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Reviewer: DantesAngel Signed [Report This]
Date: May 13, 2018 05:10 am Title: Family Affair - Part Two

She’s “mature”.
I hate drama sometimes.

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 06, 2018 07:38 pm Title: Family Affair - Part Two

sup brian my man. 

My WIZ PAL. we have so many jokes. I lost track of em all. LIke we created a universe where our jokes live snd thrive. 

ok dont apologize for how you portray whiny voiced annoying as fuck Diana, cuz one its your story, AND TWO its kinda accurate. according to karen who isnt the best source but she is a source so. 

wow you really captured this scene well. she comes in and does the stereotypical guy rants to ex gf or woman hes been stringing along about their current significant other but in this case the genders r switched, fun fact some random dude did this to me in a movie theater once, when i was with my sister, and he was with his gf and tried hitting on me lmao. 

i like that michael is NO, and setting boundaries FINALLy but her ass isn't listening. also why isnt he shoving her tf out of his room or calling his bodyguards? 


damn this is really emotional af l, sheri's like spiraling thinking he only got with her to get over Diana which frankly shes right to think, im glad shes confronting him about all of this and making him finally be honest with her. that's a realy powerful line, you can control what you do about it. wow really powerful scene not sarcasm lol im serious. Like it feels and looks like he was stringing Sheri along until Diana came to her senses or used Sheri in genreal basically. Feels like all she was , was someone who made him feel ike a "person" like thats what a friend is for or a therapist i mean or your family soo. 

damn that last sentence he had to let her go:( kinda true i mean hes gotta work on himself and make it tf up to her if theyre gonna work stuff out. 

sorry dont have any jokes for ya lol. that was emotional and sad aff. cant wait for your next update fam!!!


Reviewer: itsvoodoo Signed [Report This]
Date: May 06, 2018 06:14 pm Title: Family Affair - Part Two

*cracks knuckles and stretched fingers, ready to type* okay so I am all caught up now. Sorry for my absence but I promise you that I still love this story more than ever! I think that Sheri has every reason to be upset. She's had a lot of painful experiences with men breaking her trust so it's only natural that she reacted the way that she did. As for Michael, he may not be completely guilty but he could've opened up to Sheri about all of this when he first fell in love with her so they could talk through it and work it out. He could've been honest with her from the get go and not look even more guilty by saying she's his aunt. I'm hoping that Michael will prove his love to Sheri and earn her trust back. My babies deserve each other! Great update, girl! Good luck on your exams! I just finished mine and start a new semester this week already lol 

Reviewer: michaelfan90 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 01, 2018 04:58 am Title: Family Affair - Part Two

Ok I think she overreacted. Yeah he was In love with Diana but that was before her. He was sheri's friend before anything. Then he fell In love with her. The man can't help what he feels. At least nothing happened. Give the man that. She helped him love again and see what real love is. He obviously chose her so why is she trippin? You gonna take away the only daddy your daughter knows cause the man use to be in love? He was hurt by Diana and love just don't fade. She should know that best of all. Her man walked out on her when she thought she loved him. Yeah he was wrong for lyin about Aunt Di...but come on...she gonna loose the best thing that has happened to her over something that is not in her control.

Author's Response:

Of course Michael had been in love before he met Sheri, so has she - but he was also “in love” AFTER he met Sheri too. And this is the main reason why she did what she did, as he broke her trust completely, after she was so hesitant to give it to him. But yes, feelings are not something we can control; we just feel them. In Japan Michael will be more specific about these feelings, which will be one of many steps he takes to make things better. Remember - Michael’s story still hasn’t been heard yet; I don’t think Sheri really gave him a chance; they will have proper opportunities to talk it out there. All you said will also come to Sheri’s realisation in Japan, and I think she can look past the lie, but it might be more difficult to trust Michael again after that. Michael’s feelings aren’t his fault, but do you think he should’ve got with Sheri while he still felt for Japan, or should he have waited? Would he even have got over Diana if he didn’t get with Sheri? Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: lovinthethrill04 Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 30, 2018 08:41 pm Title: Family Affair - Part One

All ima say is...mike better curve that hoe lmao!! Nahh but fr, he should know who's really his woman and will be there for him soo he better not fall for ANYTHING SHE SAY! 😂

Author's Response:

Ikr.  CURVE THAT BITCH TO THE LEFT. LOL. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 30, 2018 11:06 am Title: Family Affair - Part Two

I'm just glad Michael sort of pushed ole bug eyed woman away. What she was saying was so cringey. Made me gag as I was reading it. Nasty ole ass. I won't be surprised if someone had happen between them behind the scenes back turn but first of all Mike should have told sheri about 'aunt di' from the get go when the friendship first formed but sheri is at fault too. She overreacted too when nothing happened and as well I can't blame her for hurting but hopefully she goes to Japan with mike so he can explain himself and he can earn trust again. Time will only tell ”. Great chapter onion! 

