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Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 16, 2017 01:18 am Title: Just Good Friends

WOWWW. not even surprised you choose a repetitive af song for the chapter title. is it a sign hes finalllly gonna tell squirrel to back the fuck off the salty snack? or is it Sheri like sayinggg D and her can only be friends cuz she got herself a man?

seriously like can't believe you updated for me. ik i was down af but thank uuu. 

ay ay yo? what even. is this mykeresse or jupitereese? 

makin my wayy outta the studio, downtown, faces past , and ill shut up. 

i dont see him anywhere bruh shes working and in what universe do u think its ok to spontaneously kiss a friend gahdd whos shown no interest in Oh's that are almost as painful as like childbirth. 

lmao i like how shes like pushing D to bring his bros in to and shes like ill just convince the not wizard jukebox without an off switch later lmao. 

lmaoooo she does sound like a motivational speaker muhahaaa. 


he legit sounds like me like i never shut up about anything imma dog with a bone. 

ll cool j lmao of course


whyy did THE NOT WIZARD COME wow i wudve just stayed with D TICKLE lol. 

lmao CUTEE loveess spoiling Joy. lol nuclear launch codes lmao. bet he knows where all the nukes are (jk stupid bridesmaids joke)

do they know do they really know theyre dating lol. 

good shes asking him this stuff 

i dont think her feelings are invalid when she asks shit like that like oh you wanted to make sure i wasnt a gold digger first.

lol a promise ring ok ill shut up it sounds gorgeoussssss

totally thought she was gonna  put the thong on. naughtyyyyy boy. of course he got her something he wants to see her in

 is it fine though. cuz ya sound salty af. 

she shouldnt have to stay away from him on the tour goddd. 

lmaooo a dead arm. I assume the ronald is sad cuz he didnt get to see the red thong on. 

HA KNEW IT WAS LAZINESS or some other buffonerous reason. at least sex ooze didnt get buttburt and there was no buring of foods. 

thankuthankuthankuuu this really cheered me up! lavvv u beyond da galaxy and shit. 

Reviewer: itsvoodoo Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 15, 2017 05:01 pm Title: Just Good Friends

I'm glad that they cleared that up because my girl, Sheri, would never cheat on Michael. I ship these two so hard! As long as Devon stays the cool guy that he is, he'll stay cool to me. Hopefully he doesn't cause any problems on the tour especially when he finds out Sheri is there. 

Anyway! Great update! Looking forward to the next :)

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 15, 2017 04:31 pm Title: Just Good Friends

“The Michael Jackson Boutique. I've got my eye on this red button-up I really like" this line had me cracking up lol. I wish those kind of places existed in real lol. but man at least Sheri didn't mess up again and let her alter ego be revealed to my sexy chicken wing lol. I'm glad mike and her were able to talk it out and nothing happened between them ew Mike and Sheri are couple goals (well minus all the drama) and they just let it go. the tour is going to be lit onion <3

Reviewer: Susie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 13, 2017 03:27 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part Two

Michael and his passive aggressiveness is cracking me UP. He’s so jealous and yet he’s still going to wait until he starts boiling over to finally ask her about Devonte. But yeah, I’m happy for Devonte. He’s so clumsy though πŸ’€ Him and Michael’s relationship is definitely going to be an interesting one. Sheri’s disguise is going to hold up for like a month then people may start to notice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Frank is such a freaking hothead. I think you have managed to make him angrier than I could have possibly thought to make him in yours. I’m curious to see how long Sheri is going to let him keeping talking to her man like that and even more, how long is Michael going to keep letting him talk to him like that. The messiness is about to ensue and I’m ready.

