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Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 22, 2018 05:40 pm Title: Michaelmania

I would love to see the coarse of their relationship and possibly how Michael and her deal with the struggles of the 90s and 2000s.

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 22, 2018 04:00 pm Title: Michaelmania

why is that a phrase or a word? michael mania. more like youre getting the entire bill instead of my insurance for the damges to my ovaries. 

he ain't all that. she lies to herself knowing perfectly well on stage that is not the case

a deadly combo yes indeed

he likes being unable to move and tightened down 

sorry doesnt cut it pal. got anything else u wanna pull outta that rabbit hat. 

well hes being civil for once. 

same sheri. oMFG SHOVE A CIGAR DOWN HIS THROAT im screaming. kinkyyy

hotter than a firecracker

wait why is she helping dress him that's bush's job.

why is she asking to sit next to him. GURL KEEP IT TOGETHER

do u come with a snooze button omg

omg yess a kimono

wait she just walked downstairs in a silk robe? omg

wow josephs being pleasant for once

ha we know mykeroo hasnt been committted before.

damn katherine being deeppp talking about how she was their favorite.

lol taking relationship advice from katherine... whos in an unhappy marriage k

lol deluded hes an adulttt. for fucks sake. like diana aint an evil sorceror with the elder wand and snake nose and bald

ok do whtever u want ill lEGIT read 200 chpters of this fam. or a million

love you BOO keep slaying! 




Reviewer: BabyGirl123 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 22, 2018 02:23 pm Title: Michaelmania

We how dare she smh 

Love the progress they'd made 

Oh Sheri you'd never be just a face in the crowd to Michael 

Always trust those vibes Sheri 

Dude do you get payed to smoke cigars all day? Hypocrite smh 

I'm shocked she was being professional lol 

Ugh someome fire miss jealousy already, please lol 

More cuckoo than a clock factory lol how'd you come up with these? 

Aww they're still that cute couple even when they're not a couple lol 

Aww I love Joy moments she's the cutest little girl ever 

Mini baldy lol 

That's really nice of Joseph to say 

Katherine is like the mother figure Sheri needs in her life 

Yes Sheri it's in your hands now 

Onion you're the author you decide on when there's a time skip or not (ps I personally don't mind 200 more chapters of Michael, Sheri, Joy and all the other's) 

Reviewer: Zendaya Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 22, 2018 11:51 am Title: Michaelmania

Whew Chile.... the stubbornness. I really an  truly hope Sheri actually let  this man talk for once to understand why he did what he did or Why she feels the way she feels about how things went. It's clear she wants him back and still loves him and in love too but she has to let Michael explain his side if she wants and need a better understanding of it all So they both can close this gap that's between them. Michael wouldn't be trying as hard as he is if he didn't still want her in his life. He wants to explain and Its hurting me to knowing he can't because she wanna be stubborn lol. Btw, I was shocked as hell to hear Joseph speak such kind words to her had me looking shock. Least before last, Katherine had a major point. Sheri should let him explain, in her own time of course  when she's ready. I cant wait for that moment to come so I can scream out FINALLLLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! 

Lastly, congrats on chapter 40 I read the end notes an  I understand completely where you're coming from. My story "I Love You Always and Forever is at 112 I wanna say but will be ending in 10 or 15 chapters being that it's a 3 book story I'm writing And each book It's broken up into two eras each. So I get where you're coming from. I mean you could skip around once you feel like you completed a closed part of a situation an  start anew. But that's totally up to you. I could care less if you write a 200 chapter story I love it and Look forward to read  this story every damn Saturday because you keep me on my toes. But this is your story And You write it however You want it to go.  But hey maybe and hopefully if Mike and sheri work things out you can start a New year or something And Just do a recap chapter of What happened in certain times we missed like most people do. But overall I love it. You'reon at 40. So keep it going.  

Reviewer: michaelfan90 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 22, 2018 11:05 am Title: Michaelmania

Bout time she realized it. He never ment to hurt her. He loves HER. I let out a big sigh of relief when she said that. He is human and we all make mistakes. He is obviously sorry. This situation could easily be forgotten and forgiven. It wasn't that bad of a situation to begin with. Now if he was caught having sex or kissing Diana then I would feel totally different, but he didn't. I'm team michael for now. I don't hate Sheri as much now that she finally is using that brain of hers. I also think its cool that she still lets joy know that he is daddy. She is coming around. Now she just needs to be a little less bitchy to him. And put all that bitchyness towards anybody who tries to come between them...cough...cough...karen. But anywho, girl this story can last forever and I wouldn't care. I enjoy this story and to be completely honest, this and a few other stories are the reason I come on here anymore.

