My sisters also quit too. Now, cheer has become my priority. I kept getting asked why I quit and I won't speak about it. I really did feel that I had competition from these two other girls and the teacher who was my age pissed me off too. I felt like Michael when people made fun of him. My friend's mother said I was talented and so did his dad. My family thought I was too. But, I felt so much competition too. I was also stressed out with cheer, that and school. Michael would have not wanted me to feel this way though. I really do not like to talk about it. I felt like I did not measure up to those girls either. I was too shy to speak up about it. Every time I talk about it, I tear up. At least Michael would have thought I am talented.
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