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I think it would be funny if michael actually had to do jury duty 

I read a story that michael really was surved a summons to do jury duty AFTER 2005 trial like months after and he was out of the usa so He said "hell No he wasn't coming back for that

but what if at any other time he was surved how would that go

crimal trial 

regular trial

Michael find out just how crooked the system is something intriging like runaway jury or something

I just thought of it because i got a summons last week and i REALLY don't want to go and I can imagine if Michael had had to he would have been like that too

Categories: Suspense Characters: None
Summary: A Michael and Whitney story, them in love, and your story line. Must be in the 80s. :)
Categories: Mystery, Romance, Hurt/Comfort Characters: Michael