Reviewer: Susie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 13, 2017 03:27 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part Two

Michael and his passive aggressiveness is cracking me UP. He’s so jealous and yet he’s still going to wait until he starts boiling over to finally ask her about Devonte. But yeah, I’m happy for Devonte. He’s so clumsy though πŸ’€ Him and Michael’s relationship is definitely going to be an interesting one. Sheri’s disguise is going to hold up for like a month then people may start to notice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Frank is such a freaking hothead. I think you have managed to make him angrier than I could have possibly thought to make him in yours. I’m curious to see how long Sheri is going to let him keeping talking to her man like that and even more, how long is Michael going to keep letting him talk to him like that. The messiness is about to ensue and I’m ready.

Author's Response:

MM-HM. If that was Sheri getting suspicious over her man's closeness with a ladyfriend of his, you can BET she'd hit him with a millllionnn questions "who this bitch?!" LOL. Devonté is soooo clumsy but he's a good dancer fr and an even better person. Michael and Devon will eventually start to have more scenes/interactions with each-other, particularly when they get to Japan for the concerts. Devon will also play a part regarding Sherichael... good stuff coming your way, I promise XD

WELL Sheri's legit already setting herelf up to be found out! Girl needs to be a bit more careful lol, but she couldn't help but express her happiness for her friend. I think Frank being an annoying angry af person is like a tradition in MJ fanfic lmao! Yesss the degree of angriness varies from fic-to-fic. He may have been bossy and shit and eliminating females from Michael's life, but at the end of the day, I guess he was just looking out for Michael. Thanks for reviewing, lovely! <3

Reviewer: mjsdirtydiana Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 12, 2017 11:24 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part Two

Great updates.  I wonder how jealous Michael will get with Davonte?  Right now he doesn't know that Lola is Sheri....Iwonder what will happen if he finds out?  

His dream will be crushed because I am certain he has a huge thing for her!!


Looking forward to moe

Author's Response:

Yep Devon doesn't know, but that isn't to say that he won't be totally fooled by Sheri's disguise forever. Same goes for Frank too. Michael welll might be jealous if he gets the wrong idea about Sheri's friendship with Devon but they're legit only friends. He's going to say something about it eventually. Oh man I can HARDLY even say anything without spoiling what goes on during the tour, but let's just say that Devon knows how to handle rejection... 

Thanks for reviewing, lovely! Glad you're looking forward to reading further <3

Reviewer: BabyGirl123 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 12, 2017 07:49 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part Two

Smh at Frank geez people get hurt yi u can't expect them to be ok on the next day smh 

What the- damn he already has two assistants? Lol 

" I'm not a very successful liar" - that's obvious lol 

"If it wasn't for all this going on, you'd already be on the floor - you know that right?" - lol these two 

Lmao at Devonte's entrance I love him lol 

Stalker lol if only he knew it's Sheri 

LMAO sorry it's funny he almost tripped over the wire 

"Didn't know you needed silence to watch a dance." She mumbled. - same here 

Yeah it does sound stalkerish for her to know every thing about him when she's Lola not Sheri lol 

What have I done? - I hear ya 

Lol Bill notices everything don't he?

Omg still the coffee thing? Just get over it already lol 

I don't think water-balloon fights are Frank's thing." - lol I'd love to see him try lol 

There's a lot of stuff just lying in my room and Bubbles keeps thinking it's for him." I explained.
"Oh, I'm sure Joy won't mind sharing. Ain't that right, sweetie?"
"Monkey!" She cooed.
--- awwww so cute 

They're like a cute lil family already

Author's Response:

Frank an be extremely annoying sometimes but he's got a way in which things must go, but only because he wants to avoid any issues/delays. He's stern like that and very serious when it comes to work but when things go wrong, he's gonna SNAP lol. Yes Michael had two assitants already and now he's got a third, which isn't suspicious at all, right? SAME I LOVE DEVONTÉ he's literally a ball of smiles and just like v clumsy, hence why Sheri calls him a klutz haha. If only he knew, indeed. But he might figure her out...anyone could tbh. She's gotta be a ot more careful with what she says when she speaks to people who know the real her. 

