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Reviewer: mjsdirtydiana Signed [Report This]
Date: Mar 13, 2018 11:04 am Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

All caught up!  I am so glad that Sheri was able to put Joe in his proper place!  I am sure that she will always speak her mind to him which eventually will break him down to like her for his son.

Miss Katherine adored her and little Joy. I can’t wait for Japan

Reviewer: CoveredInRust Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 13, 2018 07:54 am Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

Nooooooooooo! Please continue this story even if it takes longer to update! Real life always takes precedence, but I for one am really enjoying any updates that come in!

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 12, 2018 04:14 pm Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

ok so since you werent completely satisfied with my last review LETS TRY THIS AGAIN 

i didn't mean for it to sound like a roast like gurl i love your story. even with all the dorky comparisons and similes and mykerro being a buffoon. 


your end note is it's own essay you couldve summed that up in 3 sentences lmao. it does show you care. unlike me who never updates then just comes up with a random smut slash erotica based on a dare. 

delaying it more times that a hooker gets a pap smear i think you mean a guy getting a prostate exam XDDDDD yes i referenced peter griffin there

he still isn't talking to her. MYKEROO WHO BROKE MY TABLE  parchuting from jupiter WYD FAM. this fool i swear. 

ok i think like lmao i was so like roasty lmao of everything like as in i commented on almost everything is cuz like how you described stuff like what shes wearing, while in her pov really shows how completely nervous she is and anxious and i didn't pick up on that the first time. like it's really important for her to look perfect and impress his frankly dysfunctional as hell parents and his fam. lol. 

like she's trying to make it work. yet him ignoring her calls before this  family gathering where they could have worked it out , makes it all feel one sided? 

like for fucks sake she watched the tv for maybe 5 seconds it doesn't mean she betrayed him? it seems really overblown to just give her the silent treatment and punish her for that in my opinion. if shed done other stuff like assumed, believed or asked someone about a stupid rumor or talked to the press like idk i cant think of an example itd make more sense why hed be upset. 

omg loved how you describe how he acts in the car! playing dumb car games like one does on road trips like my sis and i would compete at who could be more random. or i spy something long and grey that never ends lmao. 

like her going over what to say to questions theyll ask, and like trying to prove herself good enough for him really spot on here. 

and she just wants them to basically accept and love her like her own family never would. and how she misses car rides with him, him picking her up with bill driving but this paranoia frankly of his is driving a ridiculous wedge between em lol. i know i roast your interpretation of him a lot trust me the actual him doesnt get off easy either. 

lmao nose pressed up against the glass joy and her are related hahaaa. 

sad he asked if shes ok and shes like yea but its really no and they should really work it outtttt before they walk into this uber stressful situation lolll 

i was never mad at you lol but i gave you the silent treatment and let you think i was. 

disappointed is the same thing as mad. lol 

k shes not alwayss gonna do what he wants he gotta let that control part gooo. like elsa lol. yes he doesnt want them to get hurt but she has a right to know??

ok i dont love how this was resolved cuz honestly like its like ok ill do whatever u want so u wont shut me out and give me the silent treatment again? not cool MYKEROO

she shouldnt keep having to prove herself that shes good enough to him.  i just cant handle it is not an excuse broskkkyyyyy 

duh red makes u wanna tie him and fuc- 

he doesnt do it on purpose. oh right like u dont stick ur hand down ur tight gold pants on stage and act like ur ronaldo is too hot to touch

i love how u just had to have joy get upset and ruin shit once again jkk

omg this whole scene is hilarious af her ripping the tag off with her teeth then katherine walks inn

lol talk about a yoga membership oh yes or the golf club membership which one can use to play a few holes and then chillax in the relaxing atomsphere of the bar and snack on some salty snacks in a decorative bowl

love how u personalized his rents, sisters, so they dont feel 2 dimensional they feel real 

her daddy cuteee

soo cute how janet chimed in and is like lmao he said none of your recipes are in your average cookbook loll

poor toyaaaa

 i love how kat disapproves of this

love that you brought up the diff of how at home sheri feels like the soul food home cooked versus her mom never cooking relying on yea frozen microwave and takeout

lol juliet being alive haahhaaha good one

like that you had joseph basically interrogate her , like he still thinks hes his son's manager. and makes you wonder if his other sons  wives, partners got this same speech lol

sheris literally doing a great job even though shes so nervous. like she doesnt need to explain anything about her family at all. 

