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I just simply want anyone to do a story featuring les twins in it , you can make the plot anything you want : ) and if you could incorporate some comedy in there , please and thank you ^_^

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Haha I guess my last challenge was too difficult.'s one you might like! It has to be a sex scene with Michael. The dirtest, most nasty one you can make up;) Dirty Launguage, stuff like that can be included;) Have fun ladies! 

Categories: Adult Characters: Michael, Original Girl

First challenge, please do excuse me if it sucks. So I had posted up a oneshot named "When a TARDIS and a Winged Tin-Can Collide", and asked there if anyone wanted to continue it into their own story, even though I might continue it myself. 

So I'm challenging you to take up this Doctor Who/Captain EO oneshot and use what imagination you have to create it into a story. I don't mind what category it goes into, Slash, horror, or something, just go for it. You all have my permission. The oneshot should be in this challenge, and that will be your starting point.

By the way, haven't heard of Doctor Who? Just look it up in netflix or search Doctor Who for Dummies on YouTube. Good luck!

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