Michael shouldn't have to worry about Devon and Lola/Sheri too much bc D doesn't know the truth soooo...... HAHA just imagine Frank in a water balloon fight with wizard. He'd prob hate itttt. Def getting family vibes <3 love writing the three of them all happy and contented with each-other. 

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 12, 2017 06:46 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part Two

Frank needs a long vacation to unwind without the cigar in his mouth seems like a stressed puppy to me lol. But I'm glad the dude was taken to the hospital and sheri I mean lola was able to find a replacement she needs to be careful or she'll slip her disguise really quickly with the way she's going lol. My sexy devonte is on the tour Hallijuah! I hope Mike won't be jealous they are just friends.

Let's hope no disasters happen in Japan they were so cosy and adorable like a happy family. I sense wedding bells one day πŸ˜‰. Great chapter Onion! 

Author's Response:

Frank needs a STRESSBALL. Lmao yeah the thing is it was Sheri who thought that Devon would be a good step-in for the dancer who got injured, not Lola. Anddddd Devon doesn't know who Lola is. What do we have here, people? A mess. YAS he's going to be joining them and who knows, maybe he will end up befriending 'Lola' although it seems he's gotten the wrong vibes from her already bc she can't explain how she knows so much about D. Michael really has nothing to worry out. Sheri would never do that to him, esp not if she wants to marry him one day indeed XD THANKS

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 12, 2017 01:05 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part Two

I can't decide on a fab intro to these anymore. Usually i just come up with some potassium excluding female sheep grand entrance but I'm outta ideas. 


dom lmao really. I have a really weird story about someone named that. you do realize thats short for dominant as in like DOM SUB RELATIONSHIP BDSM RING ANY BELLS 

wow frank he finishes one cigar THEN PULLS OUT ANOTHER ONE HOW IS HE NOT WHEEZING OR DEAD FROM LUNG CANCER. i thought cigars were meant to be enjoyed ya know what all these people need is WEED AND LOTS OF IT. just have everyone get stoned af. 

BOOM brilliant idea. 

which curled to the ceiling. what is the smoke a shing duing that hangs out in a basket waiting to be summoned and zoop up.

who cares if Frank knows it's her. it's so obvious that it is. 



once again not wizard didn't think this through 

lmao already on the floor? DID SHERI MAKE A DIRTY JOKE U GO GURL LMAO

devonte calm yo ass down u child lmao i know sexy not wizard who sings the most annoying hallmark greeting card songs constantly well just like two of them are makes grown men cry but CHILLLLL

AWW i love seeing devonte fangirl and then not wizard like be like dude omg bye youre welcome. 

the August sky was setting. are you serious. no you shouldnt leave that gorgeousss womannn. 


an hour is so not long enough. and literally bye with like hating coffee. 

exactly nothin compares to the real sheri.

lmao nothng you ever say or do is gonna be stupid unlike your nosy ass earlier and how he thought he could get away with having three assistants and have Frank not notice lol

god makes all things possible. how dare you put this in and torture me with this idiocy. BYE. SEE YOURSELF OUT.

good pressuring or interrogating is bad. glad she found someone to talk to. also nothing wrong with being on meds. idk a lot about dosage with depression meds. 

lose her layers. is she an ONION LIKE YOU ARE XD

walked in boots made of iron. ok. wow that's a new one (dead af currently with all this new material)

passing on all the love i had for her. does he always have to talk so poetically

not even the laws the of time and space gurl ok. cute though but cheesy XD

id legit just fuck the disguise like to Frankie and D. 

till next time my apprentice wizard, keep having smutty dreams of GPs and get a hold of those baffoonerious wingnutties, hmu when you come back down to Earth from Jupiter. 


Author's Response:

LMAO Dom is short for Dominic...! But thank you for pointing out the entendre. Idk what is is with Fromk and cigars but I know they work as excellent bribes. NOOOO HE DOESN'T KNOW that Lola is actually Sheri! No-one does, fam. Bc you know Fronk spent his entire career trying to eliminate females from Michael's career, and if he most likely would not let Mykeru bring Sheri along on the tour also. NO IT ISN'T OBVI. Maybe non-wizard didn't think this through, bc well, Sheri won't be able to hide under Lola forever. OFC 3 assistants seems a bit suspicious. Frank won't say shit (yet). 