Author's Response:

Yeah there was no need to lie about ‘Aunt Di’ that time when she called and he was with Sheri. A lie always catches up! But in truth I think Michael just panicked in the moment and that’s that. Yeah Michael didn’t actually do anything; Sheri says “they kissed” but she didn’t know what was going on so that’s what she automatically thinks. But it’s more accurate to say that Diana kissed HIM. Well Japan lol it’s going to be a TRIP, no lie. So much going on all at once and man, it’s gonna be good. It will take a while to earn her trust back but he will when certain misfortunes occur in the future. Thanks tomato!

Reviewer: camilleianPYT Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 30, 2018 07:42 am Title: Family Affair - Part Two

I just read the whole story and it's awesome!

Sheri shouldn't be too mad about something that happened before Mike met her. Everyone has a past. She's mad for the wrong reason she should be angry that he was dishonest and lied to her about 'Aunt Di' and didn't tell her anything about it, not that it happened. Her logic here is screwed up. Mike fucked up, no doubt about it,  as he wasnt ope  and honest but he had better not give up as their relationship is salvageable. The love is there Sheri just needs to calm down and realize it, and he needs to earn her trust back. 

It will be hard to do this if he is in Japan while she is in California, but Michael is not an ordinary guy he has resources to make it happen. 

Author's Response:

Aw hey! Thanks for giving my story a chance, I’m glad you’ve liked it so far. It’s not so much Sheri is mad about the fact he used to be in love, but more the fact that he was bascially still thinking about Diana in the early stages of his relationship with Sheri; to me, that’s a total betrayal and violation of trust. Trust is really important to Sheri and she really made Michael work for her trust - and he got it. Then there’s also the fact that Michael partly hung out with Sheri in the first place because it made him forget about Diana, which was natural and he probably didn’t realise, but more so because he loved her company; I think that’s the part she failed to grip. I don’t think she’d end it with him over a lie either. Despite what Sheri said, she will be there in Japan (because the last thing I want after this is physical separation) and the plot will be focused on how they try and work things out with each-other. It’s coming soon so look out for it! Thanks for reviewing! 

Reviewer: BabyGirl123 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 30, 2018 03:13 am Title: Family Affair - Part Two

No no no noooooooo I'm just as heartbroken as they are now 


Why oh why they had to invite Diana to the party she ruined everything 



Hope they make up soon they both need each other and no matter what Sheri said she still loves him and Michael still loves her it's obvious 








Author's Response:

Haha Diana shouldn’t have got an invitation but even if she didn’t, I don’t think that would’ve stopped her from showing up, especially if she knew about the party lol. It will take time to get back together but I can assure you that the reconciliation will be 100% something to see. 

Reviewer: MyraJ25 Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 29, 2018 01:25 pm Title: Family Affair - Part Two

This is not how this was supposed to go !!!! WHY LAWD!! Why did you break them up?!?!? Diana fucked everything up with her wrinkled ass. Imma need for Michael and Sheri to get their shit together and start loving each other. I get that Sheri is hurting but she gave up too easily to me. Yes, what Michael said was fucked up but he truly loved Sheri. Lawd I’m not ready for this break😩😩😩

Author's Response:

I AM REALLY SORRY but this is just how things turned out! This also sets the basis for the entire Japan storyline; I remember having 0 ideas for the tour and then one day this all came to me as a shower thought LOL. It will be drama-packed. I agree, Michael’s actions aren’t at fault - Diana’s are. But yes what Michael SAID was seriously heartbreaking, but I’m glad you understand her reasons for ending it with Michael; it’s nothing to do with cheating or love; it’s a trust thing. Once again I know we all love to see them together but I promise you that the reunion will be worth your while and everything that happens in between will be HELLA interesting😂. Thank you so much for reviewing!