like how he starts going in on her, and the rest of the fam is so used to it they just complain or tell him to stop , i can tell you put a lot of thought into making these characters their own

love that sheri wouldn't let him win this and basc shut him the fuck up. 

lol michaels the favorite child hahaa prob cuz he made them the most money

aww the right one being sheri

love how understanding and supportive katherines being. 

wow finally mykyeroo is stepping up. love that hes being supportive and like great about her mom and is like what ever you wanna do ill support

and reassuring that shes not a bad person for TAKING CARE OF HERSELF

and hes proud of her for shutting his asshole dad up yass

yasss im for the praise about sheri to katherine

lmao the art of suction

exhausted from complaining about being bored hahaa


ok greatt comebackk. now that i reread it and stufff 

hope this review is better for u boo 

until next timee





Reviewer: Susie Signed [Report This]
Date: Mar 10, 2018 07:09 pm Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

Ok I haven’t gotten a chance to read this chapter yet but I read the end note and I just want to say... we get busy sometimes and that’s completely fine. Most of us aren’t going to give up on a story because it takes a while to get updated. When my fav stories don’t get updated in a while I just chalk it up to the writer is very busy and can’t update but never that they just stone cold don’t care to write anymore or something like that. I’m glad you’re able to focus more on school! Take all the time you need! And I know everybody likes to do things different but just a tip...I’ve come to accept that I will never be the kind of writer that does “consistent” and scheduled updates. Trust me, your readers will understand and not rip ur head off!! Lol, do what you can love. We’re appreciative either way!!

Author's Response:

I can’t tell you how much better I feel after reading what you said! When I began this story I was posting twice a week for ages so imagine going from that to basc nothing for nearly three months? I read very few online fics but I try and put myself in the readers’ shoes, like if I really loved a story - let’s face it, waiting that long would legit suck! I read many books however, where’s there’s no limit as to how much I can read, when, so it’s not like I wait before reading the next part. Besides, there are hundreds of fanfics on this site and elsewhere so if people happen to lose interest in one they can easily find another. Also this is my first story that people actually like and it’s going well so I guess I just want to keep that stronghold as it makes all of the effort worth it. I want everyone who reads this story to make it to the ending haha! Which is lightyears away but yeah. We all got lives and I’ve been trying to secure my future so I emphasised that it’s never a case of “I don’t care”...nah fam😂I LOVE to write! If I could write/post more often I would! Once again your kind words have lifted my spirits; I can tell you’re a really kind soul. Trust me I’m still learning and it’s great to receive advice. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the chpt! ❤️

Reviewer: BabyGirl123 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 10, 2018 10:04 am Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

Love the pic 😍

Why hasn't he forgiven her yet? It's not like she wrote it is It? 

He's such a daddy to Joy it's so cute 

One way to deal with is just to ignore it and domt get mad at Sheri for or even worse be disappointed shes new to it bro, he gets on my nerves sometimes lol 

I'm glad they made up finally lol 

I so love Joy and Michael moments they're heartmeltingly cute 

Lol oops mom and dad just saw that happen lol 

Ugh why doesn't Joseph surprise me? Lol 

Lol everyone shocked that was Sheri the purple haired girl I though they would've figured that out themselves 

Well although normally I don't agree with Joseph he's got a point they'll be following you twice as much if they find out the truth 

Omg yes just like Frank "girls are bad" blah blah omg be happy he found love geesh this guys ugh lol 

Can't Joseph just vanish? He gets on my damn nerves 

Yes she stood up to Joseph finally someome got the balls to do so 

Lol at him fuming when Joy called Michael daddy perfect 

Aww I loved the Katherine and Sheri moment they'll have a wonderful bond I'm sure 

Love the Michael Sheri and Joy moments  

Just take her with you she's not in school yet till she's four 

I knew Katherine would instantly love her 
It's so obvious they're so inlove 

Omg never leave that long again onion I need my Michael, Sheri and Joy (plus siblings one day lol) adventures lol 

