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in this story what if Michael never was an entertainer but he was pushed hard to be the best and what if he went into the military went to college for airplane construction and he became a multi billionaire in the corpate world of planes

  • he is a hard ass
  • he loves his riches money woman
  • he falls in love
  • and did I mention he does not look like the Michael we know he looks like he would have if nothing had ever been done to his face and he instead got treaments to keep his pigmen THAT worked

with all this in mind what would you do

Categories: Romance, Adult Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I'm going to give you two words that need to be included in this challenge somehow. (i.e. If I give you the word "air", the story could take place in an airplane... someone could be choking... there are all kinds of possibilities.)

Write a short story in any era that involves Michael and his mother, Katherine. Your two words are: fly, jacket

Categories: None Characters: Michael

I feel it needs to be done, so move your butt and work it off, write it girl! yes, talking to you on the computer screen eating them damn cookies yo mama said not to or yo head look like last nights KFC when she finish those chicken breasts! oh giirl, you got serrved! (anyone think of Tovah McQueen from Reality Check?)

haha, kidding as usual, but please do respond. Besides, Prince Charles is an ugly mothafucka XD she needs a handsome man. It can be any genre, any length, anything you want.


Categories: Admin Only, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Romance, Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Humor, Sci Fi, Bad: 1986-1990 Characters: Michael