P.S: Don’t give up on them! 

Reviewer: Fire-in-her-veins Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 23, 2018 01:40 am Title: Family Affair - Part One


a crisp folded. ok. i get presentation but katherine this is a bbq

im slightly disappointed you didnt title this small monkey picks lock and stares blankly at scene before him before screaming for a hennessy from mykeru

haha love that the avocado pasta is making a reappearancee


also its CA so its like never cold. they dont even know what cold is.

lmao let them yell as much as they want

good of her to say she wont judge her no matter what

omg joy shes just like my sis not wanting to share her bottle that one interesting time with my cat.. 

lmao love that K gave the kid one over janet

HE STEALS SHOES CUTE. lmao doesnt play fetch hes not a dogg lmao sheri. throw banana haha

omg janet trying to push her bro and sheri to hitch up the horse and ride away to loretto and the wild west into the sunset

oh nooo buck teeth his there. being her fake af loud self. AND THE DRAMA ENSUES

omg yes Katherine just casually is like hey sheri this is Elizabeth freaking Taylor. 

goals af.

AND LEAVES HER ALONE. i love the contrast here between like Diana being hella inappriopiate with Sheri and Liz being like hella fucking nice and awesome being like omg I BASICALLY KNOW U CUZ MYKEROO TOLD ME ABOUT U

hahahaa i lovve that liz calls him prince charming lmao he sure af thinks he is.

himarious Katherines like nah im keeping Joy u have fun talking to a multi Oscar wining glamour queen of the Golden age

hell yea my QUEEN commands respect shes freaking cleopatra

take that whiny voice dorothy


lmao dont i know it that he always gets what he wants. 

stubborn ass

omg theyre horny af teenagers lmao. STOP trying to fuck at family functions lmao

lagos in disguise what? lakes in disguise?

wait what work here is done.

im so lost

omfg theyre seriously gonna hook up at a family gathering i fucking love this

game machines u mean arcades right


haha keeping her hands off him is WORK

with your friend wanting to come out and play YOU JUST THROW OUR JOKES IN SO CASUALLY

oh come on going upstairs and shutting her out. 

already too much to handle DUDE U HAVE THE MOST AMAZING WOMAN FOR A GF

omg this cliffhanger is so GOOD


KEEP WIZARDING ON and salsa dancing! 

too bad there was no salsa dancing that happened

sheri when she saw him walk in



Author's Response:

OMG IT'S MY FAVOURITE. HEYYYY BURTINA. I'm feeling like Anthony Hopkins today, my young wizard scholar. 

I am actually still dying at your chapter title suggestions, I lost it at "APE COCKBLOCKS" and even though I decided to have the Jackson brothers use a spare key, instead of Bubbles somehow magically picking the lock with Hardee's help prob, THAT WAS HIMAROUS LMAO. And omg that video of BUBBLES AND HENNESSY HAHAHA I need to find it. Turns out Sheri doesn't reallyyyy like Bubbles that much I mean she's probably thinking, "why can't my bf just have a pet dog." Side note: I must hear about this interesting time with your felis catus. MUST. 

YEP OL' DIANA HAD TO MAKE AN ACTUAL APPEARANCE, but thank god she didn't re-enact Wizard of Oz. Even though this has nothing to do with our wizard joke that stemmed from that stupid af tweet. I am sooooooo hapy you noticed the contrast between Elizabeth and Diana - both women, both famous and iconic/reknowned (the shiz), both very close to Michael, both met his gf on this day - but they act completely different and this was all intentional, to distinguish their personalities even more. Adding Elizabeth was a last-min decision bc I didn't know who else were friends with the Jackson family, but I think the scene with her and Sheri went pretty well. Alsoooo the tea is - Katherine didn't even like Elizabeth, she thought she was 'stealing her son'. Maybe that's why Katherine dipped from Liz as soon as Sheri appeared XD. OK NO its Iago, with an i, that's the Shakespeare reference - Iago is the biggest snake in all of his plays. 


And well. Isn't it interesting how the only scene which Michael and Sheri have together in this chapter is - you guessed it - A FRESH FRUIT/PINEAPPLE ONE. HAHAHA. Had to. I mean the fact that they never get down to zooping is essential to what happens between them in a few chapters time - all that sexual frustration - and anger - gotta be let go of at SOME point. 