Hallmark greeting card songs. *siren emoji* lmfaoooo imagine opening a Christmas card and seeing a verse from our fav song Smile as the message. But we don't celebrate Christmas - we celebrate Michaelmas ;). Thing is Devonté is a confident guy, esp when it comes to dancing. But when in front of the great, he may get a BIT shy and he's clearly a fan of MJ's dancing bc who isn't? Losers. That's who. 

YES AUGUST SKY just remininding you guys of the time/season in which the story is taking place.....bye. IDK WHY I DIDN'T WRITE HIM THANKING GOD FOR THE SUNSET LOL. Speaking of, I am getting his dialogue on POINT so there's the door, rashida. And I had to like research antidepressants a lot bc I don't know anything about them and you shouldn't ever really stop taking them unless a doctor approves but if you see improvement, you can start to take less. Still, not taking them overall does cause side effects and shit like mood swings and sometimes physical probs but yeah. Main thing is, she is improving and the therapy is def helping which is good. Hopefully she won't need to take them at all one day. Mykeru was an amazing songwriter so yes he is poetic XD. 

I'm dead at what you label your gifs. 'SEXAY CINNABUN' LMAOOOO <3

Reviewer: michaelfan90 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 10, 2017 05:38 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part One

This story is amazing. If this story follows beyond the lights even a little then i am already hooked. I Love that movie. I know karen does not have a crush on Michael....ew. I can't wait for the drama. I love drama. If you wanted to hurt anybody physically...say like the main characters, just know you have a reader sitting back and nodding her head approvingly lol....I love drama....just don't break them head nod for that.

Author's Response:

Ooooh I was certainly a little bit inspired by Beyond the Lights. Haha you dropped the bomb! Yes I suppose Karen may have a slight thing for Michael but hopefully this does not cause any real issues between him and Sheri. I absolutely LIVE for drama legit I can’t stop finding ways to add it and there is a LOT of drama during their time on tour in Japan Lmao a few chapters back in this story, Michael DID end up hurt πŸ˜‚ so I’m as comfortable with writing things like that as you are with reading them πŸ™ŒπŸ½. Now...I cannot guarantee that this is going to be a perfect love story, but no matter what goes on I really do hope you do continue to read! There’s major stuff coming up which I wouldn’t want you to miss. Thank you for the wonderful feedback!! Update coming today ☺️.

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 09, 2017 12:51 pm Title: Testing the Waters - Part One

Your Wizard mentor and PPIC is back again to slay the scene. 

I know you've had a tough week my young burt but I hope my buffoonery can make u feel better.

Sheri or Gugu looks soo pretttyy in that photo omg she just slays. 

I mean if she doesn't wanna do it she shouldn't have to like. Come on. 

Ok fr even if shes dressed as someone else she shudnt have to be uncomfortable.. Are these dresses as tight as the leather pants in Speed Demon a certain baby cinnamon roll was whining he couldn't move in cuz everything was fit snugly in there. 

Squirrel does have beady eyes I saw her in person once im 90 percent sure, she's like creepy lookin or just gave off weird like pyscho unstable could attac at any sec vibes lol. she like stared back at me really creepily lmao when I was trying to figure out if it was her. Highkey wish I'd just slapped her in the face.

Be like bih remember me you blocked me on twitter cuz I exposed your lying ass. 

HE"S A SPECIFIC PERSON MEANING WHAT LMAO. with glasses and a note pad and a scale, and a ruler. 

I don't think of him as my boss he's more my friend. Is he though squirrel is he realllyy. 

