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Okay people been saying that Michael has been faking his death for a while now. They claim they saw him in places like Ireland and England. I asked my mom and she said that it will happen because it happens with Elvis, Tupac and Marilyn Monroe. They call themselves the BeLIEvers.
They got master illusionist Criss Angel involved in this because they claim his BeLIEve show poster that came out before Michael died looked like Michael had something to do with it. The eyes looked the Dangerous album eyes and the black pants Criss wore looked like Michael's.
Okay, Criss said he was working a secret project and the BeLIEvers said it had something to do with Michael's death hoax. As a moonwalker and loyal, I know this is not true because Criss said he never met Michael. They need to leave Criss Angel out of this!
Chapter End Notes:
shout out to @Redone for reviewing!
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