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Reviewer: Gigi1971 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 05, 2018 12:29 am Title: Masquerade

Hey Drew,
thank you so much for once again taking your precious time and writing this magical excerpt out of Michael´s and Lisa´s life, of what it could have been like, had Michael torn those stupid divorce papers and swallowed his pride for the sake of their undying love. Your beautiful mind nows now limits and you have the most believeable plots and passionate story telling abilities. I loved how you started out this one shot by refering to it as a fairy tale and then ending it with the rightful happy ending. You are such a romantic and you are so passionate about this couple and so extraordinarily educated about them, it shows in all of your stories. They are the best, you always manage to reach my heart and capture my full attention from the first syllable up to the last. Everytime I pick up my phone and find a new update from you, it gets me all excited. Drew, you really got what it takes.You are incomparable. Nobody writes it quite like you. Thumbs up, my dear. You are amazing, your stories are amazing and this lovely couple is just a dream.

Author's Response:

And you truly are too kind to me. :)

I just try to think about what might realistically happen in a "sliding doors" kinda situation. that way, the options are virtually endless... or at least i hope! as long as i have what i believe are nice ideas, i'll keep writing, even though i'll probably limit myself to my blog.

thank you SO, SO, SO MUCH.

Reviewer: Whitney98 Signed [Report This]
Date: Feb 04, 2018 08:20 pm Title: Masquerade

This is such a good story!!!

Author's Response:

thank you very much!

Reviewer: honey Signed [Report This]
Date: Feb 04, 2018 06:43 am Title: Masquerade

Hi Drew,

What a beautiful one shot! I kind of hope that there is a spin-off in the works? Maybe in the future? Would love to see you expand on the world you created here!

Author's Response:

hey honey! thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and leaving your review! what do you mean by spin-off? of this story? as in other oneshots? its not a bad idea now that i think about you... :) thanks for suggesting it! once Mister Nobody will be over i hope i'll start writing on some new stuff. I truly love writing about this couple. I only need some good ideas and i have a few vague plotlines in mind. I'll probably opt to post more on my blog though - i think the audience of this website prefers a different kind of stories and i'm not good at them :)

Reviewer: YuliAlexaMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 02, 2018 06:04 am Title: Masquerade

Hi Drew! You never cease to amaze me. I wish things had worked for them. Future could have been so different and good for them. What a beautiful ending!!! The details of the twins and the movie company... Heartbreaking! And their chemistry! Wonderful!

Author's Response:

Hey Yuli, you really are kind as always. :) Pretty good alternative present,right? For everyone. :)

Thank you so, so, so much for stopping by!

Reviewer: marje143 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 02, 2018 04:58 am Title: Masquerade

I love this story l wish you didn't end it

Author's Response:

Hey marje, thank you for you review! It just a little something for Lisa's birthday, which was yesterday. I'm still very much committed to finishing Mister Nobody before starting any other major story, but i am SO HAPPY you liked it!

thank you so much!

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