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All I want is a slash story with Michael and one (or more ;) ) of the following people.

Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Sauli Koskinen, Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Brian Molko, Marilyn Manson, Josh Ramsay, Ezra Miller, or Andy Biersack.

And if you want, David Bowie can be an option too. I like David ^-^

Anyway, it can be about whatever you want. Coming out, already being out, dealing with being gay, dealing with every day stuff like anyone else, I don't care. lol! As long as one of those guys is his love interest. Heck, it could be totally messed up! It can be a short story, a one shot, or a full length story. I just want some slash-ness. 

Bonus points if you can get them all in one story.

So just to be clear, EVERYTHING is up to you! The only thing that I'm limiting you too is who the love interest is. Say you pick Adam Lambert (yum) you can make it so that Adam isn't famous and Michael is or vice versa, it really doesn't bother. They can be teenagers if you want! Just as long as one of those guys up there is the love interest.

Please. PLEASE do this for me. I'm dying here. If you do this chances are I'll favorite you and the story lol! That's how in love I am.

If you can get them ALL into the story, I'll DEFINITELY favorite you! Lol.


Omg, I'm so bad, bribbing you guys with a favorite... lol! THAT'S HOW BADLY I WANT A STORY LIKE THIS! lmao! ;D

Categories: Slash Characters: Michael
Summary: Hello Ladies. So the challenge that I issue you is Michael finding himself falling in love with the 18 year old daughter of a dancer who's in his smooth criminal short film. MUST INCLUDE:- *Smushy romance *Heartbreak *Drama * A love triangle Between MJ the girl and another dancer *Action * and smut :) **GOOD LUCK!!**
Categories: Romance, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Fantasy, Angst, Adult, Bad: 1986-1990 Characters: None

Michael and a girl are best friends since they were kids. The girl wants more than that. But another girl intervene and Michael makes her his girlfriend. Michael realize that he's in love with his best friend not his girlfriend.

Categories: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Fantasy, Adult, Bad: 1986-1990 Characters: Original Girl

So I have a new story out guys. lololololollolol


So please go check it out and maybe even leave a review? thanks lol I will love you guys forever too if you do it too lol haha. Please also feel free to send your stories in too. 


byeeeeeeeee lolololol


Blood Drops lol

Categories: None Characters: None

lol include spanking 

Categories: Adult Characters: None

Somehow michael gets cloned and his clone is  EXACTLY like him. So therefore mr. clone starts to fall in love with mikeys girlfriend. Then he decides to pretend to be the real michael jackson to try and 'get close' with michaels girlfriend.

- can be in any era you want

- Try to make it funny and enjoyable 

It was just an idea I thought of, haha.

Categories: Romance Characters: Michael