Loved this chapter     

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 10, 2018 06:42 am Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

well well look who decided to update and what? a lengthy chapter to boot? I'm proud onion.back to the story I loved the interactions between the jacksons well exlcuding joseph but i'll get back to that. Layota slipping up again oh girl gotta watch yo tongue smh lool. as always lil Joy steals hearts with her adorableness and I'm glad katherine loves her already and wants to get to know her more even if sheri didn't give too much to them but now let me get to the damn pain we all want to throw in the sun train heading to the sun. 'Joseph' this ole man can't talk when he does the same thing he brags that she supposedly does with young girls behind poor katherine's back. he needs to have several seats and leave her be. she accepts mike for who he is beyond the star power and mystery that no one not even ole bug eyed diana has seen smh. ok i'm done ranting but I can't wait till you update once more onion!.

Reviewer: marje143 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 10, 2018 04:57 am Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

Girl it about time I love it the next chapter is going be fun i can't wait for it 

Author's Response:

Haha I know right?! Feels good to have posted again. Glad you enjoyed, stay tuned for the next one! 

Reviewer: _whosebad_ Signed [Report This]
Date: Feb 01, 2018 11:57 am Title: A Day in the Life of Sheri

This is a fantastic story 🙌🏾 It was just the thing I needed to get me outta the funk I was In

Author's Response:

Aw you’re too kind!😁I’m really happy to hear you’ve enjoyed reading it - SO FAR. There’s a lot more to come and I hope you’ll stay tuned to reading when those chapters come! 

Reviewer: Susie Signed [Report This]
Date: Jan 24, 2018 09:46 pm Title: A Day in the Life of Sheri

Can’t wait for the next update girl! Patiently awaiting your comeback. Take care of yourself ❤️

Author's Response:

Hey there, Susie! I’m slowly working on getting back to you guys; I know it’s been a while. Thank you for leaving me a brief thought, it really made me smile ❤️

Reviewer: mjsdirtydiana Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 27, 2017 02:15 pm Title: His Special Night

Again I am all caught up.  Was busy getting ready for the holiday, now some relaxing time for me!   What a great gift Sheri had for Michael.  Oh no he didn’t just kiss her on the cheek.  I mean after all she did to make his birthday special, he’s going to act like a spoiled child.   She apologized for watching the gossip, after alll.  


Great updates looking forward to reading more 

Author's Response:

Hey, Happy Holidays! Yeah it's unfortunate their great day (and even better night) had this outcome...but Michael had a special typ of hatred for the media and the tabloids. She apologised fair enough, but that doesn't take away from the fact she did it when she knows he doesn't like it. But he can't stay mad at her forever, I promise XD. Thank you very much! As noted, I will be back with another update in probably a few months time, but whenever that is, I hope you'll still be down to read! 

Reviewer: BabyGirl123 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 26, 2017 05:07 am Title: His Special Night

Why a damn fight after such a beautiful night? Why?😭😭😭😭😭😢😢 they better make up soon (as in the next chapter when it's posted) 



He shouldn't be so mad at her, she didn't say that bs the damn media did, it's natrural for sheri to want to know wha said about her she' not used to it, I'm sure that in a few months or years she no longer give af about what's said about her either but for now it's new for her 




Aww I just love Joy as always she's so adorable 




I'm gonna miss them so much till you update again 

Author's Response:


YUP but if the media were reporting on SHERI NOT LOLA, then yeah. That's different. I'd understand why she's watching but really, she shouldn't give a fuck about what's being reported about a person who isn't even real LOL. Still, it is new to her yes. But Michael doesn't want her to hear anything that might hurt HER, nor does he want her to hear the trash and how horribly people spoke of him. It'd hurt her as much as him to hear those stories. Totally unfair but it is what it is. Sheri needs to learn to ignore the media speculation. 

