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Mrs.Peterson, the dance teacher, is crazy!

She made us sit in a circle, indian style, and tell about ourselves.

 She had incense burning and weird music on.

Funny, I thought hippies died with the 70's. Guess Not.

But it was strangely fun.

I met a few people; Stefano Rodriguez, Derick Kowalski, Belize Cook, Derick's girlfriend, and Athens Cook, Belize's step-sister.

also there was one weird girl that stared at me the entire time.

She had bronze skin and alluring haze eyes. Her golden hair fell down to her hips.

For a minute I thought she was using Jedi mind tricks on me.


Sammy walked down to the cafeteria with me.

As we entered the room, my eyes immediately widened. Hundreds of people lined the walls, and more were sitting at small table scattered around the open room.

"Damn, how many people go to this school," I turned to Sammy.

" About 500 or so." She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the lunch line.

I stared at the repulsive looking food."Oh, I'm not hungry."

Sammy laughed,"Okay. Let me get a bottle of water."

She paid for her water and then we went to look for a table.

Every girl had their eyes fixed to me. I quickly averted my eyes to a table; an empty table.

We walked to it and sat down. A moment later we were joined by Belize, Stefano,Athens, and Derick.

Stefano was asking me about my siblings when the girl from dance class came up to me.

She smiled and winked at me, her brilliant eyes locked on mine. Then she walked back to her table, where she was surrounded by her friends.

I looked back to my friends."Seriously, who the hell is that? She was staring at me the entire time in dance class."

Stefano play-punched me in the arm." Her name is Nicole Jefferson. She is the most popular girl in the school. She's smokin' but sometimes she's a bitch. Well, 99% of the time."

I decided to stop talking and study this place. The walls, people, lunch ladies.

Suddenly my eyes met a pair of gray ones. I knew those eyes anywhere.

The girl from choir. And she was coming this way.

I quickly checked my breath and fixed my curls. Belize was balling at me the entire time.

Sammy saw the girl also. She stood up, ran to her, and quickly gathered her into a short hug.

They linked arms and walked back to our table.

The girl sat next to Sammy and looked at me.

"Hi! I'm Marisa Kennedy.What's your name?"

I hesitated."Um, I'm Michael. Michael Jackson."

She smiled. After a second, she got a weird look on her face.

"Wait, aren't you the person that clapped for me in choir?"

Stefano snorted and mubbled"Embarassing!"

I shot him a glare that meant 'Shut The Hell UP'

Then I turned my attention back to Marisa.

" Yes, I was. You have a really amazing voice. I've never heard anyone sound like that. Ever."

She blushed a deep red." Thank you, Michael."

Chapter End Notes:

I will introduce the 4 newest characters. (They are minor characters.)

Stefano Rodriguez

Derick Kowalski

Belize Cook

Athens Cook

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