I mean he kinda treated your ass like he did Grace sending her to India lmao. 

synthetic thing. k

seriously she has to wear a ridiculous disguise just for a closed set rehearsal... no press. almost like he doesn't wanna be seen with her. 

lol it's incredible how jelly u r squirrel. 

ok fine i guess he did go to extreme lengths so he could bring her along lol. 

yes yes you should give up this double life shit lol. be yoself gurl. 


EXACTLY SPEAK TO HIM ABOUT THIS it for real feels like that. about not wanting to be seen with the real her

karen had a kid and a man lol then.

let me guess. the one guy is freaking cinnamon roll. 

oh now he gawks. he should gawk at her lmao whenever he sees her just sayingg. 

lmao r u done. he shud kiss her to shut her up

ok what r the shades for. 

lol full of men fr does not wizard ever hire women besides karen to do stuff 

oh so hell sing to freakin joy no prob but wont to his WOMAN LOL shy my ass

being sketchy what is he an etcha sketch.

of course he stops it every two minutes lol gotta be purrrfect. I NEED TO FEEL IT ON THE BEAT OF COURSE U PUT THIS IN HERE. CAN U FEEEEL IT. I WANNA FEEEL IT. YES LETS FEEEEEEELLL IT. 


is it gonna be great to have her there or lola 

im only doing this to protect you BRO IF U HAVE LEARNED ANYTHING OMG  i cant. like reassure her if ya mean it that UR NOT ASHAMED TO BE SEEN WITH HER OMG

shes clearly not ok but ya know , i get ittt hes protecting her theres still no presss ther and everyone has to sign a nda soo

aww ok i kinda get it he wants her to have a normal life. 

and he needs to stfu bout coffee breath ok i admit coffee breath is gross

willing to change what ? she shouldnt change herself for him

say karens weird lmao or squirrel

a clamour of loud voices how suspenseful

what he just gonna leave her in the bathrooom lmao ok

yayy ull update on mondayy

glaad youre feeling better burt, ppic :)

enjoy the GP






Author's Response:

This is what I call a good intro to the review! It wassss pretty tough but of course you are always there to cheer me up with your tomfoolery. <3

LMAO NO my friend, my Burt, accept it - she's going to be in that disguise. It's calm fam she'll manage. Yeah the dress is about as tight as Michael's outfit in Speed Demon when he was complaining like "I feel so limited". Sheri too feels limited. BUT WHO CARES SHE LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE YOU'D WANT TO CREATE A RELAXING ATMOSPHERE FOR, or someone who makes you go ZOOP. Charmed, I'm sure. 

Hahaaa yeah the thing with Karen is that she's usually the antagonist and I legit did not want to fall into that category as an author. I even created a completely new, fictional character and then was like 'nah, I might as well just have Karen do it' so I made some minor changes to everything I already had written and just kept it like that. But I'm content with how it's going - it just makes more sense this way, tbh. We allll knowwww she had a crush on him in real life like on the set of Ghosts she was like 'he's my new boyfriend' when Michael was transformed into Mayor *rolls eyes*. BYE KAREN. THE DOOR. HE DON'T WANT YOU FAM LMAO

Oh. she had a man. and a kid. 


Wow rashida, gawking is a way of staring impolitely. Relationship or not it's a bit NOT NICE and there's a difference between gawking and looking at someone admiringly.  Also cristina, she's wearing pretty revealing-ish clothes he just  can't help but to look at her like that! XD you're acting like he doesn't call her 'beautiful' in every single chapter. 

the shades r 4 dramatic effect. 

HER or LOLA hm. GOOD POINT. But the main thing is that he wants to protect her indeeeeeed. Still yeah there was no press, but the crew was around, and they are the same people who are going to be on tour you are forgetting my fellow ppic!!! Also that's the whole point of the chapter, to test out and try the disguise, how she looks etc. No point doing this last minute before they leave for Japan bc imagine something didn't quite work out right. Lbut it worked ut just fine and she looks kewllll. And it's not so muc she'd change HERSELF for Michael, but more her lifestyle. She'd rather put up with the media hassle and crap than do all this, but Michael disagrees. Everyone's gotta have an opinion about it tho - should they take the caution or should they just persevere it together? But Mykeru gets what he wants!