I'll miss them too! and youuu too even tho we talk on the reg. But I'll see you back here when I see you! Thanks pea <3<3

Reviewer: itsvoodoo Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 25, 2017 12:46 pm Title: His Special Night

If I could give you a standing ovation for that hot af sex scene then I would! Ugh I need a cold shower after reading that. Is it bad that I read this chapter at work? Man, I shouldn't do that shit again especially when I see there's sexy time but I got too impatient lol But this story kicks ass and you have a loyal reader right here in me I'll make sure I review every time you post so that way you know you're loved! And let me just say that Michael needs to stop being an ass to Sheri over stupid shit. He needs to calm down and give her a real chance. He already let her in this closely, how could he think at this point that she's gonna be like everyone else that's hurt him? I'm gonna smack him upside his head for leaving her like that. Hell to the no! Anyway, update whenever is convenient for you! Good luck with your studies and life. I'm college as well and work a full time job so I understand the stress of all that. I'll be here when you return!

Author's Response:

Ohhhh mannnn. I am blushingggg fr I am going to hide. LOL. I always am extremely nervous when writing/posting these scenes, but you gave me a huge amount of reassurance there - thank you so much! HAHA at work?! Bet you were looking over your shoulder! XD No but that tells me you were really wanting to read which is great to know! AW thanks a lot for holding it down with the support and means a lot to me. The last thing I want is to return in a few months and see that the readers of this story have given up on me or lost interest, or even forgotten about this story, but it really did make me happy and relieved to know that I can count on you <3. So yeah Michael DOES trust Sheri, but the media was where he was extra sensitive and he wouldn't want his loved ones to hear about what's being said about him, just as he said he'd hate for his children to hear it, too. Maybe he should't have left being pissed off with her, but I understand his actions, even though Sheri really didn't mean any harm you're right. 

Like I said, I will update pretty muchhhh when I can. Thank you so much for your encouragement, understanding and kind words, as well as your wonderful feedback recently! I've enjoyed hearing your thoughts and awww you'll be here! XD MY HEART. I'll see you next year. Happy New Year my lovely! <3 

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: Dec 25, 2017 12:18 am Title: His Special Night

I read the chapter end note first omg i am emotional as fuck my dude. crying legit. i hope this isnt gonna be like your other story where like me you updated once in a blue moon lol. imma miss reviewing for you once to twice a weeekkk and all our fab as hell jokes but u gotta focus on u and im sorry uve been having such a tough last seme. legit where i was at a year ago so i completelyy get it also ive been hitting a wall with writers block too lol f self doubt. i kno we speak often but like ILL STILL MISS U PPIC WIZARD PAL FOREVER. 


lol that shudnt be too difficult lmao i mean look at u hahaa

she sensually rubbed his chest. do we need to have a talk about this or do i not cover this in my last seminar *coughs sighing in prezzure, rose candles, swiping off bedside table, coming back down to earth from fuck knows where, frowny face, the right amount of boob, 

wow i see you with the break of dawn reference I WANNA MAKE LOVEEE TO U ALL NIGHT LONG TILL DA BREAK OF DAWN ok thats not how it goes but what the hell ever

wow im suprised you didnt throw in pocket rocket or zoopping into jizzard blizzarding 

erection engorgement potato POTAHTOH whatever the saying goes i dont really care

no teasing ha bih bye. shes domme now. 

i dont think i can take it all FACE PALM lmao jk ILL TRY TO STOP OK SORRY IN ADVANCE and for the previous roastage

love that you emphasized how much and badly shes teasing him one longgg tortuous lickk

maybe it was the candles. yes and the relazxing atompshere and that the right amount of boob was carefully detemined after a through examination

the dirty sound of flesh slapping oh yess 

flesh kabobs moving in tandem. 

well dissolve in pleasure is waayy better than sigh in pressure so u can have that kudos

fuck all the stresss outta me yass the sheri goddess divine works her magicc with the ronald 


bye. cinnamon roll BYE THERE IS THE DOOR. she just made ronald sing and you throw this DISSRESPECT NO




every morning to be like this like goals idk man just perfection

she just watched it cuz ahe wanted to know so she wouldnt be blindsighted. he needs to work on being able to trust her. and she should never be afraid of him. she does not need to apologize he lashed out at her and he should apologize. seriously he fucking snaps at her again. ugh this is so unnecessary they need to talk about this he cant just treat people however he wants and shut her out cuz he's scared of her being like every other damn person who's hurt him. 

