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Michael Jackson fakes his death by virtually DISAPPEARING after the "hospital" footage. A dummy takes his place as he GOES BACK IN TIME.

He goes back to the time before Christ... Ancient Egypt. 

Write a story that is heart breaking, romantic, and mysterious where Michael goes back in time and finds himself to become Pharaoh. (you can change the time when he goes back like around the time when he WROTE "Remember The Time)

((I got inspired by this challenge after noticing the peculiar "statue" that resembles Michael a little bit.)) 

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Sci Fi Characters: Michael

You need to write me a short story based off of Michael's short film "Remember the Time"! :) Take time to really think about the short film and let your mind wander. You can put whatever twist you want on it! :D

I only have a few rules. ;)

  1. Don't write me an exact replica of the short film. You should have your own idea in mind when writing this. Let those creative juices flow! :)
  2. Probably the most important of them all... have fun with this! I'm giving you creative freedom here! :)

I'm extremely curious as to what you'll come up with! :D Any questions about this, feel free to private message me. ;)

Categories: Dangerous: 1991-1993 Characters: Michael
Summary: Write a short story or full length fanfic based on the song Remember The Time.
Categories: Song Fics Characters: None