LOL no he didn't leave her - he went back first so it wasn't obvi that they snuck out together. CLAPPED PERSON. Well ya I posted on Monday bc what kind of woxard woud I be if I left an entire week between a two-part? A wizard that's doesn't deserve to attend houseboat meetings. Thank you for the amazing roast/review/sass burt!!! QUONCH IS QUENCHED. COME UP HERE!

Okay ttyl ;) c u l8r, 2nite!!!1111 xoxoxo 

(That's right - taking it back to 2006 XD)

Reviewer: Susie Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 09, 2017 12:26 pm Title: A Day in the Life of Sheri

Oh and girl I mean to say, for you to be British the dialogue and slang in this story is really spot on. Makes the characters more realistic!

Author's Response:

Hey! Oh wow! I can’t believe you pointed out the distinction haha! Yesss because I talk really posh and I need to get the US lingo right...jk πŸ˜‚. Nah but fr, I did research a fair bit especially on Southern expressions and language, because that’s where Sheri is from. Same with Devonté - I have a bunch of New York slang just saved in my phone which I constantly refer to when writing his dialogues. And the rest is all fine when it comes to general terms - things you pick up from TV e.g. I watch a lot of American shows on Netflix. I know it’s such a small thing, easy to go unnoticed, but it really does make all the difference! There’s words that I can’t use in the story because they’re British, you know! Like the British word for a ‘highway’ is a ‘motorway’, so I do try to get it right when I can and the realism is exactly what I’m going for! Just wanted to say you’re a cool af person and thanks a lot for the support and everything fam! I really do appreciate it❀️

Reviewer: itsvoodoo Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 09, 2017 10:35 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part One

You have a new reader here! I absolutely love this story! You're such a good writer! Sheri and Michael are perfect for each other. I'm interested in seeing what happens next on this tour.

Side note: Can I just say that I'm stoked that you used Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the face of the main girl?! She's my favorite actress, absolutely adore her! I loved that you incorporated her look from Beyond the Lights! Love it!

Author's Response:

Heyy! Aw thanks a lot! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story so far! This really is just the start - there’s a lot to come especially regarding the tour and we will get there pretty soon! Gugu is an amazing actress and gorgeous too, I think she is so underrated legit. I didn’t even realise she starred in one of my favourite Netflix shows (Black Mirror) until AFTER I chose her for the portrayal of this story’s protagonist (which is ironic since the episode is set in 1987 πŸ˜‚). Def need to see her in bigger roles - I watched Beyond the Lights recently too and I thought it was suchhhh a good movie, her look SLAYED fr. I honestly saw the pics and wanted to include them somehow so I created the whole disguise thing as a result. I will try to include more visuals of her as Sheri (and Lola). Ofc this will be her look on the tour, so you can def expect to see more. Thank you so much, your comment made me SMILE ❀️

Reviewer: Susie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 09, 2017 02:45 am Title: Testing the Waters - Part One

My emotions are all mixed. Sheri, well Lola, looks great. Maybe it’s my slight disdain for Karen in real life that’s making me assume she’s sketchy in this story but she’s giving me a bad vibe. You know what, I’m just gonna say it. She likes Michael. And omg Greg is so funny. I can definitely see him being flirtatious like that in real life, especially since he cheated on his wife with Sheryl during the bad tou—off subject. Anyways, yeah Greg’s a funny dude. Michael is petty for not wanting to kiss Sheri after the coffee. I wonder what she has to tell him? Now I’m wracking my brain to figure it out looollll. And what was that loud noise??? If it’s what or who I think it is... bruh -___-

Author's Response:

