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Bonjour! Hola! Konnichiwa! Ahnyounghaseyo! Hello! (ノ^∇^) I believe you all have gotten the memento already, but I'd like to be an extra gal in general. Anywhos, you can address me as Lizabeth, Liz or Lizzy, and I am somewhat of a newbie to this site, but I am already brewing ideas for potential stories. In a sense, I have conducted experimental ideas for possible stories to write about, but not in the typical fashion than usually posted here (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ ).

Besides anything remotely story based, I am a weeb. Yes, an inner nerd slashed with Japanese weeb and Asian cultural swine piggie although I hold nothing of Asian decent ._.. Honestly, as I continue to type this profile bio I feel a bit embarrassed. We're suppose to discuss about Michael Jackson, right? Well, I DO find his work absolutely amazing and very talented, but I am moreso interested in his character and personality...- as an individual. Now, of course that's pretty much obsolete due to..."REASONS", but I find Michael an admirable man and an interesting person to write about.

So yes! I am eager to begin such literary sessions!!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。 I have decided to use my inner nerdiness and weebiness as influence for such stories. I hope you find interest in them. Oh, do not worry, I definitely include Michael in my fantasies... my geek fantasies! I'll probably construct AUs (alternate universes) and use Michael as a pivotal point and include references and characters from different and yet, familiar stories/mangas/webtoons/movies and etc.

Final note, but I am just a college student working part-time and trying to stay afloat in this busy world. Whenever I need an escape I shall reside here and on other literature websites. I bid you all adieu! ( ・ω・)ノ

╰⊱♥⊱╮ღ꧁ ✿ ꧂ღ╭⊱♥≺╰⊱♥⊱╮ღ꧁ ✿ ꧂ღ╭⊱♥≺╰⊱♥⊱╮ღ꧁ ✿ ꧂ღ╭⊱♥≺╰⊱♥⊱╮ღ꧁ ✿ ꧂ღ╭⊱♥≺

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Born and raised a devout Jehovah Witness, Michael Jackson never participated in any holidays nor believed in many things outside his taught perceptions. Career going smoothly albeit very lonely, he never considered the possibilities outside his famed, yet restricted lifestyle. Nowhere to turn to, nowhere to confide his sheltered feelings, and feeling the lack of control in his hectic life pushes Michael to the point of making reckless decisions. For example, going out at night while knowing the possibility of being caught in public equals massive catastrophic disaster. Don't care.

And then THAT happened.

Okay, you see, this wasn't exactly supposed to happen. Neither this whole convoluted mess where he gets bit by some estranged, mangy-looking cat which also inherited some weird type of radioactive rabies disease. Yes, you heard right: radioactive rabies disease. "RRD" he likes to call it. Anyways, since that night it's been a literal hellhole for him. Well, more like a legitimate shithole, pardon his French.

Hearing aches, cold sweats, sensitive feet, tooth? More like teeth aches. Eye strains and the lists goes on. Does weird cravings counts as a symptom, too? He should've gone to the doctor the next morning, but uh, seems like he's going a little crazy at the moment.

Fast forward to a week later. Guess what? Apparently he inherited powers! Great! STUPENDOUS! How is he going to adjust to his growing fame while juggling these supernatural abilities?!

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