ugh wtf. seriousllly you left it on that note him being a complete ass and like idk leaving her hurt af when she didnt do anything wrong he just basc overreacted. again. 

well ill misss uu my spirit buddy my PPIC AND THIS LOVELY AMAZING STORY that i love writing essays for. TILL WE MEET AGAIN. XXXOXOXOX


Author's Response:

Oh Burt, I won't be gone long. It will probably be a couple of months...I gotta prepare for the big exams in May after the January ones are done. It's so important I do well so I can get my place at the universities of my choice. I will miss reading your reviews man! I look forward to them so much legit you know I'd stay up and wait for you at 1am on a school night because I wanted to read your feedback THAT badly, which you know I take very seriously - all the cristina and the I will really miss reading your reviews. You know how much I love them and it sucks to know this will be one of the last for a while. ALAS WE STILL have other platforms to share out buffoonery so it's calm XD <3

ONTO THE ROSE-SMELLING CANDLES NO ALARM CLOCK SALTY SNACK CLEAN SHEETS RELAXING ATMOSPHERE. LMAO TOOOO MANY JOKES this legit made me realise that most of our jokes are, know. TBH I am surprised they didn't stick on Volume 2 of that amazing family movie I told you about, starring all of our faves including fronk and quonch. Such a wonderful gift for any occassion. The Break of Dawn reference was unintentional lmaooo love that song tho. For some reason, idk why Sheri is always the dom in these situations. In the next scene like this, it's going to be different from any previous sexual experience they've had with each-other and Michael WILL be the one in control. But that's an entirely different chapter which is yet to come. OMG. Why must you repeat everything explicit that I wrote in the chapter LOL WHYYYY you know I am shy.

WELL NO ACTUALLY SHE KNOWS he doesn't want her hearing all these stories about him and the bad things the media says abot him, yet she goes and does it anyway. LEGIT WTF SHERI, you're his gf you know better than to pay the slightest bit of attention to the media! That's just how I see it. Even if she was curious about herself, she shouldn't care because it's not even's Lola, aka the fake persona. But this media report is your validation that Michael's extraness and plan is definetly necessary. Too bad the media cant hunt Lola down, and Sheri's identity is well-protected. For now. I REALLY do apologise I didn't clock that this chapter ended with an argument between them. It was like 1am when I was posting this and tired af, completely had nooo idea fr. The annoying thing is that they actually make up againnnnn in the next chapter which will come God knows when. When it comes init.


Reviewer: brandyandMJ Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 24, 2017 09:26 pm Title: A Day in the Life of Sheri

Bookmark- chapter 26. 

Author's Response:

Hey I read your journal. Welcome back, girl! Hope you enjoy catching up!

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 24, 2017 05:28 pm Title: His Special Night

*cough* excluding the sex part why does it have to end like that onion! Why!!! They were so happy till the news popped up and Mike should stop snapping at Sheri over the media rubbish trash when she has said sorry many times and clearly doesn't believe it. Why won't he believe her? It's unfair. I'm just glad Joy was there to loose the tension slightly not alot but something at least. Sheesh. Besides Mike shouldn't worry about his skin he will still be sexy to her and all of us. I just wish he saw that in real life too. You depict our sexy Muffin so well onion! Hopefully next chapter they make up and don't worry about updating for a while your studies are more important onion.

Author's Response:

i've said it before. I will say it again.


LOL so it ended like that because I am a horrible person! Fr, she knows not to watch the media and shit but she goes and does it anyway. Legit why??? Does she have to? Lmao she's not going to gain ANYthing out of watching that bs so tbh, she should've left it to begin with. She knows she shouldn't have, but she did, which is the real problem here I think. Michael was always suuuper insecure about his vitiligo :( so sad but he was heart-eyes his entire life and Sheri agrees. Every era was perfection and Sheri will hold true to this (provided that we get to that Dangerous-era sequel we talked about!!). Thanks for understanding! I wil be back soon ofc, you have LTO ongoing and I will read those updates whenever I have time. Thanks sis! <333

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