Reviewer: camilleianPYT Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 22, 2018 07:46 am Title: Michaelmania

Ok Sheri now go talk to the man and forgive him like I know you want to. Start over w ith him and before long you will be back in live again. And for gods sake listen to Michaels whole story. I could see Sheris anger dissipating even before she talked to Katherine. I don't see how she can stay mad much longer....thank goodness for Katherine. She is a good mother. Funny how Sheri is the one who covinced her friend to give her fiance another chance when he ACTUALLY cheated, but won't give Michael another chance when he was not only faithful, but didn't hurt her intentionally at all. Hypocrisy at it's finest. I can't wait for this pointless breakup to end. 

I love the pace of your story, it isn't too long and I don't think you should change it. It's perfect! And long stories are awesome when they are as well written as this one. 


Reviewer: Klovesmj Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 21, 2018 10:51 pm Title: Michaelmania

I don’t mind if it goes on and on, if anything I encourage it. I can’t wait till Sheri actually talks to Michael and they clear things up.

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 21, 2018 01:56 pm Title: Michaelmania

Im glad Sheri has realised that the ball is in her court to decide that if she wants to be with Michael with some help from mama K which I feel helped her to figure out her conflicted feelings towards Mike and his past fling with bug eye-- I mean diana Ross and noticing how michael is treating her with space and effort to get her back shows how he feels for her in the long run thank goodness for a mother's wisdom that mama K is giving to Sheri.

also frank is getting on my nerves that never seems to change and Karen needs to stop acting like a damn stalker cause she might turn into 'bille jean' with the way she is acting knowing that she and mike will never be. she should just stay in her lane and keep it cute with the advice she gives sheri alongside with helping out with the outfits. Im happy to see the background of Bad Tour and what goes into it from Sheri's eyes feels like i'm there in the utter choas at the height of Michael's career at the time. awesome as always onion <3

Reviewer: brandyandMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 17, 2018 02:32 pm Title: Going Nowhere

Okay, I'm not that mad at Sheri anymore! And I'm shooketh with Karen, but hey to each it's own I'm glad that she's not playing as the headache of this story... yet. Her advice was good and I hope it's taken into consideration. As for Sheri I know it'll take time for her to come around and for and Michael to get back to where they used to be... I know they won't get back completely because with Sheri I'm sure there'll always be that little thought in the back of head that focuses on the negative, but it's okay we all have that! 

And aint this some cinderella shit that's going on between D and Sheri. Nigga she didn't get facial reconstruction surgery. My man needs to figure it out. D is Alfie though, right? If I'm not mistaken. 

Can't wait until Saturday to read the newest update. Sorry it took so long for me to hop on this one. These jobs are killing me and on top of that I'm trying to push out chapters for my own updates, but I'm here! And I'm here because I love your writing and this story. 

Author's Response:

It will take some time for them to get back on track but one thing's for sure is that their situation will improve and become more neutral as the tour progresses. Karen also won't be the only one giving advice to Sheri, but we know what Sheri's like - she prefers speaking for herself but one of these people will actually get through to her. 

LOL. Yes I know it's legit a bit of a stretch, but fr, the images of the person who represents Sheri when she has the purple hair and stuff really does look like completely different to her actual self - it's actually mad. Just remember all the clues D has had so far; one of them will make him realise. And yess it's Algee Smith as the faceclaim! "Aflie" sorry I was dying...typos get me all the time. 

Nonsense! I'm glad, and honestly a bit surprised, that you found time to read regardless because of work and your own stories going on and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you spare a few minutes of your day for this story and you're awesome for that. Thank you x1000 as always, until Saturday, Brandy! 

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 15, 2018 12:52 pm Title: Going Nowhere

two updates in one day? your wiz pal is truly blessed. you get even more wisdom from burt how bout datt


ok I seriously need to read macbeth so i can GET THE REFERENCES

lolll allergic to anything bad said about him wow that reminds me of certain female sheep and general earls.

omfg lmao it's like friendzoned level 10000 is trying to live her fantasy of mykeroo thru sheri

which of course all goes up on her twitter 

world wasnt as bright as with him in it. well dont tell him that his head will explode lmao


omg can she shut the fuck up with her kiss assing shit. 

hes not bothering to make amends for shit hes still acting like he can do whatever without consequences. likee it didn't matter that he hurt sheri cuz he's him and she should forgive him even though he fucked up and lied. huge eye roll insert

these morons are hilarious i lovve it

spazzing out. lol. well mykeroo does make grown men bawl lol

YES D i completely agree lol. sheri needs to go after what she wants instead of being paid to sit around and do nothing.


also OMG what does the baby mykeroo want now. does he think sheri's his lucky charm and cant go on stage unless he sees her. FFS SAKE. 

lemme guess hell just whine and beg cuz he misses her amazingg self. 

well that's just too bad.

omg note to self never trust what katherine says that he wants cuz usually shes trying be a mom and push someone on her sonny boy. 

omg sherrriii you can sayy noo.  hell have to start the show anyway lol he cant just not do it. 

like go have fun and explore japan or something. 

lovely as alwaysss keep it up fam!






