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As soon as we got home, I went to my room.


I got out my homework and rushed to complete.


At 10:15, when everyone except me was asleep, the phone in my room rang.


I picked it up and put it to my ear.


"Hello," came a voice from the other end.


It was Stefano.


"Hey Mike. Wanna go to an awesome party?"


I smiled."Yeah, sure!"


                                                 MARISA'S POV


I can't wait!


The first party of the school year is tonight.


And it's gonna BIG!


It starts at 10:30, so I have 15 to get ready.


I'm going with Stefano, Derick, Athens, Belize, and, of course, Michael!


Oh my God, he is is cute.


I'm surprised he was staring at ME, it should be the other way around.


But, nevermind him right now, I gotta get ready.


First, I curled my hair so it had dozens of beautiful little ringlets in it.


Then I put a thick line of black eyeliner on each eye, followed by mascara.


The last touch to my face was shiny lipgloss.


Lastly, I needed to change my clothes and I knew exactly what to wear.


I put on black skinny jeans, a purple tank top, and a mint green jacket.


I threw on big, silver hoop earrings, some black stilettos, and looked at myself in the mirror.


I smiled and suddenly heard a car horn.


I rushed to my window and saw Stefano's car parked next to the curb.


I hurried out of my room, down to the front door, and snuck out.


I walked to car and got in.


Stefano was driving, with Derick in the passenger seat and Belize sitting on Derick's lap, which probably isn't legal.


I sat in the backseat between Athens and Michael.


Stefano turned up the radio so it was blasting throughout the car.


After a few seconds, of disc jockeys blabbering on about who know's what, 867-5309/ Jenny came on.


"Oh my God," squealed Athens."I love this song."


I smiled at her and sang the song with her, followed by everyone else in the car.


When the song was over, everyone went to asking Michael random questions.


"What's your favorite animal," asked Belize.


"Who's your favorite actor," asked Derick.


"Hey," said Stefano."Is your sister Latoya single?"


Michael shot him daggers through the rear-view mirror.


Stefano instantly quieted, as did the rest of us.


After a minute, Derick spoke up.


"So Mike.Care to tell Stefano and Athens what you did during Biology?"


Michael and I both froze into place at the sam time.


God, I thought, I shouldn't have told them anything.

Chapter End Notes:

Michael's party outfit(!)

Marisa's party outfit

Stefano's party outfit

Derick's party outfit

Belize's outfit(But without the sweater,hat, bag, and with light brown hair.)

Athen's outfit

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