''letter's from michael'' part 2 by denise
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(michael's p.o.v)

there was a hard knock at my door,i got up,slowly and peeked out the peep hole,it was henry.BANG BANG BANG BANG michael ,michael.as soon as i saw his face i ran.i went to go pack my suit case ,i got my pistol and put it in my suitcase.i climbed out the window down the latter,i ran ,as i was running he looked out the window ,THAT"S ALL RIGHT IMA GETCHA.he said yelling looking down at me from my window in my apartment.i kept running,i was thinkin about going to susies house,but i couldn't henries gang is everywhere and she'd call the cop's,i couldn't go to diana's house after i slapt her and kicked her out again,even though she's so easy. but i stopped at susie's to drop off the letter.then i suddenly stopped and looked at her house, i would do anything to see her beautiful face again,and those beautiful eye's.i heard talking and the door crack open a little,I ran and hid on the side of susies house.she opened the door,oh my(my eye's widend and i stared in awwe),she was wearing this beautiful white flowing dress,her hair was so pretty and curly,her lip's where red (mmm) and her face was like an angel's she was ,rockin those heel's though,i alway's loved the way she dressed and the way she smelled,she smelled like a whole bunch of flower's and fruit's. i was hoping she'd open the mailbox ,she walked to the to of  her step's and looked around. hello? is anyone thier?(she said with that beautiful soft toned voice). she looked parrinoid i wonder if she ran into henry. but yeah,she opened the mailbox and got out the letter i wrote,and some other mail. her eye's widend,when she saw my letter .since i finally knew she had the letter,i walked off slowly ,i cocked my hat as i smiled and walked toward's the back leaving.(susies p.o.v)I wanna tell lisa it's my birthday but she'd tell everyone even marylin i just wan't a peatful birthday.well today I felt a familiar pressence i could have sworn i heard footstep's and someone running off my porch as i opend the door.was it michael? ,cause when i opened the mailbox michael's letter was in thier,but my other mail was in thier to ,he just lived on mill street wich was around the corner,from where i lived.well i went in my house,poured me some coffee and sat at the table an i read his letter.it said dear susie,''whatever happen's'' ,''you are my life'',but i'll be ''workin day and night'' to hear you say ''i want you back''.i want to see you ''smile''.''baby be mine'',im not a ''monster'',just a ''dancin machine'' that should leave you ''speechless'' tell ''lisa it's you're birthday''',you're gift is ''in the closet'',you're such  a ''heart breaker'',i've ''got to be thier'' when you break down and ''cry'',it's only ''human nature''.Our love will not be ''history'',and ''dirty diana'' is ''dangerous'',''she's out of my life''. so ''will you be there''? ''i just can't stop loving you'',just give mte ''one more chance'',I won't break you're heart again and ''this time around'' I promise,i won't be a ''heartbreatker'',as long as you give me,''one more chance at love''.I closed the letter (hmm?) would i be stupid if i wrote him back,if the gang/mofia find's out we had any contact they'd kill me,and him. i cannot do this but...oh gosh darnet,i just have to. I wrote him a letter,i hope he get's it,i left it in his mailbox.(michael's p.o.v)atfter seceretly coming from susies,i stopped att diana's. i banged on her door. DIANA,(i said loudly) she opend the door fast .WHAT MICHAEL,WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME,IM NOT YOUR DOG,TYOU JUST CAN'T BOSS ME AROUND AND HIT ME,AND TELL PEOPEL YOU WATNT NOTHING TO DO WITH ME WHEN  YOU'RE ALWAY'S BEGGING ME FOR~ i cut her off and kissed her(oh my lord i knew i was wrong,i told susie she was out of my life,but diana's nothing she just a girl i just come to for help(well..i can admit im wrong for using her,she's easy though,and disgusting.you know what i mean.we stopped kissing she looked up att me,with those eye's of lust and let me in. as we where in the house she continued to start kissing me i stopped her.stop,STOP i pushed her off of me and pulled out my pistol.she fell on the floor.STOP diana,now i just came here to tell you...i need some money,or place to stay,now please just help me ,henry and his gang found out where i live,and they are tryin to kill me,.i want you to come to the lounge with me tonight .(i said sternly). WHAT?,and get me killed? oh **** no i dont think so michael,and this is the last time your gunna smack me around and point a gun in my face. or what?(i say standing thier with my hand's on my hip's) ,or i wont pay you. pshhh hahahah shoot,you sittin up here askin me for money and now you're gonna say you're gunna pay me back..um do you not know how much money you owe me?,umm yeah that is what michael? um 4000,000 dollor's(diana say's holdin her hand by her ear getting sassy).okay okay,just help me please diana. umm nope get out michael im done with your broke self,just go(she say's pushing me toward's the door). OKAY diana i'll do anything just please let me stay here,i promise i wont be violent and hit you.(i say giving her puppy eye's.) pshhh get a life scrub~ i cut her off and kiss her again.will that make it better.) she smirk's a little. and stand's thier thinking. come on diana it's not like you didnt like it before. OKAY okay,stay,but you seriously have to hide. why?(i ask as my eye's widen). cause henry just pulled up.

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stories/2539/images/lkjh.jpgdenise vasi as:susie

stories/2539/images/th_(11).jpgmichael jackson as:michael

stories/2539/images/ldksj.jpglauren london as:diana


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