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Shelby Holegario was a straight A+ student. Good grades and community service. Until her grades plumed down. Her parents saw no rise of her grades. So they sent her to Bloodwood High in a small town called Raindale. It is also called, Raindale Academy of Private Education a.k.a R.A.P.E. Secrets that were never meant to be revealed nor known. But what her parents don't know is, that Bloodwood, is filled with secrets. A secret past to which happened less than a decade ago. And Shelby feels that the principle of the school, Mr. Jackson had something to do with it. Something....Demonic.


Will she handle the school's rules and punishments?

Will she ever meet Mr. Jackson face to face and confront him?

Will the punishments conducted by Mr. Jackson get worse and worse?

Will Shelby ever find the secrets beyond this torturous school of Hell?

Will the student's parents soon find out about the dark tales of the school and believe their daughters?

What will Mr. Jackson do?

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Categories: Thriller: 1982-1983, Adult, Angst, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Slash, Suspense
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Trigger Warnings: Death, Domestic Abuse, Drug Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Rape, Suicide
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Don't Jump by YANAgirl07 Rated: K+ starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 19]

Best friends.

You would sleep over, stay up all night, eat all of the food out of the fridge, sing karaoke until your throat hurt, talk about crushs, tell all your secrets to, play truth or dare...

They're your confident.

But you'd never expect that one day you'd be hearing about them standing on the top of a building, about to jump.

Michael certainly didn't.

When his best friend feels that nobody's there for him, that nobody loves him, that nobody wants him; the only option for him is to leave his whole life behind...

But will Michael be waiting there for him?

Will Michael be there saying "Don't Jump" ?


**This is just a story about friendship and suicide**

Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Suspense
Characters: Michael
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Trigger Warnings: Suicide
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Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
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