Author's Response:

No no no I am the blessed one because I receive your wise words of wizardry wisdom twice in one day. 

Don’t bother with Macbeth it’s boring af. General earls. Why must you kill me. Aunt Pearl is not impressed. Devon and the gollums were probably the best part of writing this chapter because I’m already so over the emotional bs LOL. They’re there to provide comic relief in a way, take you guys away from all the tension and stuff that’s going on with Michael and Sheri. Devon won’t need to be told the truth - he could surprise you! He wants to see her to clear something up, maybe even get something off his conscience. It’s nothing big but yes Sheri has to do what Momma K says.....she’s legit the only person who can tell Sheri what to do haha and the thing is, she will actually listen. LMAO knowing mykeru he probably will delay the show but I’m jk that’s not gonna happen. Like I said in due time they will have a blast going out and seeing Japan but that’s like light years away LOL. Thanks for reading and reviewing Hedwig! See you’re the smart owl now. Not that blind af deranged owl ERROL. WHO MAKES ERRORS. HAHAH

Reviewer: BabyGirl123 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 15, 2018 12:51 pm Title: Going Nowhere

Sheri girl don't lie you do care about his plans otherwise you wouldnt wonder about them in the first place 

Well be glad you dont see Karen much lol

Ofcourse you can tell her to back the hell off 

Oh Sheri why you trusting Karen? Whyyy???? She's clearly only intrested in him for her own obsession smh 

No you don't owe her any explanation to what happened between you and Michael it's non of her bussiness  

A few? Girl you shoulda been fired

But you are NOT Sheri so stay tf away 

Hell to the flipping no Sheri don't leave fix it first 

Oh if only  K-nugget knew who he was talking to smh lol 

Lmao her description of Frank 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Devon fr bro open those eyes and look at Lola fr you'll see she's Sheri 

Will they finally talk fr????

OMG it's NOT boring onion 

Author's Response:

Ikr Karen is trying to envision a relationship with Michael through Sheri it’s SAD AF man! LOL, at this point Sheri is only considering leaving but she might change her mind and get more serious about that. As always I love writing the dancer boys they’re so funny. He WILL SEE CHILD. wait on it!! It’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be craaaazy. Okay it might not have been boring for you to read but it was boring for me to write. LOL thanks pea 

Reviewer: michaelfan90 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 15, 2018 08:09 am Title: Going Nowhere

Hopefully he sends her home....let her have ALL the space she needs. For the first time...ever....i wish Tatiana would show up. Ew that tasted weird coming out of my mouth. But I'm truly done with Sheri for now. Yuck, I still taste it lol.

Author's Response:

The concert is minutes away so their conversation won’t be so lengthy, but it’s coming next week so I hope you keep guessing! As for Tatiana *rolls eyes*...I can tell you a lil secret - I do plan to include her at some point, only very minimally though, since I’m following the timeline of Michael’s life and she doesn’t appear until next year. Don’t give up on Sheri just yet! Thanks for reviewing as always!!

Reviewer: camilleianPYT Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 15, 2018 07:19 am Title: Going Nowhere

Karen actually had good advice. Go figure. She is completely obsessed with Michael but seems harmless enough, hopefully she doesn't cross over into creepy territory. 

Devon still hasn't figured it out! Lol. Katherine recognized her right away so he really is slow. 

I can't wait to see what Sherri and Michael talk about! 


Author's Response:

Obsessed yep. I mean she probably has his pictures all over her bedroom wall LOL. But Sheri getting so close to Karen could have its side effects too. Really, Karen is a tool for Sheri to express her feelings, thoughts and emotions. As for the creepiness it might get...creepier. D is for Dumb Devon haha, and Katherine and Joseph etc the family already know that Sheri is in disguise. All will be revealed next week!!

Reviewer: Klovesmj Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 14, 2018 11:00 pm Title: Going Nowhere

For a minute there, I thought she had left. I wonder what Michael wants to talk about.

Reviewer: Klovesmj Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 14, 2018 11:00 pm Title: Going Nowhere

For a minute there, I thought she had left. I wonder what Michael wants to talk about.

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