TBH, I am not going to rule out your judgement on Karen. I’m keeping realism in mind as I write this story, and that goes for all the supporting characters (real people in Michael’s life), too πŸ‘€. WELP SHE SAID IT. AND SHE IS RIGHT LOL. Yeah ok - since everyone already pretty much figured it out, I’ll just admit it yes fine she may have a thing for Michael πŸ™„. Readers: 1, Author: 0. πŸ˜‚ I thought the hint I gave was subtle but πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

OK WHAT?! Greg cheated?! BRUHHH, I had NOOO idea about this! Well that was just an amazing af coincidence that I had him flirt with Sheri/Lola while her man, his boss, was standing RIGHT THERE. Like bro, get your own πŸ˜‚. In fact, the whole thing with Sheri being undercover and identity hidden is going to induce sooooo many facepalms from you guys and just like irony and it’s going to be super interesting to see how it all plays out!! Haha Michael always hated coffee because of its caffeine content and this wouldn’t allow him to sleep, especially since he was an insomniac. I had to split this day’s events into two chapters because honestly way too much goes on and otherwise you’d guys be reading nearly 10000 words and idk how most people feel about chapters of such a long length, but also because I wanted to save some of the answers for later πŸ‘€. I’m not telling! Well fine, I’ll give you a hint because you’re a gπŸ˜‚ - think back to what a certain someone told Sheri a few chapters ago. LOL I know you be thinking it’s going to be Diana, right? Monday my friend, Monday. 

Also thanks for reviewing the previous chapters and I’m so happy that you’ve finally caught up with the story! I hope you are liking it so far there’s lots more to come. The journey and story of Sherichael is very long and, fam, this is just the start - believe me. Thanks once again, Susie! ❀️ (Also I’m steady waiting for and looking forward to the next ‘yours.’ update!) 

Reviewer: Susie Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Dec 09, 2017 02:06 am Title: Making Amends

Ahhhhhhhh I loved this chapter. First off, Joy is so funny lol. I’m still impressed by how well you write a baby, it’s really really precious. Also I’m glad Sheri and Faith made up. Faith cracks me up. She’s that one friend that’s all about her man, 24/7 but you love her anyway because she’s sweet and that’s what she deserves 😭 and ohhhh Michael and Sheri made up! And not only did that make up, they made up *Lets Get It On starts playing in the background* .. the first sex scene was good and very fitting for their characters but this one!!! Was hot!!! Loved it.

“You already got my heart.” I smiled. “Listen, I don’t know if I ever told you this...but I love the way you make love to me. And I love the way you fuck me.”

Okay Sheri I see you!!! Yes girl, let your man know! That’s a real confidence booster especially for Michael.

Ah, I loved this chapter, I really did.

Author's Response:

Lmao thank you! Well even babies need to have personality πŸ˜‚! I think Joy is experiencing the stage commonly known as the ‘terrible twos’, so she’s going to be a little bit of everything - can be a delight, but can be annoying af too. Ah, kids. Gotta love ‘em. Me too! Legit there was beef going on left right and centre, and I wanted to patch things up between everyone as soon as possible. Faith is the kind of friend who always wants what’s best for those around her, but sometimes, her actions will not guarantee this and she won’t always think before doing something. But she’s a bit of a hopeless romantic, def all about her man yes. I really enjoyed writing this chapter too! In fact I added the scene with Faith and Sheri in the store about two days before posting, bc in truth, I legittty forgot that Sheri and Faith never have a resolve that the readers see and I just left them hanging! 😭 Some kind of author I am, I know. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

Haha yeahhhπŸ˜‚ they got it on. Aw man...thank you I really am glad you liked the scene. I don’t have a lot of confidence with writing/posting them and I’ve gotten some reassurance from others on this site too about this, but I STILL get just a bit nervous. I suppose it’s just bc I want them to be a good read and not terrible or anything like ‘why tf did I click on this’ LOL. So thanks for the compliment on that it means a lot to me!! Speaking of confidence - mmhmmm well Michael deserved to know that he’s hitting it right and keeping his woman pleased πŸ˜‚. Thanks fam!!

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