Yes. Arcade games...ffs NOW I FEEL DUMB. I thought an arcade is the term for the place itself, like there are game/arcade machines IN AN ARCADE. FFS I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU AMERICANS FAM. I mean at least we don't call bathrooms 'restrooms' you're not going to take a rest on the toillet (ha, good one, Neelz) jk. OK he kinda went upstairs so his ronald would calm down but also bc he's hiding from Diana LOL. LMAO STOP. WITH. THE SALSA. DANCING. LOL. AND THAT GIF I AM OFFICIALLY DECEASED it is so accurate OKAY BYE RASHIDA HAHAHAHAAA <3 THANK YOU 

Reviewer: BabyGirl123 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 23, 2018 01:03 am Title: Family Affair - Part One

It's great how Sheri and Katherine have a great bond already 

 Lol Janet and Joy loving their cupcakes, can't blame them tho lol 

Lol gotta love Janet's questions about Sheri and Michael and Rebbie trying to shut her up lol 

OMG that ending, he better tells her to get lost and he's over her and moved on to the love of his life and remind her she's married for christ sake 

Ps. Love the new banner     

Author's Response:

IKR Katherine is already like a mother-in-law to Sheri heheheee. Well we all know how much "Janet loves to eat", as Michael said himself LOL. WE SHALL SEE HOW MICHAEL DEALS WITH DIANA SOON. To be real she prob just wants the D, but like I said, we'll see XD. Aw glad you like my new banner! Thanks pea <3

Reviewer: brandyandMJ Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 23, 2018 12:04 am Title: Family Affair - Part One

You would update when these next two weeks for me are all about studying for finals and finishing up this semesters classes. I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise!!

Author's Response:

I really wanted to update so I pushed myself to finish this chapter haha! And I know exactly how you feel - exams are just around the corner for me too, and I wish you the very best of luck on your finals. Thank you for your consideration; you made my day! <3

Reviewer: MyraJ25 Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 22, 2018 08:37 pm Title: Family Affair - Part One

Michael better be like NAH BITCH SWERVE!!! I’m not playing with him. He better put Diana in her place. She has her husband that she chose. Michael is happy with Sheri. She should let him be happy. 

Author's Response:

SWERVING AND CURVING 4 LIFE. LOL. Don't worry - Michael won't disappoint, although we know about his past infatuation with Diana and how strong and long-lasting that was. Now that's she come around after all this time, who knows what lengths she'll go to get what she wants? Stay tuned for Part 2! Thanks for the great review! 

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 22, 2018 06:02 pm Title: Family Affair - Part One

Hmm so far in part one nothing has grown. Sheri has gotten along with some people excluding the snobby types. But I'm loving the relationships she's forming with the jackson sisters and mother treating her nicely even with Janet's blunt self smh lol. Also miss bug eyed (Diana Ross) can sit her ole ass down. She better leave Mike alone and let him be happy with sheri. I smell potential drama in part two ‘. Time will only tell. Great chapter onion  




Author's Response:

Ha snobby types - Sheri is a hood girl fam, she ain't about that life lol, I'd like to think Sheri and Katherine will have an ever-lasting bond, especially as she sorta fills in for the matriarchal figurehead which has been absent from Sheri's life. Plus the fact that they're both mothers gives them a huge thing in common, same as with Reb and Sheri. I'm glad I let you convince me to change the order of the things, like what goes down how this chapter was supposed to happen in chapter 33 but when we get to part two, we will all see why it was best to push it forward. Thanks tomatoooo

Reviewer: mjsdirtydiana Signed [Report This]
Date: Mar 13, 2018 11:04 am Title: When Carter Meets Jackson

All caught up!  I am so glad that Sheri was able to put Joe in his proper place!  I am sure that she will always speak her mind to him which eventually will break him down to like her for his son.

Miss Katherine adored her and little Joy. I can’t wait for Japan

Author's Response:

Hey! Yes it's a good thing Sheri stood up for herself, but that's absolutely just the kind of person she is - she doesn't take shit from noooobody (you should know by know)! But you will see in later chapters how Sheri and Joseph's relationship improves because of certain circumstances which give Sheri the chance to prove herself. At least Mama K was rooting for Sheri from the start! Thanks for reading lovely 

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