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I challenge any writer who wishes to participate, to write a story of any length, meeting the following criteria:

  • Must be situated in MJ's Dangerous era.
  • Must have Michael visiting Paris, Africa and Antartica.
  • Must have Michael having some kind of confrontation with a family member.
  • Must have Michael falling inlove with 3 women.
  • Must be rated R

Are you up to it? Good luck to all those who have agreed to take this challenge! Peace and Love!

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Suspense, Family, Fantasy, Adult, Dangerous: 1991-1993 Characters: Michael


- Michael is a massage therapist.

- A girl is his customer and

- they must have fun ;)

Other than that, you can make it up :)

Oh and it can be any catorgory or era.


Categories: Adult, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Romance, Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Family, Song Fics, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Mystery, Angst Characters: Michael, Original Girl

Okay so I have a great idea for a MJ story but I'm already juggling two. SO I CHALLENGE YOU! LOL So I want the main character to be an original girl who plays Michael's receptionist. SHe's new and always held the same idea of Michael Jackson that everybody else has. Sweet, kind and shy exc. But once she gets the job she sees another side.....ANY Genre have fun!

Categories: None Characters: Original Girl
Summary: I chalinge you to write a story about a group of fangirls during the Jacksonmania era!!!!!!! I want it to be veeeeeeery over the top and be as crazy as you can be!!!!!! The J5 fans were pretty crazy!!!!! Jacksonmania was probably jjust as bad as Beatlemania, if not more crazy!!!!!
Categories: None Characters: Michael

In the spirit of Book-a-Minute, Movie-a-Minute, and the Complt Wrks of Wllm Shakspr - Condensed,

Write a condensed (ultra-condensed!) version of any book, lyric, video, movie, or biographical scene starring our lovely one who's life was all too brief.

Artistic license freely granted for this challenge!

I've submitted "Superfly" as an example, but it's a pretty poor one ;)

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Family, Song Fics, Parody, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Mystery, Angst, Adult Characters: Michael

This one should be easy. All I want is Dangerous era Mike and the girl group TLC in one story. But all three of them need to be associated with Mike in some kind of way. P.S TLC stand for TBOZ,Left Eye,and Chilli for those who don't know

Categories: Adult, Romance, Humor Characters: None

Tis is my first challenge, so I hpe you guys will respond to it.

It doesn't matter what era Mj has to be in, but he has to do one these few things.

>He must turn into a horse.

>A wizard who is a bad guy in the reall world to Michael (Bashir, Sneddon, ect)

>He most get into a blood bath fight with a wolf

>He & a celeb of your choice must do the nasty in horse form.

 it can be any catagory you want, Have fun!!


Categories: None Characters: Michael

Hey again MJFictioners. Another wacky challenge here for you!


- Story must take place on a random island, real or not.

- This time, Carly Rae Jepsen must be in the story and be with/see a pink-thonged Princess Diana (from my last challenge XD); Carly can be dressed in any clothes.

- Michael Jackson has to be in the story (duh!). He must be painfully stupid or incredibly bright.

- A creepy Barney must appear in the story.

- Celebrity of your choice has to wax Michael's balls.

- Oprah and Doctor Phil are related to Michael, in whatever way.

- A wish must be granted.

- Bondage of some sort must take place.

Anything else can be made up. Length of story, plot etc is to your own imagination.

Categories: None Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael, Original Girl